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University Business Plan Competitions

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Budding businesses: MSU freshmen pitch business startups

The idea for a company that could do well by doing good for the planet was the big winner Tuesday when hundreds of Montana State University freshmen competed by pitching new business ideas to a panel of judges.

Finalists Named for 2018 Collegiate Inventors Competition

This year’s Finalists and their inventions provide a glimpse into the future of American innovation and emerging technological trends — from a harp-inspired water harvester to a steerable microcatheter.

MSU alum Joseph Azzarelli wins the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 27th annual Entrepreneurship Competition with low-cost lung cancer screening tool

Azzarelli, who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from MSU in 2010, shared the $100,000 grand prize at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 27th annual Entrepreneurship Competition with his teammates, three Harvard University students.

Montana University Students – Join Us For Our Fall Kick-Off Event!!! John Ruffatto Business Startup Challenge, 10/9, Missoula

The Business Startup Challenge is Montana’s premiere opportunity for students attending any college or university across Montana to present exciting new businesses and/or social entrepreneurship venture ideas for adjudication… and win big money!!!

UM Students Win $2,500 for Business Plans at Startup Pitch

Graduate student Chad Miller, who is working toward a master’s degree in business administration, won the $1,500 overall prize for his presentation on Purus, an engineering support operations management firm which bridges the technology and marketing gaps between oil and gas service companies and their customers.

National Science Foundation Community College Business Plan Competition – Students to Provide Solutions for Real World Problems

Teams should propose innovative STEM-based solutions for real world problems within one of the five themes: big data; infrastructure security; sustainability; broadening participation in STEM; and, improving STEM education.

Catheter that emits bacteria-killing light wins $75,000 for University of Utah team – Veritas Medical LLC

The latest $75,000 win comes from International Business Model Competition hosted by Brigham Young University, which drew more than 2,500 teams from 200 schools around the world.

UM to Host Annual Business Plan Competition

Students from across the state will showcase their entrepreneurial aspirations during the annual John Ruffatto Business Plan Competition.

Kentucky college entrepreneurs win $100,000 in Idea State U business plan competition

"Every single student that I engaged was passionate about his or her ideas. Each one of the business plans and concepts can work — and many of them will — which will produce meaningful products, jobs and money."

Montana University John Ruffatto Business Plan Competition, 5/15, Missoula, Montana

Get an inside look at the 24th annual John Ruffatto Business Plan Competition at the University of Montana. Students from all of Montana’s higher education institutions are invited to compete for a $10,000 grand prize.


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