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You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

The Morality of Having Kids in a Burning, Drowning World

“It seems increasingly clear,” Crist continues, “that we are living in a time of radical destabilisation of life on Earth which complicates the act of bearing children in ways that society has yet to grapple with.”

Why People Are Choosing Idaho over Utah: Relocation Trends

In recent times, an increasing number of people have been relocating from Utah to Idaho, making it a noticeable trend in the Boise area. What prompts this migration, and is it driven by valid concerns or common misconceptions? Let’s look at the two primary reasons that have prompted this shift.

Appreciating the Spaces That Connect Us

Often overlooked, liminal spaces like front porches and sidewalks can boost social connections.

Vineyard’s new 700-acre development to be called Utah City

Located on the east shore of Utah Lake, this will be Utah County’s largest sustainable, walkable, transit-oriented, mixed-use community. Utah City is being designed and developed to be the urban core of the county, planners say.

Feeling sad, lonely? Making friends as an adult is hard. Your front porch can help.

Soon after my husband and I moved from Washington, D.C., to Indianapolis, a stranger offered an unexpected invitation. ‘I’m Joanna,’ she said. ‘Would you like to porch with us sometime?’

Study: Most US Cyclists Say They’d Move To Cities That Offered to Buy Them E-Bikes

Could the humble e-bike credit become a powerful economic development tool?

US Competitive Advantage in the Era of the Demographic Time Bomb: Immigration

As the world ages, I think America’s competitive economic weapon will be our history of successful immigration

Housing has become so expensive that college graduates are leaving the coasts and moving inland.

Over the past few years — as remote work became more common — the list of regions losing college-educated workers has grown to include San Francisco and Washington.

The Cheapest States to Start a Business – Montana #4

It costs money to launch a business, and entrepreneurs need every edge they can get. These are the states with the lowest costs associated with starting and running an LLC.