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Weekly tech roundup: cybersecurity technology available for licensing

This week’s tech roundup features cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies that data security businesses can license the patent rights, further develop, and sell in commercial markets.

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

“to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

Rhode Island RFP Has Long List of Uses for Blockchain

Rhode Island officials are looking to the private sector to help them become the first state to implement blockchain technology across multiple agencies, thereby increasing government efficiency in several areas.

Bozeman, Montana offers web program to see development projects

The program features a map to show where projects are and what stage in planning they’re in.

An Open Source Program Aims to Help Idaho Shore Up Cyberdefenses

The training program is a part of the turnkey solution that we’re offering counties [and cities] saying, ‘Hey don’t reinvent the wheel. Just do this, here’s your training program, here’s your tools, and call us...

CIO of the Future: The Skills Government Tech Chiefs Need

It is becoming increasingly important that they are more than just tech-savvy.

Denver Plows Ahead with Connected Vehicle Tech Deployments

The city continues to move ahead with the deployment of new connected vehicle technologies, which officials hope can offer safer and more efficient traffic operations.

Electrically assisted bikes and scooters gain traction with Missoula City Council

“We want them to be an equitable and useful mobility tool.”

Smart pedestrian crossing system forgoes buttons for cameras

Starting at the end of next year, some of Vienna’s walk-light push-buttons will be disappearing from the city’s pedestrian crossings.

Survey: How Can The Montana Department of Commerce Improve Our Housing Website?

We’d like to hear from you on how Montana Housing can improve its website.

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