The state with the best education wins!

Boise State University Gaming, Interactive Media, & Mobile Technology – College of Innovation and Design

This program prepares students to create the experiences that manage the technology in our work and personal lives.

A word with Angela Hemingway, Idaho STEM Action Center executive director

The organization offers support for teacher professional development, workforce development with industry partners and K-12 student competitions.

Rising home prices, second-home buyers in this Idaho town force locals to leave

It’s well documented that the housing market in southeastern Idaho is booming, with home prices soaring.

Idaho STEM Action Center

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce. Partner with us to build Idaho’s future.

Greg Zickau Will Stay on as Idaho’s CIO, Despite New Governor

With its new focus on digital technology and cybersecurity, Idaho aims to consolidate some 68 state organizations and 550 IT personnel over the next five years.

Gov. Little outlines Idaho’s ‘incredible trajectory,’ education plans in State of the State

When it comes to the state budget, newly sworn-in Gov. Brad Little has a No. 1 priority for the 2019 legislative session: education.

Get a DUI in in Idaho in 2019 and you’ll be paying $1K or more to put a breathalyzer in your car

The law requires the ignition interlocks be equipped with cameras to make sure it is the driver’s breath being tested, rather than a passenger or other party. Read more here:

A word with Chuck Staben, University of Idaho president

In spring 2018, the Moscow-based school formed a partnership with the Fenway Group, an organization that connects IT-minded students with top-tier corporations like Southwest Airlines and CenturyLink.

Idaho Governor-elect commits to Medicaid expansion

“We will implement it in an Idaho manner. We don’t want to have an incentive for people not to work.”

Big changes are coming to Idaho’s Treasure Valley in 2019. Here’s a guide to what you’ll see

2019 should be an eventful year for the Treasure Valley.

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