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Wyoming’s crypto-blockchain giveaway

In recent years, Wyoming created some of the most attractive laws in the country for establishing blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in our state. But by allowing the laws to be shaped and written by those who benefit from them, our legislative hard work accomplished everything the blockchain industry wanted but nothing the state needs. Namely, jobs and revenue.

Lawmakers are doing the old dodge-and-cut revenue dance

“Our communities are not going to thrive,” she said. “We have already seen … what the cuts from three to four years ago look like. We’re not going to be the same state that we are today.”

Wyoming committee advances bill to cut requirement that paid public notices be run in local newspapers

The Wyoming Press Association stressed that the move would hurt the public’s ability to access information and remove an incentive to hold governments accountable to releasing that information.

Behind the Making of Delicious Yet Healthy Lab Grown Meat

This new technology reduces livestock greenhouse gas emissions and can help feed more mouths than traditional meat.

Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park have record October

Glacier National Park in the north also recorded a substantial spike in guests in October despite closing its east entrances.

Proposed budget cuts in Wyoming pound public services

Given the scale of the savings budget writers must find, cushioning the public from harm is no longer possible: “It is a harsh reality that at this point every cut will hurt,” Gordon said in a press release.

5 Rules For Every Business In The New Sharing Economy

The trend in the newer generations is to own less and share more.

Lawmakers defeat effort to address state’s aging irrigation infrastructure

This effectively killed attempts by the state to proactively avoid disasters like the collapse of a century-old irrigation tunnel in Goshen County that caused millions of dollars in damage last year.

Debunking Three Myths about Rural America

To improve the accuracy and relevance of reporting, researchers and journalists can consider the following recommendations.

‘Clean Energy Revolution’ offers lifeline to Wyoming economy

President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to combat climate change could add millions of jobs and protect our environment, writes Drake. While it has much to offer Wyoming, he fears state leaders will cling instead to dying industries and invoke the fictional “war on coal.”