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Why remote work may render the 5-day workweek obsolete

Five days on, two days off cadence still exists, but to put it simply, it is inefficient.

How could your company improve customer relations? – Three shockingly obvious ways to make flying less miserable

In a new book, Martin Lindstrom makes a case for bringing common sense back into business decisions.

Amazon and Other Tech Giants Make Billion-Dollar Commitments to Affordable Housing

Some of the world’s biggest companies are investing in affordable housing, hoping to stymie the growing crisis their growth has contributed to.

Venture Capital Funding Report Q4 2020

US-based, VC-backed companies raise nearly $130B in 2020, up 14% year-over-year (YoY) from 2019, despite the impacts of Covid-19 around the world.

TechLink – Our experts top seven technology picks for January 2021

TechLink helps industry partners access and evaluate technology commercialization opportunities developed in federal research laboratories.

Why Startups Have So Much Riding on Section 230’s Future

Changes to the law, which protects tech platforms from liability for their user content, could transform how small businesses operate.

Bozeman city commissioners map out yearly priorities

Commissioner Michael Wallner suggested the city prioritize seeking out grants or other funds in preparation that the 2020 census results will bump Bozeman’s population above 50,000, changing the city’s status for federal funding.

7 ways the circular economy will grow in 2021

From more reusable packaging to more companies taking back used products to more empowered designers, 2021 will be a key year in the development of new, less wasteful systems.

We’re in the midst of a caregiving crisis. Here’s how Biden may address it

President-elect Biden’s $775 billion proposal to invest in the caregiving economy and expand access to childcare is projected to add 5 million new jobs.

President Biden’s Vision for the Power Sector

President Joe Biden brings a marked shift in U.S. energy policy priorities, with clean energy being central to his plan. The Biden Plans to “Build a Modern, Sustainable Infrastructure and an Equitable Clean Energy Future” and “Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice” will launch a national effort aimed at creating millions of jobs, building modern and sustainable infrastructure, and delivering a clean energy future.