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Missoula ‘s Reserve St. Public Working Group Meets Every Tuesday at 9:00

Mission Statement: To improve functionality and livability in Missoula’s busiest corridor for all citizens with a focus on traffic safety, mobility options, and chronic homelessness.

Missoula, Montana’s Risho family: Keeping life spicy and delicious – The Silk Road Spices

The Silk Road offers 10 varieties of spices, sold in colorful 2 oz. tins, each with a quick and easy recipe on the back. The spice blends are the product of Ray’s incredible knowledge of world flavors. All blends are 100% natural, non-GMO, contain no salt or sugar, and are gluten-free and vegan.

University of Montana Innovation Factory, Habitat for Humanity look to use 3D printing to address housing crisis

“Being able to build differently with different housing forms really helps us to help the single person achieve homeownership,” Harp said. “Right now, it’s difficult even with two incomes. Imagine trying to buy a home with just one.”

RightOnTrek Begins Automated Gear Rental Operation

The ‘Wilderness Edge’ in Columbia Falls allows backpackers to reserve gear and meals ahead of time, or walk up to grab last-minute necessities before embarking into the backcountry

Hyundai to open $20 Million research and development lab in Montana State University’s Innovation Campus.

John Robb, president of Hyundai’s American Technical Center in Michigan, said that the desire for clean energy and demand for new technology, like automated driving, is pushing innovation.

Mapping the metaverse: 4 critical concepts business leaders must focus on

The metaverse has arrived: How do you to put this brave new virtual world to work?

MPG Ranch (Education & Volunteer Opportunities

Because Covid has limited our ability to bring groups to the ranch, we created a video series to bring educational content to you. Montana Bushcraft is a series of short, informative films that focus on traditional wilderness skills.

University of Montana poll: Quality of life down, growth too fast – City Club Missoula – Destination Stewardship: How Can We Keep From “Loving Montana to Death?” May 9 – Zoom

How do decision-makers ‘keep Montana from being loved to death’?

Visit Montana Celebrates the Future of Travel

A critical driver of the state’s economy, tourism has a far-reaching effect in Montana, with data from the Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research (ITRR) showing an impact that includes:

Garrison Junction, a crossroads in Montana history

“Garrison’s halfway between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier Park,”

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