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California to become first state with bill that protects children’s privacy online

California will be the first state to require online companies to put kids’ safety first by barring them from profiling children or using personal information in ways that could harm children physically or mentally.

Montana Broadband – Community Leader Virtual Outreach Session – 9/22 – Online

The Montana Department of Administration’s ConnectMT recently completed live outreach sessions with Montana community leaders to understand broadband access and quality issues across the state.  For those leaders who were unable to attend these live sessions, the Broadband Outreach Team is offering virtual sessions via Microsoft Teams. 

New Broadband Maps are Coming. Will Agriculture Be Left Behind Again? 

A new federal broadband map is on the way and is supposed to include a list of all buildings that could benefit from broadband access. But a recent change calls into question whether agricultural structures will be included in that list.   

Washington State Moving Ahead With Complete Streets

Move Ahead Washington, a law approved by the Washington State Legislature earlier this year, is expected to have a huge effect on transportation planning and engineering on state-controlled roads.

Why California’s Parking Reform Matters for Housing and Climate

Rules that mandate excess parking in new development projects have added to the overlapping crises of housing affordability, urban sprawl and climate change, advocates say. California could soon bar cities from imposing them.

How Do You Build a (Digital) City?

More than three decades after SimCity, tech companies, retailers and governments are using the game’s basic building blocks to create three-dimensional worlds. 

Climate Change Leaves Flood Maps Outdated, FEMA Says

“The part that’s really difficult right now is the fact that our flood maps don’t take into account excessive rain that comes in. And we are seeing these record rainfalls that are happening,” Criswell said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, as Bloomberg reported.

17 states weigh adopting California’s electric car mandate – Chinese Province of 9 Million+ to Ban Fossil Fuel Car Sales by 2030

Under the Clean Air Act, states must abide by the federal government’s standard vehicle emissions standards unless they at least partially opt to follow California’s stricter requirements.

Today, it’s a multistory parking lot. Tomorrow, it could be your new home

In Calgary, Alberta, two architecture firms have designed a convertible parking lot that can easily be transformed into a 600-person office or a 50-unit residential building.

CBS 60 Minutes – Vulnerable U.S. electric grid facing threats from Russia and domestic terrorists

As we first reported earlier this year, no government agency, not even the Department of Energy, is truly in charge of protecting it. One attack, nine years ago, was a wake-up call for industry and government alike.