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Company Begins Pay-as-You-Go Program to Replace Water Meters

The units contain visual, rotational and vibrational sensors that connect to Olea’s back-end software, which in turn uses AI and machine learning algorithms — the “edge computing” component — to identify how a meter is inaccurate, and how it might be fixed.

MACo News: July 2020 – MACo Launches Mobile App

The new “MACo App” features a digital directory of county officials, staff directory, news, resources, policy information, events, and a section called “Friends of MACo,”

Why Local Governments Should Nurture the Growth of Proptech

“Proptech” is an acronym for “property technology,” it is increasingly being used in the planning, construction, marketing, and sale and rent of homes and commercial property, as well as for the management and maintenance of buildings.

Social Justice, Broadband Top Priorities for Smart Cities

“How can you become a smart city when thousands of your residents can’t connect to the Internet to participate in online learning, to participate in remote work, to do online job training in order to even qualify for unemployment benefits, or to participate in interviews remotely.”

The Miovision Smart City

Miovision provides access to the insights you need to increase safety, improve mobility, and reduce congestion on city roadways.

Does the Federal Broadband Definition Reflect Real-World Need?

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission changed the definition of broadband in response to growing Internet demands. Experts differ on whether the COVID-19 crisis calls for another definition change in 2020.

Senator Tester Grills FCC Chairman on Plan to Spend Billions on Broadband Expansion without Accurate Coverage Maps – Senator: ‘The potential for wasting money here is just over the top”

The agency announced that it will roll out their $9 billion 5G Fund and their $20 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) before they are able to build accurate, granular service availability data through the implementation of Tester’s Broadband DATA Act.

The coronavirus recovery is an opportunity to do everything differently, not go back to normal

“Really, my view is that we need to do everything we can not to go back to normal, because normal was part of the problem,”

Track the economic impacts of COVID-19 on people, businesses, and communities across the United States in real time.

How has COVID-19 impacted your community?

How San Rafael, Calif., Built a Wi-Fi Network During a Pandemic

Officials in the San Rafael tech shop were able to build a mesh Wi-Fi network to connect students in the dense Canal Neighborhood with the help of volunteer expertise and funding from across sectors.