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What will it take for Americans to ditch their obsession with single-family homes

I would love to see a future in which our country really reexamines how much we have focused on homeownership as a source of wealth creation and instead starts to think about how to build neighborhood wealth, community wealth, and also wealth outside of real estate in general.

Revitalization Without Displacement: A New Model From Miami

To protect the community, “the plan aims to preserve the core and character of the neighborhood by placing stricter limits on demolitions and maintaining a low scale in residential areas,” adds Viglucci.

Prices soar as ‘Montana land grab’ continues

The median sales price of a home in western Montana has increased by $40,000 in just three months.

City Club of Missoula Presents: Election 2020: What just happened? – 11/9 – 11:30AM on Zoom

Join us as we analyze the recent election: Who is in? Who is out? What might come next?

Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan May 2019

As Bozeman grows, Downtown cannot be content with today’s successes; evolution is necessary for long-term resilience. Challenges do exist, particularly around keeping Downtown’s local identity intact, balancing growth sensitively, and welcoming more transportation modes and residents. This plan has been shaped by many people in the Bozeman community who worked hard to create an inspired vision for the next decade.

Most Public Engagement is Worthless

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”— Steve Jobs Charles Marohn Full Story ************** Most Public Engagement…

This incredible Google experiment lets you time travel to your hometown 200 years ago

The open-source map shows the changes that happen to city streetscapes over time.

Bootstrapping through the pandemic “Take what you need. Leave what you can.”

It’s been exactly four years since Shannon Benjamin planted a filing cabinet on the curb outside her house in Bay City, Michigan, and filled it with food, hoping that people passing by and in need would feel free to help themselves.

City of Bozeman proposes program to fund public art

The proposed ordinance, called a municipal percent for art program, would set aside 1% of construction costs from some future city capital projects to be used for public art installations.

Who’s on The Road to Montana’s Flathead Valley?

An influx of ‘COVID migrants’ has led to a swell of new residents in the Flathead Valley, as well as rampant speculation about an unprecedented population explosion. But how many people have really moved here?