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Billions in funding for three emerging energy technologies that Wyoming is already exploring: clean hydrogen, carbon capture and advanced nuclear power.

Despite the senators’ misgivings about the infrastructure plan, some of the programs covered under its hefty price tag would support the development of advanced energy sources, which many in Wyoming say are key to revitalizing the state’s economy as natural resource revenue continues to decline.

How to Build a Water-Smart City

As water shortages and drought become increasingly common, cities will need to invest in infrastructure and find ways to recycle their supply.

What if Highways Were Electric? Germany Is Testing the Idea.

An electrified highway is theoretically the most efficient way to eliminate truck emissions. But the political obstacles are daunting.

Today’s TED Talk – Remembering climate change … a message from the year 2071

Coming to us from 60 years in the future, legendary sci-fi writer Kim Stanley Robinson tells the “history” of how humanity ended the climate crisis and restored the damage done to Earth’s biosphere. A rousing vision of how we might unite to overcome the greatest challenge of our time.

(NOW ZOOM ONLY) City Club Missoula August 9, 2021 Starting at 11AM!! – Missoula’s Mayoral Debate 2021 – Zoom

City Club Missoula aims to bring people together for civil dialog on issues of civic interest. The monthly meetings provide a forum where experts weigh in on topics important to Missoula-area residents before inviting the public to pose questions to the presenters.

Flathead Valley Community College Offers New Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Preparatory Course

Program is geared toward potential military recruits and anybody else considering secondary education

Just 5% of power plants are responsible for 73% of electricity emissions

By targeting a small segment of power plants, we could make a big dent in global carbon emissions.

Carbon neutral isn’t good enough. California (and all states) need to be carbon negative by 2030

Our economy is going to suffer the bitter taste of the new normal unless the state(s) take aggressive action.

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 8-1-21

Here is our Top 20 for the last five weeks celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy — Montana’s Golden Triangle. And, sharing business resources and skill-building opportunities to empower your success.

Time Magazine – In the ‘Great Reshuffling,’ People Are Flocking to Montana’s Biggest City. Its Mayor Has a Good Idea Why

How the Great Reshuffling is affecting the community, the factors driving so many Americans to relocate and his approach to paying for the increased demands on the local infrastructure.