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Montana Businesses For Sale

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What is your business really worth?

The challenge is, a business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay, and a buyer doesn’t care about your years of sacrifice.

Gamers Café along with the Curtis Music Hall Building are up for sale, in Uptown Butte.

“It’s a place for social identity where people can go meet each other, it’s Butte’s version of Friends.”

This Army app predicts impending heatstroke – Available for licensing

Here at TechLink, we’re searching for a private company that sees the commercial, non-military potential of the solution and can develop the software into a widely used product.

Five Things Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Selling A Company

This is the moment entrepreneurs live for. It validates years of hard work and perseverance. After conquering hardships, your effort is getting significant financial recognition.

California company buys two Hi-Line ag businesses

A San Francisco-based agricultural retailer has purchased two Hi-Line ag businesses as a move to “strengthen its presence in Montana’s Golden Triangle.”

Business Transition Readiness Workshop – 8/27 – Missoula

A half-day workshop on August 27th is designed to help business owners, especially those in manufacturing, achieve more successful transitions.

Sale/Lease Helena Downtown City Owned Property in Opportunity Zone

 This building is located in the Downtown Urban Renewal District and in a designated Opportunity Zone.

Beautiful Montana Cattle Ranch For Sale – Nhn Valley View Road – Polson

The ranch is well sited on a bluff with one of the most remarkable backdrops around combining the rugged snow-capped peaks of the Missions and a boiling and scenic stretch of the Flathead River known as Buffalo Rapids.

Bozeman, Montana gourmet chain Olivelle receives top honors from Specialty Food Association – Open Your Own Oil & Vinegar Bar

Olivelle now makes over 150 products, items available not only to the community of Bozeman, but also globally.

Cashing Out: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Selling a Business

How exactly do you find the right broker to sell your business? The following are a few things to know when you start your search:


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