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Cities Aren’t Making Climate Investments Where They Matter Most

Buildings, transport, energy and waste have the most potential to reduce emissions, according to a CDP report

Joe Biden’s Broadband Push Could Be Worth Billions To Wireless And Cable Companies

All the major carriers stand to benefit if the Biden buildout goes forward.

Paper: FCC Could Waste Up to $1B Due to Bad Map Data

A Competitive Carriers Association white paper details how the Federal Communications Commission awarded federal broadband funds to well-populated, well-off areas that may have existing high-speed Internet access.

New Traffic Model Predicts How New Developments Will Affect Walkers

A new traffic forecasting model may soon give cities the tools they need to project how a proposed development will impact a pedestrian’s ability to get around — and rethink their decision if project discourages people from walking.

Idaho’s Keith Tresh on Why CISOs Must Be ‘Better Sales People’

Cybersecurity awareness can’t happen without clear messaging. Keith Tresh, CISO of Idaho, explores why a strong cyber defense strategy depends on CISOs learning to speak other agencies’ languages.

How Starlink, Project Kuiper and other satellite broadband providers could change society

Imagine a world where high-speed internet blankets every corner of the globe, transforming the way people access health care, education and entertainment. That’s the promise of up-and-coming satellite broadband — an ambitious and controversial plan to connect far reaches of the planet.

Bipartisan Tester Bill to Bolster Rural Broadband Workforce Advances

“My bipartisan legislation will not only help folks in rural and frontier communities obtain the skills they need to get good-paying jobs close to home but will also help expand rural broadband at a moment when it’s never been more important to ensuring frontier communities can succeed in a 21st century economy,” said Tester. “Getting this legislation through Committee is a strong first step, but I’m not going to stop pushing until this bill lands on the President’s desk and is signed into law.”

It’s official, Montana has the worst internet service in the nation

A recent state-by-state survey of internet access has found that Montana has the worst internet service in the nation with data transmission speeds only slightly better than half the national average.

Let’s Launch a Moonshot for Meatless Meat

It wouldn’t actually take that much of an investment for Biden to get us headed in the right direction.

Montana Senator Jon Tester Leads Bipartisan Bill to End Warrantless Seizure of Americans’ Personal Data

“Montanans expect their privacy to be protected, but right now law enforcement and intelligence agencies can simply ignore the Bill of Rights and use loopholes to avoid having to get a warrant,” Tester said. “This bill closes those loopholes