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Montana Career Opportunities – Field Technicians – Montana State University, Animal & Range Science, The Nature Conservancy, USGS

Remote locations: Centennial Valley, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, The Nature Conservancy Preserve or Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge 6 Field Technicians. Start May 1 to September 29. $15 per hour. Start and end dates…

Redesigning Streets for Livability: A Global View

An excerpt from the introduction of the recent book, “Streets For All: 50 Strategies for Shaping Resilient Cities,” edited by Vinayak Bharne and Shyam Khandekar.

The Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Remake Downtown

Urban cores around the country were transforming into live, work, and play destinations before the pandemic. The pandemic was a setback for this transformation, but it could also be a rare opportunity. It’s up to city leadership to seize it.

Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America.

Bureau of Land Management considering expanding Western Solar Plan to Montana

“The BLM is committed to expanding renewable energy development on public lands to help lead the nation into a clean energy future, enhance America’s energy security, and provide for good-paying union jobs,” said BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning.

Transportation experts identify Montana’s transportation challenges

13% of major roadways in Montana have pavement in poor condition, another 17% in mediocre condition.

The cities with the worst conditions are Billings at 32%, Great Falls at 31% and Missoula at 29%.

New Model Could Help Break Through Inefficiencies Of Common Water Treatment Systems

With their new technique, the duo also discovered a new system design that could make these technologies about 40% more energy efficient — and therefore more cost-effective — while producing the same amount and quality of clean drinking water.

City engineer talks road safety in Bozeman

The city of Bozeman’s plan for road safety is based on an acknowledgment that no matter what, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will make mistakes.

Are Local Governments Leaving Billions on the Table? “Urban Wealth Funds” (UWF)

“Communities all over the country are struggling to balance their budgets and to provide a high level of service to their taxpayers,” says Cate Ryba, “It’s mind-blowing to consider that there is this untapped resource literally sitting in front of them, but invisible in a way.”

E-Bikes and the Bike Infrastructure of the Future

What will the future hold for cycling and bike infrastructure? With the introduction of e-bikes, the landscape of cycling, and even the definition of a bike, is changing.