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HomeNow Initiative from Missoula, Montana nonprofit MoFi: Homebuyer down payment assistance program thriving

MoFi, a nonprofit that’s been serving the region for three decades, has provided more than $1.7 million in down payment assistance since 2016 through its HomeNow initiative, which in turn has led to $43 million...

Millions available through new Montana Department of Commerce infrastructure program

The Delivering Local Assistance Program was created as part of a $400 million infrastructure investment package passed by the 2019 Legislature and signed by Gov. Bullock.

Denver Freeway Expansion Makes a Bad Situation Worse

Even before work began on I-70, her neighborhood has been no stranger to environmental health concerns.

How a Tiny Mountain Town Quadrupled Parking Fees

Many cities have seen success with raising meter rates and directing the revenue to sorely needed public services.

Dillon’s Bike Walk Southwest Montana picking up speed

“That’s when I knew, I’m about to enter into a special community.”

Bike Lanes Make Cities Safer for Everyone

Evidence is mounting that designing cities with bikes in mind has a profound effect on everyone—not just cyclists

Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

Montana Commerce Director Rice Announces $6.5 Million in Community Development Block Grant Awards to 14 Montana Communities

“These dollars support local Montana communities by building the capacity, resiliency, and resources necessary to maintain strong and vibrant communities,” Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice said. 

Why so blue, Billings, Montana?

I would love to live here long enough for the Chamber of Commerce to offer up a defiant slogan to the rest of the world, something like “Billings: Take it or leave it.” Or this:...

Planning for People, Not for Cars – A video on Life-Saving Lessons From the Other Dutch Bike Mecca

The savings from reduced air pollution and healthcare costs are estimated to be worth about $300 million annually.


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