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Trade schools continue to be in high demand

Job Service Great Falls manager Beth Schmidt stated, “Here locally, for our trades, entry level, general laborers, all the way to those highly skilled electricians, the plumbers, our pipe fitters, our welders, carpenters, they’re all in demand. It is a busy time for all of the trade folks, and they are needing every person they can get their hands on to make sure schools are being built, housing is being built, that renovations are being made to existing properties.”

Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America by Ryan Busse

A former firearms executive pulls back the curtain on America’s multibillion-dollar gun industry, exposing how it fostered extremism and racism, radicalizing the nation and bringing cultural division to a boiling point.

Made in Montana May Monthly: Members in the News, Business Spotlight, Food and Beverage Show, Tik Tok

If it’s produced in Montana, it’s produced with pride.

Y Combinator Warns Startup Founders Of Economic Downturn: ‘Plan For The Worst’

“If for whatever reason you don’t think this message applies to your company or you are going to need someone to tell you this in person to believe it … please reassess your beliefs on a monthly basis to make sure you don’t drive your company off a cliff.”

Dorsey & Whitney – Montana Mid-Year Employment Law Update – 2022 – 6/15 – Missoula

In this program, we’ll discuss a number of hot topics for Montana employers, including:

Changes to wrongful discharge laws in Montana and how to avoid potential liability
Legal challenges presented by remote workers
Performance management
Marijuana legislation and Montana employers

2022 Montana Housing Partnership Virtual Conference – June 14-15 – Online

The virtual 2022 Montana Housing Partnership Conference is coming up June 14-15. The conference is offering two days packed full of great content including 15 sessions and three great plenary sessions!

“We Were Hiring”

Concerns about an economic slowdown, fueled by factors including inflation and a declining stock market, are starting to be felt by individual tech job seekers as some companies start to put the brakes on their employment growth. In some cases, companies are rescinding job offers after they’ve been signed, creating a difficult situation for people who had cancelled interviews or turned down competing offers.

What does emotional intelligence mean for teams?

Teams can improve their emotional intelligence by being open about discomfort and encouraging direct communication and collaboration, writes Evan Watkins about research conducted by TalentSmartEQ. “Acknowledge that emotions are real and make an active effort to work with them, not against them,” Watkins writes.

Californians Are Driving This Colorado College Town’s Luxury Market

The location is sought after, though buyers may have renovations to do depending on their standards, a common occurrence in properties listed under $5 million.

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