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5 come-back tips for startups that have run out of cash

It is not easy to make a comeback after hitting zero, but it’s possible and can lead to very successful outcomes.

Electromagnetic induction to improve taste and shelf life of beer and other beverages

According to IFS, the new process is not only scalable and easy to install, but also provides 600 percent more precise temperature control, is three to five times more energy efficient, heats 24 times faster,...

PFL – ABM Revealed How to align, engage and measure for b2b success – 6/19 – Online

A virtual master class featuring behind-the-scenes customer interviews and success-focused B2B marketing stories that have been curated for maximum impact!

These 15 mind-blowing bike projects will make you hate your regular bike lane

The projects featured in the new Bicycle Architecture Biennale–from bike lanes through a pond to soaring bike bridges–highlight just how beautiful and transformative bike infrastructure can be when done right.

How Data Can Help You Win in the Winner-Take-All Economy

To adapt to a faster pace of change, it helps to learn how to crunch numbers about whole organizations — and about yourself.

The Highly Dangerous ‘Triton’ Hackers Have Probed the US Grid

Dragos has called Xenotime “easily the most dangerous threat activity publicly known.”

Who are you calling chicken? Tyson Foods is getting into the business of plant-based meat.

They intend to release nuggets to retailers this summer, with a blended burger product to follow in the fall.

The Trump Administration Just Issued a New Health Care Rule That Could Majorly Affect Small Businesses Nationwide

The rule makes health reimbursement arrangement plans more accessible to small businesses beginning in 2020.

More States Explore Performance-Based Ratemaking, but Few Incentives Are in Place

Efforts to redesign the utility business model are gaining traction across the U.S.

Missoula’s Coaster Pedicab to launch electrically assisted prototype; eyes growth

With business growing, Coaster Pedicab Manufacturing in Missoula plans to add 39 new jobs over the next two years if the prototype of its new electrically assisted and fully enclosed cab takes off.

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