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Upcoming Events for Montana Manufacturers

Can’t make it to the event? Send recruitment materials to
Jenni at MMEC and we’ll include them at our table!

Federal Courts Allow Corporations to Tear Apart the Family Farm

Presidential candidates have some good plans for revitalizing rural America. But unless we restructure the Supreme Court, those proposals won’t get far.

Women’s Gains in the Work Force Conceal a Problem

Jobs traditionally viewed as female still don’t pay well, and still don’t appeal to men. Fixing one of these things would fix the other.

Solar Roadways is making walking and driving surfaces safer in winter

Meanwhile, we are getting panels ready to install in Baltimore and continuing talks with next Customers in Florida and many other places.

Reimagining the Rural West Initiative – 3/19-20 – The Dalles, Oregon

  Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will speak at the March 19-20 workshop of the Reimagining the Rural West Initiative in The Dalles, Oregon. The event will explore how rural communities manage their natural assets, as…

Frontier Communities Get a New Advocate

Frontier regions constitute nearly half of the nation’s land area but only 2 percent of its population.

Idaho’s Bogus Basin ski resort pledges to use solely renewable energy in 2020

Earlier this year, Bogus Basin announced an agreement with the city of Boise to set up permanent park-and-ride lots at Fort Boise and has added a new public shuttle service from the downtown area.

For-profit California college firm plans 2 Idaho nursing schools, including 1 in Boise

The owners of a private California nursing school see a market opportunity in growing Idaho.

2020 Best Tech Startups in Boise, Idaho

In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

Revenue potential
Leadership team
Brand/product traction
Competitive landscape

Idaho lawmakers agree rapid growth has caused problems. Is property tax relief an option?

Since 2000, Idaho’s population has grown from 1.3 million to an estimated 1.8 million.