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The Power of Electric Bike Libraries

Climate-friendly e-bikes are a key part of plans to decarbonize urban transportation. To speed adoption, more cities are offering lending programs that can expose more riders to this new mode.  

Downtown Brooklyn’s Greener, Car-Free Future Is Taking Root

In December 2019, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership unveiled one of the more ambitious ideas for remaking an American city.

Climate-proof Duluth? Why the city is attracting ‘climate migrants’

 In a survey of 2,000 U.S. residents last year, the online real estate company Redfin found that about half of Americans who planned to move factored extreme weather and natural disasters into their decisions to relocate.”

High School House – Great Falls CMR and Great Falls High students and athletes come together to build homes in Montana

The program that allows for them to do that is called High School House and it has allowed students for the last 20 years to build almost 50 houses for families.

Environmentalists raise concerns when rural cities grow at alarming rates

Cities like Bozeman used to be a place that folks could retire and get away from the world. Now, it’s one of the many towns that is becoming overrun.

University of Montana’s Medical Residency Placement in Rural Areas Ranks High

The University of Montana’s Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana was recently ranked second in the nation among surveyed residency programs for graduating the most family physicians that go into rural practice.

Today’s TED Talk – A close-to-home solution for accessible childcare

Childcare needs a transformation — but rather than investing billions in new buildings and schools, what if we could unlock the potential of people already nearby? Entrepreneur Chris Bennett offers an innovative way to tackle the shortage of childcare worldwide and connect families to safe, affordable and high-quality options in their own communities.

The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem

Many people eligible for Covid-era rent assistance have trouble navigating a “tangled web” of agencies because they don’t have reliable internet access.

Pedestrian Safety: Trends, Measures and Solutions Webinar – Thursday, October 21, 8:30 a.m., MST

Panelists will discuss how to improve how infrastructure is used, and how to cultivate more safe and respectful attitudes and behaviors that reflect the lawful use of shared public spaces.

Rail Enthusiasts Dream of a Trans Europe Express Revival

The celebrated international train service of the 1960s and ’70s could get a contemporary reboot as an alternative to short-haul air travel.