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Digital Divide: Bridging the Urban-Rural Connectivity Gap

Addressing the rural-urban education gap should be a priority for today’s policymakers.

Estado de Montana ofrecerá programa gratuito en español sobre oportunidades de educación superior 4/18 – 5/16

Montana State University ofrece un programa gratuito de cinco sesiones en español esta primavera para brindar a la comunidad latina del Valle de Gallatin información y la oportunidad de obtener un certificado en temas relacionados con la educación superior.

University of Montana Research Discovers New Way to Generate Human Cartilage

Grimes said there is a critical unmet need for new methods to regenerate human cartilage for the 230,000 children born annually in the U.S. with craniofacial defects. Growing cartilage in the laboratory also could lead to effective treatments to repair craniofacial cartilage damage due to injuries.

CO2-capturing rock dust boosts crop yields by up to 16%

“We have shown with hard-won data, the carbon removal potential of enhanced weathering practices in the real world,” said the lead scientist, U Sheffield’s Prof. David Beerling. “It’s a big step forward in understanding the enormous potential of this technology to mitigate climate change while simultaneously improving yields and soil health.”

University of Montana deciding future of programs

The University of Montana is currently evaluating 67 of its academic programs. They’re determining which programs are thriving, which need modifications, and which may need to be let go.

Do I need a four-year degree?

The U.S. labor market continues its hot streak, adding 303,000 jobs last month — more than expected. Many of these jobs will require a four-year degree despite a push among some employers to eliminate these requirements. On today’s show, we look at the state of the job market for people without a four-year college degree.

How to master the art of small talk

A guide to having actually interesting conversations with strangers.

Bitterroot College UM Sees Big Jump in Spring Enrollment

“We are thrilled to see our enrollment numbers rise once again this spring,” said Bitterroot College UM Director Kristina Berger. “The enrollment increase reflects our growing academic offerings, career preparation, workforce development and supportive community.” The college has adopted a Guided Pathways approach where course offerings are more closely aligned to degrees and certificate completion and delivered using the accessible learning modalities students prefer.

Registration is open for the Women’s Leadership Conference at Montana State on May 20

The conference features breakout sessions and guest speakers. This year’s theme is “Leading at Every Level.”

Vision Magazine 2024 – University of Montana Research, Innovation & Imagination

Welcome to another edition of Vision, the magazine of research and creative scholarship for the University of Montana. I’m happy to report that the research enterprise at UM continues to grow. This past year we set another record for the University: Our research expenditures in fiscal year 2023 were $134 million — an $8 million increase over our previous high mark set in FY22.