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Founder of Missoula startup, Nick Shontz, maps TIF projects to show community impact

The result is a nearly complete map of nearly every MRA project completed over the last few decades.

Planning To Fly A Year From Now? Better Double-Check Your Driver’s License

Officials are worried that one year out, many people don’t yet have one.

What Does This Street In Zürich Mean?

If you see how cars, streetcars, bikes, and pedestrians use this Swiss street, you can better understand what’s wrong with so many other urban thoroughfares.

New Imitation Census Survey Reaches Montana Residents

The survey is called the “2019 Congressional District Census” and was mailed by the Republican National Committee.

Webinar: How to Take a Data-Driven Approach to the Census

Future installments include how to study what motivates or scares populations, how to implement effective messaging campaigns, and how to take advantage of the Census Bureau’s data for in-campaign optimization.

Montana offering option to notarize documents online

Instead of meeting with a notary in person, you’ll be able to use video chat.

Great Falls city leaders preparing for 2020 census

“We’re thinking that for every person that’s not counted in Montana, Montana will lose $1200 to $1,500 a year, and that would be over a 10 year period because the next census isn’t until 2030,” said Robinson. 

State ethics chief recommends bringing Montana’s lobbying code ‘into the 21st century’

“You will find the word ‘telegraph’ in the current code as far as what lobbyists should be reporting — telephone and telegraph expenses. You won’t find the word ‘internet’ in there,” Mangan said.

Federal money available for rural broadband – but is it enough? And, for what?

Tens, or hundreds, of millions of dollars needed to fill gaps

Some popular Idaho (and Montana) campsites book up in seconds. So how can you reserve a spot?

After years of trying and failing to book sites at Idaho’s more popular campgrounds, some people have just given up.


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