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$19K pre-fab home includes artificial intelligence technology

Ranging from $19,000 for the baseline Legend model to $59,000 for the top-of-the-line Cube model, Nestron is hoping to attract aspiring homeowners who want high style without breaking the bank.

A Booming City Searches for the Brakes on Growth

Proposition E would put a moratorium on new commercial real estate if affordable housing goals aren’t met. But critics aren’t convinced it would be effective. 

Strategic Action for Affordable Housing: How Advocacy Organizations Accomplish Policy Change

Whether the solution involves tenant protections, reducing the amount of single-family zoning, or changing state regulation, AOs are always thinking about housing policy solutions.

California’s new gig worker law is disrupting the music industry and threatening all performing arts

California has overreached in its effort to address the challenges in today’s tech platform gig-work economy.

Pig lovers, rejoice: Impossible pork and sausage are here

The farms he wanted to visit were in Montana, where the slaughterhouse told him the pigs came from. But to his surprise, Lindquist, who was conducting the investigation, was flatly turned down.

Will there be enough electricity after coal plants shut down?

“Our forecasts say that we’re going to have significant problems.” Chelan County PUD General Manager Steve Wright

‘We train them in a rural setting’: Residency program brings doctors to rural Montana

Rural Montanans may enjoy sweeping vistas and room to roam, but many of them struggle with medical access. As of 2014, 15 Montana counties had no practicing physicians.

Why Include Direct Mail In Optichannel Marketing?

Demand Metric, in partnership with PFL, conducted a benchmark study, “Multichannel Marketing Maximizing Program Engagement and ROI”.

Short-Term Thinking Is Poisoning American Business

Free-market capitalism won’t survive unless it makes structural changes toward long-term investing.

Zoot Enterprises Named To Credit & Collections Power List – Zoot Makes ‘Top 20 Companies in 2019’

“Zoot strives to constantly benchmark and innovate based on our clients’ needs, and we invest significant resources to ensure our products and services are the latest and the greatest. The inclusion in the Power List is a testament to this.”