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Montana’s First Multi-County Regional Port Authority Established in Lewistown

Snowy Mountain Development Corporation and six Central Montana rural county governments find a modern way to apply a traditional tool to counter economic and political pressures on rural county budgets in the post-covid era.

Montana State research expenditures top $200 million for first time

“The vast majority of these dollars come from the federal government and are won through  incredibly competitive granting processes,” said Alison Harmon, MSU’s vice president for research and economic development. “This record is a credit to the work ethic, competitiveness and high caliber of our faculty.”

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signs letter opposing student loan forgiveness plan

Joined by 21 other governors, Governor Greg Gianforte today called on President Joe Biden to immediately withdraw his student loan forgiveness plan, which shifts the burden of the loans from borrowers to the American people.

Montana State accepting applications for program focused on agritourism and sustainable agriculture

The Montana Agritourism Fellows Program: Developing Leaders to Advance Sustainable Agritourism is designed to establish and train leaders who will communicate and promote sustainable agriculture topics to farmers, ranchers, professionals and communities. The inaugural cohort will consist of 12 fellows, and applications are due by Saturday, Oct. 1.

For Some Top Colleges ‘Rural Students’ Are Coming into Focus

Admissions officers at Yale and Purdue are innovating ways to identify, encourage, and admit more rural students. They’re learning some important lessons along the way.

SURVEY: You Can Help Close the Digital Divide in Montana – Please Complete This Survey

An internet connection is crucial for residents for school, work, and staying in touch with friends and family. As such, the Montana Department of Administration’s ConnectMT broadband effort is conducting research to increase broadband access and quality across the state. To meet the needs of as many Montana residents as possible, it is important that officials understand the experiences and opinions of both individuals and community groups.

Patt and Terry Payne give $6 million to Montana State University for LIFE Scholars and Montana’s Own programs

“We are deeply humbled by and grateful to the Paynes for their belief in and generous support of the LIFE Scholars and Montana’s Own programs at Montana State University,” said MSU President Waded Cruzado. “The Paynes’ gift will create new opportunities for young Montanans that will benefit them, and the rest of the state, for years to come.”

University of Montana Leads $10M Project to Advance Native American STEM Education Across the West

UM will receive $1.8 million of the total award to build a network for developing and disseminating science, technology, engineering and math educational resources, as well as implementing longitudinal programming, mentorship and teacher preparation in support of AI/AN student success.

California will soon start giving kids free money for college. Here’s what families need to know

“Research has shown that having an investment or savings dedicated for college can have a positive effect on expectations of the child and parents,”

A new way to pay for college – Future Income Share with the University

If she agreed to give Purdue a percentage of her future income for a set period of time, she could get the money she needed to finish school. The more she made after graduation, the more Purdue would get back.