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There Are Far More Americans Without Broadband Access than Previously Thought

The Federal Communications Commission says 21 million Americans lack broadband access, but a new report says the actual figure is double that.

Yellowstone National Park expected to feel impacts of coronavirus

According to Yellowstone’s most recent Visitor Use Survey, about a quarter of all foreign visitors coming to the park are from China.

How Is Your Economy? A DIY Primer to Help Anyone Answer That Question

Instead of assuming you know where your community’s jobs are coming from, check the facts through a simple online tool.

There’s a little-known employment contract provision enabling billions of dollars in wage theft each year

“People look at this issue as kind of a procedural one,” Baran said in an interview. “But the reality is it’s a substantive economic issue.”

Boise Airport officials make pitch to new airline (Breeze Airways) for service to Idaho

“Air service is a huge economic development driver, which is why it is such a big issue

Chronic wasting disease is creating a ‘new reality’ in Montana. Wildlife managers say they’ll need money to keep up.

“It is changing hunting in Montana. But the last thing we want to see is hunters stop participating.”

Snowflake Set To Be Worth $12.4 Billion After New Funding, Making It One Of Tech’s Most Valuable Startups

The funding comes as Snowflake has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the cloud category, both partnering and competing with leading public players including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Western Montana economy heats up as Yellowstone County cools

Yellowstone County’s economy is still growing at about 2% a year, but has faced several challenges in the last couple years.

Hunting is ‘slowly dying off,’ and that has created a crisis for the nation’s many endangered species

“That’s what keeps me up at night,” Robert Miller, director of the Governor’s Advisory Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation, said of the inadequacies of the user-pay, user-play model that has funded conservation for decades.

Engineered bacteria immunize bees against cause of colony collapse

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have engineered bacteria that can help bees fend off two of the main causes of CCD.