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Experts: Remote Work Should Be the Future of Government

Public-sector and industry leaders remarked on the future of work at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, saying remote should be the default to improve efficiencies and aid in recruitment.

The Missoula County Elections Office is hosting a series of Educational Tours over the next 2 weeks

This is a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how our elections actually operate and the safe guards that are built into the system to protect the integrity of the vote!

How Cities Can Plan For the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles

When cars first started proliferating on American roads, it led to increased sprawl and flight from central cities. What can we do now to prevent the same problem as AVs become more widespread?

The Government Wants to Bolster Its Tech—Starting With Workers

Robin Carnahan, head of the agency that manages the federal government’s offices and IT, is revamping job descriptions and pushing remote work. 

Data analyst to help Missoula Crisis Intervention Team judge effectiveness

Thanks to an $80,000 grant, CIT will soon hire a data analyst who will be in charge of finding the numbers and the effectiveness of the Crisis Intervention Team. That person will be answering questions…

Montana Career Opportunities – Computer Specialist – Health Information Technology System, Cyber Security Engineer, Executive Library Director – Missoula County

Missoula County is a trusted community leader enhancing quality of life so people can thrive and realize individual and collective potential.

Senator Tester Secures More Than $850,000 in Rescue Plan Funding to Help Montana Students Access High-Speed Internet

“Far too many students across Montana still lack access to reliable broadband services and connected devices, which is why I am proud to have secured this funding to help get more Montana families online.”

What’s Missing from the Infrastructure Bill’s $65 Billion Broadband Plan?

In Montana, the government is barred from providing internet service unless there is no private network option.

Data Privacy Experts Talk Future of Federal, State Legislation

Panelists during Forum Global’s Data Privacy Conference this week questioned what the path to a federal data privacy law would look like, and what it would mean for states with policies of their own.

States at disadvantage in race to recruit cybersecurity pros – Paid Cyber Career Opportunities in Montana

“I don’t know many people that can afford to take an unpaid internship, especially when it’s in such high demand in the private sector,” Moody said of fellow cybersecurity job seekers. “Unpaid internships in cyber aren’t really a thing beyond the public sector.”