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Cybersecurity Program for Montana Businesses Extended

Through the program, Commerce reimburses small to medium-sized Montana businesses up to $8,000 for investing in cybersecurity measures through an accredited Montana cybersecurity company.

First look: New version of the National Broadband Map – How Is This Acceptable Montana?

The big news is the projected allocation of the $42.5 billion. NTIA plans to release the allocations at the end of June, so it is more than likely that with the release of this data, the allocation levels are now set.

Community Issues Curb Management Plan

The plan reorients the city’s priorities from vehicle throughput and parking to transit, bike infrastructure, and other public amenities.

Effort underway to bring a tech hub to Montana

Senator Tester believes there’s a lot of untapped potential in rural areas like Montana.

Why Even The Most Progressive Cities Are Failing Their Car-Free Residents

It turns out that Berkeley residents walk and ride bicycles in spite of what the city does on transportation policy – not because of it.

Colorado Now Allows Local Governments to Provide Broadband Without a Local Election

The announcement further notes that local governments have not historically had direct involvement in delivering telecommunications services, but as connectivity is increasingly deemed as essential as a utility like water, the role of local governments is shifting.

Living in a walkable neighborhood makes people healthier and happier.

Ecological models of human aging propose that the physical or built environment may influence the well-being of people as they develop.

Transportation Agencies: Improve Your Models or Hire More Lawyers

Transportation models are biased in ways that result in inefficient, unfair and environmentally harmful planning decisions. Improve your analysis or prepare to be sued.

Missoula, Montana flips switch on 545 kW municipal solar facility

At a “flip the switch” event held in Missoula this week, officials christened a 545 kW municipal solar project, which Ameresco will maintain under a 25-year solar energy agreement which had zero upfront cost to the municipality, the companies said.

New Federal Program to Help Cities Plan ‘Thriving Neighborhoods’

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced an award of $21 million for 64 communities to coordinate transit, mobility, and land-use plans and navigate infrastructure funding opportunities.