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Missoula, Montana company, Kart Kleen, creates shopping cart disinfecting machine

Kart Kleen manufactures high-quality Fomite Disinfecting Units (FDU-K) using a combination of diverse cleansing treatments including; Sanitizing Solutions, High-Velocity Fans and High-Intensity Ultraviolet Light sources.

Talkspace CEO says he’s pulling out of six-figure deal with Facebook, won’t support a platform that incites ‘racism, violence and lies’

“We will not support a platform that incites violence, racism and lies,” the CEO Oren Frank tweeted on Monday.

Make Investing in Resilient, Localized Food System Part of Next Stimulus

If we don’t reform our food system in the next round of stimulus, we might not be ready the next time we face a challenges.

Hawaii governor to extend traveler quarantine past June

The pandemic has bludgeoned Hawaii’s economy, triggering what University of Hawaii economists called “the sharpest and deepest economic downturn in the state’s modern history.”

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives

These lab-grown meats could help us reduce the amount of livestock in the world.

Missoula, Montana’s Sherri Davidoff’s New Book – ‘Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity’

Data Breaches is indispensable for everyone involved in breach avoidance or response: executives, managers, IT staff, consultants, investigators, students, and more. Read it before a breach happens!

Out-of-staters buying more homes in Billings, sometimes sight unseen, sometimes with cash

The survey found that most of these prospective home buyers were eyeing Montana because they had family here or were originally from the state.

How To Reinvent Yourself As A Business Startup Today

Smart business professionals are rapidly becoming the new entrepreneurs.

Facebook’s embrace of remote work could reshape Bay Area economy

The company will create office hubs in Denver, Dallas and Atlanta, where real estate costs are a fraction of those in the Bay Area.

SEC Temporarily Relaxes Rules For Small Business Crowdfunding Offerings

To benefit from the SEC’s temporary rule changes, a small business must meet enhanced eligibility requirements and make a clear disclosure about its reliance on the temporary rules to investors.