AI combats food waste in kitchens in real time and An AI-powered platform uses a smartphone to measure the quality of fruits and vegetables

Using an automated quality control and data analytics platform, Clarifruit is helping to reduce that waste. The company’s ‘quality-control-as-a-service’ platform provides rapid, consistent analyses of fresh produce for growers, wholesalers, and retailers. The cloud-based platform eliminates the uncertainty and variability of manual inspections and provides objective measurements of fresh produce.

Clarifruit found that using its solutions can increase sales by up to 2 per cent, reduce waste by up to 20 per cent, and improve the productivity of labour by up to 40 per cent. Full quality control reports are automatically generated by the app, and with AI-powered standards, it makes it faster for wholesalers to inspect orders, and retailers to place and display produce. The dashboard allows inspectors at all stages to track volumes of produce over time, and the software integrates with a range of hardware options.

By: Keely Khoury


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AI combats food waste in kitchens in real time


The platform assesses the cost of waste, and suggests ways to help reduce it


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