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The Bakken Boom in Montana and North Dakota Goes Bust With No Money to Clean up the Mess

The Bakken oil field appears moving toward terminal decline, with the the citizens of Montana and North Dakota forced to cover the bill to clean up the mess caused by its ill-fated boom. 

Wealthy investors seem to be exploiting land-conservation tax breaks, and the Senate is taking notice

Conservation easements grant tax write-offs for the worth a bit of land loses to stay undeveloped when it would in any other case change into flats or a big-box retailer, prioritizing what has been described as “cows over condos.”

After Years of Working to Expand Tribal Broadband, Tester Announces FCC Approval of Montana Tribes’ Spectrum Licenses

All seven Montana Tribes that applied for licenses were approved

Impossible milk could be coming to your cereal bowl

“We want the milk that a dairy milk consumer will choose,”

New homes on the range: Weary city dwellers escape to Montana, creating a property gold rush – “I’ll be really curious to see what all of these buyers think of our winters.”

“We’re running around like lunatics,” said Amy Hyde, a mortgage broker in Bozeman. “People have done a month in an RV, and they’re saying they want to move to Montana. The number of out-of-state cars in our town right now is insane.”

Manufacturing is a Ticket to Rural Prosperity

Manufacturing businesses are essential contributors to our economic health and wellbeing, infusing $2.38 trillion annually into the national economy.

How Google’s ‘Hybrid’ Work Model Could Work For Your Business

If you’re pondering the same in your organization, don’t be binary in your definition of hybrid.

Passenger rail advocates say Amtrak’s plan to reduce the Empire Builder to three days a week will cost Montana more than $38 million.

For some Montana communities, the passenger train is a lifeline, one of the few public transportation options in places like Browning, Shelby and Glasgow. But for Whitefish, the busiest stop along the route between the Twin Cities and Seattle, the train is a conveyor for tourists.

Cities and Startups Are Poised for a ‘Great Reboot’

The goal of his new book is to show business owners how to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

SpaceX Connects Rural Washington Communities Via Satellite

Thanks to partnerships with the Washington Emergency Management Division and State Department of Commerce, SpaceX Starlink satellites have connected both a fire-stricken town and a tribal reservation to high-speed Internet.