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Montana is retiring its mainframe

By spring 2021, Montana expects to be mainframe-free.

State Complete Count Committee Launches New 2020 Montana Census Website – Visit CENSUS.MT.GOV!

The new website has been designed to offer a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and easy-to-find resources.

Montana 2020 Census Newsletter

Who Should Be Counted in Montana and Where?

Chief Data Officers in Place in Over Half of U.S. States – Why Not In Your State?

“States are beginning to realize that data is more than just a thing they collect to do their business and administer programs. It has value beyond the purpose for which it was initially collected.”

Four issues to track as Montana lawmakers gather for Legislative Week

The event is billed, in part, as an opportunity to explore whether Montana would be better served by annual sessions.

The Powerful Potential of Anticipatory Government

New technologies can move the focus from cleaning up problems to preventing them, while putting taxpayer money to more efficient use. But governments lag the private sector in employing these evolving tools.

“Code Is the New Concrete” – How Cities Can Digitize Their 21st Century Mobility Policies

MDS is a set of data specifications and data sharing requirements that force mobility companies to report basic data on the location and use of their equipment.

No more lines: Missoula County launches online vehicle title service

We were really desperate to find ways to lower the wait time in our office.

Today’s TED Talk -What a digital government looks like

What if you never had to fill out paperwork again? In Estonia, this is a reality: citizens conduct nearly all public services online, from starting a business to voting from their laptops, thanks to the nation’s ambitious post-Soviet digital transformation known as “e-Estonia.”

Montana 2020 Census Newsletter

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