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Butte, Montana to develop master plan for Uptown’s economic future

Next month, the city will host two public Zoom meetings to get feedback from the public and business owners in the historic district that intersects at Park and Main streets. The city wants to know what it can do to enhance this important area.

Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) 2021 Legislative Priorities and Principles

As the State’s lead economic development agency, MEDA comprises more than 225 economic development practitioners and partners serving as leaders dedicated to building Montana’s economy.  MEDA members strive to improve the State’s economy through business creation, expansion, retention, and through the empowerment and diversification of our State’s economic base. 

Can Do Podcast – Montana 2021 economy focused on bright spots including the film industry in the State

Excellent conversation about Montana 2021 economy focused on bright spots including the film industry in the State.  Enjoy the conversation with Dr. Tino Sonora of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research and Lynn-Wood Fields of Montana Studios!

3 Megatrends You Can’t Ignore In the New Digital Economy

Research found that eCommerce penetration in the United States had experienced ten years of growth in the first quarter of 2020 alone. 

Today’s TED Talk – How your brain responds to stories — and why they’re crucial for leaders

How do the world’s best leaders and visionaries earn trust? They don’t just present data — they also tell great stories. Leadership consultant Karen Eber demystifies what makes for effective storytelling and explains how anyone can harness it to create empathy and inspire action.

Montana – The Ultimate Location Video – The Montana Film Office – The Film Industry is hiring in Montana

“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”

― John Steinbeck

New University of Montana Business Center Buoys Female Entrepreneurs

“To get the rare opportunity for Missoula to headquarter a statewide, SBA Women’s Business Center is a privilege, but it also is a way for the city of Missoula to actually live its values. I cannot wait to hear about the different, women-owned businesses that this new center will support.” Mayor John Engen

What makes a community? A look at what’s great about Great Falls, Montana

As a fresh start and some positivity at the end of one difficult year and going into one that will likely be challenging, I asked a few local business owners and Great Falls Greats winners a few questions about why they do business here, why they stay and what’s unique about out community.

Bozeman father and daughter published a fantasy novel

Ephie and Celia Risho published their first novel “Phoenix Rising” this summer. 

Missoula County, Montana continuing trend of marking Native American heritage

“We name things after what’s familiar to us, but that’s not good enough anymore.” Missoula County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier