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The Creative and Cultural Economy

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‘Austin of the Northwest’?: New $100 Million events center epitomizes Missoula’s rapid growth

“It’s an amazing project all the way around, and it’s going to make a huge economic difference to Missoula. This elevates us to another level.”

Friday Flash – Your update from the Montana Department of Tourism and Business Development

Montana Main Street Program FY20 Application Cycle Opens November 15

Checotas plan $100 Million Missoula civic events project

A $100 million commercial development in downtown Missoula, including a 10-story boutique-style hotel with upper-level condos, a 6,000-capacity civic event center and two new restaurants.

Call for stories! Pitch your “Tipping Point” story for the December Tell Us Something in Missoula

We want to hear your story!

How Montana’s Tippet Rise showcases artistic achievement amid natural beauty

The Tippet Rise Art Center in southern Montana is home to stunning sculptures, architecture and classical music. But instead of traditional museum or concert hall walls, its artworks are surrounded by natural wonders.

Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development – ‘Innovation Lab’ Looks To Boost Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

The Montana Governor’s Office is searching for new ways to tap into the state’s outdoor economy — an economic engine already fueled by more than $7 billion spent in the state each year.

Your Support is Requested to Develop Montana’s Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools

We need an additional $50,000 to $60,000 to meet the financial needs of this project

Monday’s Montanan: Entrepreneur Steve Saroff’s life in tech, art

Steve Saroff, a software entrepreneur who’s started six companies, says that in business, the message should be honed and simple.

‘Mickey and the Bear’ takes a hard, truthful look at small-town Montana

“Mickey and the Bear” immediately places itself among the very best Montana-set movies ever made, marking another stellar entry in a recent film revival of sorts for the state.

‘Tell Us Something’ Missoula 12/10 – Sign up to share your story

Tell Us Something stories are true personal stories, shared live, from memory, without notes.


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