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University of Montana research remains critical even as first COVID vaccines released

Even as coronavirus vaccinations slowly pick up speed across the state and nationwide, researchers at the University of Montana continue to learn more about the virus, and prepare for the next pandemic.

Two MSU alumni complete fellowship program aimed at increasing their startups’ social impact

“More and more, burgeoning student entrepreneurs are demonstrating that they care more about having a social impact than turning large profits,”

New University of Montana Business Center Buoys Female Entrepreneurs

“To get the rare opportunity for Missoula to headquarter a statewide, SBA Women’s Business Center is a privilege, but it also is a way for the city of Missoula to actually live its values. I cannot wait to hear about the different, women-owned businesses that this new center will support.” Mayor John Engen

University of Wyoming researchers find way to convert coal to graphite using microwaves

The process uses relatively simple materials: a conventional microwave oven, copper foil and glass containers.

Why Student Debt Is Crippling Entrepreneurship

In the U.S., student debt stands at around $1.7 trillion, up from $521 billion at the end of 2006, according to the Federal Reserve. That burden is spread across close to 45 million adults, with three-fourths of the graduates from private, nonprofit schools holding an average debt of more than $32,000.

Spore Attic – ‘Growing mushrooms is science’: MSU grad launches gourmet mushroom business

After about two years of splitting his time between his Ph.D. program and business planning, Deuling’s Spore Attic has been operational since the end of November. His gourmet mushrooms have been sold directly to local restaurants and at the winter farmers market.

Regents recommend approval of Bitterroot Valley College District, say they can’t afford it

“recognize the significant educational merits of the proposal while also recognizing that important information about the sources of funding necessary to launch and sustain an additional community college in Montana is currently unavailable to the Regents and can only be provided by future commitments made by the voters of Ravalli County, other potential funders, and the Legislature itself.”

Bullock: The humbling privilege serving as Montana’s governor

The future holders of this office will inherit a better state for our kids and grandkids. To keep leaving it better, let us never lose sight of the opportunity and feeling of promise every kid growing up here deserves.

MSU featured as case study in report highlighting innovative energy efficiency strategies

“We’re in good company with these case studies,” which include Stanford University and Cornell Tech, said Megan Sterl, MSU’s engineering and utilities manager. “It shows that we’re proving a model of energy conservation and innovation that can be adopted by others.”

Western Montana’s Biotech Sector is Tackling the Opioid Crisis and it May Just Change Medicine

“NIH calls us and asks us to help them; wants us to give them a project so they can send some money to the University of Montana. We’re going to apply for that every time,”