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Why Google, General Mills and other companies are ending on-site childcare

America has a legacy of treating childcare far more as a private-market good like a gym membership or pet care than a societal obligation like public school or parks.

Trillions of tons of buried hydrogen: Clean energy gold rush begins

There’s enough natural hydrogen trapped underground to meet all projected demands for hundreds of years. An unpublished report by the US Geological Survey identifies it as a new primary resource, and fires the starter pistol on a new gold rush.

Western Rural Development Center Annual Report 2023

National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Annual Conference

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Dublin to Ban Driving Through Its City Center

The proposal echoes vehicle restrictions underway in other European Union cities, such as Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon. And like city leaders elsewhere, the architects of the Dublin plan invoke the “15-minute city” concept — which aims to allow residents to access all major destinations within a 15-minute walk or bike ride — as a key goal.

How the housing industry is working to stop energy efficient homes

“When things don’t go their way at the national level, then they turn to the state and local level. And when things don’t go their way there, they change the rules.”

Long-distance rail route through southern Montana garners another nod from feds

The Federal Railroad Administration identified 15 routes, including the North Coast Hiawatha, for new or restored passenger rail service.

Black-owned business (Bestie Bottle) owner Akono Hite discusses entrepreneurial journey in Missoula, Montana (Video)

Our GOAL is to offer affordable and innovative products to the dog community that will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog’s needs are well taken care of.

American drivers are now even more distracted by their phones. Pedestrian deaths are soaring.

During the pandemic, distracted driving increased, and it hasn’t gone down since.

Missoula County, Montana contract to provide guidance on converting sheds to housing

Some see the conversion of sheds into tiny houses, or accessory dwelling units, as a possible way to combat housing affordability. If done right, experts say the results can be budget friendly “and incredibly charming.”