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MEDA members are on the ground working in communities from Troy to Baker to best utilize the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to fully transform, recover, and build Montana’s economy.

Asalways, our team will be willing and ready to meet with the Commissions and State Leaders at any convenient time and to stand ready to help deploy the funds in a meaningful and impactful way. Our continued and long lasting goal remains, as always, to help communities economically thrive and build a strong future for Montana.

Jim Collins Didn’t Think Leadership Was Important to a Company’s Success. Here’s Why He Changed His Mind

How the ‘Good to Great’ author realized that leaders do matter.

University of Montana ‘Happiness Course’ a Bright Spot for Local Residents During Pandemic

“Old age is not an easy road to travel in the best of times,” said 87-year-old Missoula resident Lidia Donahue.

Montana American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Program Website and Call Center Launched

The website,, provides information on funding projects and grants under the purview of Montana’s four ARPA commissions: water and sewer, communications, economic stabilization and workforce development, and health and human services. The site also offers information about rental assistance and pandemic-related funding for K-12 education.

MEDA June Newsletter and countdown to the Summer Conference

Thus far, over eighty people have registered to join us in Helena, June 28th(social) and 29th–30thto identify priorities and build strategies based on the Montana Next Generation of Community and Economic Development Tools study. It is imperative that your voice is at the decision-making table. Please join us!

Is your idea ready for ideamensch? It’s ready for you.

IdeaMensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Our goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get some publicity for their idea.

City, county leaders in Montana struggle with Legislature usurping local control

From public health to flavored vapes, city and county leaders statewide are struggling to come to terms with the full scope of the Legislature’s rollbacks of municipal authority.

10 Ways To Build The Trust You Need To Lead A Company

#1. Use storytelling to highlight previous trustworthiness.

The Human Library – Does Your Community Have One?

In Denmark, there are libraries where you can ′′ borrow ′′ a person instead of a book to listen to their life story for 30 minutes. The goal is to fight prejudice.

Red Ants Pants festival headliners include Taj Mahal, Mavericks July 22 to 25 – White Sulphur Springs, Montana

“We know there is a lot of healing needed to move forward from a challenging year and we’re grateful to be a part of that process by bringing good folks together to celebrate rural Montana,” Red Ants Pants CEO Sarah Calhoun said Tuesday.