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Our range includes a flat range from 10-100 yards as well as a 20 target walking course for more realistic simulation of hunting scenarios.

In Missoula, Tester Discusses Impacts of his Law to Protect Montana Hunter Safety Courses

I’m glad to say we were heard. Lawmakers responded and passed legislation reaffirming how important our outdoor traditions are in this country and in this great state of Montana – and I’d like to thank Senator Tester and his team for listening and taking action to help protect hunter education and the future of hunting in the great state of Montana.”

Montana Senator Jon Tester to Introduce Bill to Reverse Biden Administration From Blocking Funding for School Hunting and Archery Programs

“In Montana and across rural America, our schools have long offered shooting sport and hunter safety classes that teach our students safety and personal responsibility,” said Tester. “But bureaucrats in Washington who don’t understand our Montana values decided to block funding for these important gun safety programs. I won’t let that decision stand, and neither will the hundreds of students and gun safety teachers who benefit from these resources every year.”

Montana Senator Jon Tester Presses Biden Administration to Stop Blocking Funding for School Hunting and Archery Programs

Senator: “Outdoor recreation is foundational to our western way of life and any reduction of federal support for these educational programs is unacceptable”

National archery championship takes over the Helena area this weekend

“It’s a sport for everybody. It’s a real family sport. You know, a lot of the parents and stuff that are here shoot, as well. So, when they’re, you know, going to other shoots it’s a family thing and you shoot together. And it’s just a real warm and welcoming community. And like I said, it’s something everybody can do. You don’t have to be athletic to shoot a bow,” says Jeremy.

April Update from Five Valleys Archery Club! Spring Fling 3D Shoot is Coming

We’re only a couple weeks away from our first 3D shoot of the year, the Spring Fling. Read on to see what we have going on this month.

Trout Creek School archery team wins state title, is fundraising to get to nationals

The Eagles qualified for the NASP western national tournament in Sandy, Utah, on April 28-29 and have launched a GoFundMe to fundraise $15,000 to cover expenses for their trip.

CBS Sunday Morning – Hunter and “MeatEater” host Bozeman, Montana -based Steve Rinella

Steve Rinella is a hunter trying to teach his own children, and the public, about respecting natural resources, and in part he’s doing it through food. He’s creator and host of the popular TV and web series, “MeatEater,” in which he cooks the game and fish he’s caught himself. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with Rinella about how he grew to see himself as a conservationist.

The Full Story of the Biggest Typical Archery Bull Elk of All Time

“I’ll never forget it.”

Archery may have helped humans gain leverage over Neanderthals

People may have used arrows for hunting in France 10,000 years earlier than previously known.

Straight 6 Archery in Missoula recognized nationally for impact on the community

There most recent accomplishment was being recognized nationally with the Archery Trade Association, Archery Impact Award, which is awarded to companies and individuals “who use their voice or platform to inspire others to participate in archery and bowhunting,” according to the ATA.