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US Hwy 93: Missoula to Florence Corridor Study- 6/25 – Lolo, Montana

This study is investigating the best possible improvements to enhance safety, support growth within the area, and provide an improved travel experience for drivers. June engagement opportunities are the second of three phases, where RPA will present initial solutions for the corridor before finalizing recommendations to MDT later this year.

A Trusted Space® Film Series for the community of advocates, educators, students, and all who care about and serve the mental health crisis among students—soaring rates of suicidal ideation, disruptive behavior, and emotional distress.

These films examine the urgent need for our education system to create trusted, healthy spaces for all students. They address the growing social-emotional crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic, which is facing today’s youth.

Montana’s second appeal to stop American Prairie bison grazing denied

“We appreciate the thoughtful consideration being given to this issue,” said Pete Geddes, vice president and chief external relations officer for American Prairie, in an email. “Grazing bison on federal public lands is in total compliance with the BLM’s conservation goals and authority, and we look forward to the completion of this case.”

GFDA Top Ten for 6/23/24

The Montana Innovation Partnership is offering a number of trainings and an accelerator program for companies interested in pursuing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants.

Drought conditions have eased in Bozeman—so why are there permanent watering restrictions?

“There’s potential for a water shortage, especially in a year like this where we saw that really low snowpack. This is just good planning. This is really trying to conserve water for that—no pun intended—lack of a rainy day. The potentially dry days ahead,” says Michael.

Nationwide Women’s STRIKE (Wear Red) Expected on Monday – June 24 – SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

The organizers are calling for supporters to wear red, stay home from work and school, and not spend any money unless it’s at a women-owned business. The movement is calling for equal rights, reproductive freedom and the end of gender-based violence.

Clark Fork Prep – Test Your Talent for Trivia Night – 6/26 – Imagine Nation Brewing

While you have fun racking your brain for local facts, figures, and memories, Imagine Nation will be donating $1 of every pint purchased to CFP. And there will even be prizes—imagine that!

Colorado Passes New Broadband Laws, Takes Aim At Landlord Monopolies

Colorado has been a key player in the municipal broadband space, and is home to several major municipal broadband deployments (from Longmont’s Nextlight to Fort Collins’ Connexion) that have been proven inspirational to municipalities across the country.

Taiwan, Montana seek to build cooperation in photonics, quantum industries

The state of Montana has one of the highest per capita concentrations of optics, photonics, and quantum computing companies in the U.S., including an industrial cluster with leading technologies in self-driving, drone detection and applied defense detection systems, according to the office.

Abundant, Affordable, Climate-Friendly Homes: What Part 1 of the National Definition of a Zero Emissions Building Means for Housing

This week, the US Department of Energy (DOE) finalized Part 1 of a national definition of a zero emissions building, focused on operational carbon emissions.