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City Club Missoula – Missoula-area superintendents discuss start of new school year – Hellgate, Sentinel game postponed due to COVID-19

The education landscape changes daily, and as the delta variant continues to drive up COVID numbers, school administrators are having to resort to some of last year’s COVID protocols.

City Club Missoula – Lessons from the Classroom: Education + Safety in Missoula’s Schools During Covid 2.0 – 9/7 – Zoom

Panelists will cover strategies for keeping students and staff safe as they navigate new Covid variants, mask mandates, and vaccine availability, all the while working to provide students the education they deserve.

City Club Missoula – Taxes, housing, homelessness dominate first debate in Missoula’s race for mayor

City Club Missoula hosted the four mayoral candidates vying to move on to November’s General Election on Monday in their first virtual debate, where all agreed on funding the police, the need to build more housing and work to address homelessness.

(NOW ZOOM ONLY) City Club Missoula August 9, 2021 Starting at 11AM!! – Missoula’s Mayoral Debate 2021 – Zoom

City Club Missoula aims to bring people together for civil dialog on issues of civic interest. The monthly meetings provide a forum where experts weigh in on topics important to Missoula-area residents before inviting the public to pose questions to the presenters.

Restoring a Sense of Belonging: The Unsung Importance of Casual Relationships for Older Adults

“Feeling connected to other people, not just the people who are closest to you, turns out to be incredibly important,”

City Club of Missoula to host in-person mayoral debate on Aug. 9.

Mayor John Engen will face off against three challengers: Jacob Elder, Greg Strandberg and Shawn Knopp.

City Club Missoula – It’s Too Hot! It’s Too Smoky: How we’re addressing Missoula’s changing climate Monday, July 12th, 2021 – 11:30 – Online

Missoula’s climate is changing. How are we building resilience and making sure our entire community is prepared?

City Club Missoula Forum – Missoula Food Bank, community gardens saw big spike in demand during pandemic

Brock said in 2019, the number of new customers who shopped at the food bank store totaled 8,723. That number spiked to 21,626 in 2020.

City Club Missoula Hosts The State of Missoula – Despite pandemic, community on verge of ‘renaissance’

The annual event, hosted by City Club Missoula, hinged on questions around the pandemic, its impacts and how Missoula will emerge in the coming months.

City Club Missoula: Major TV shows could be filmed in western Montana in 2021

“We’re excited to introduce the landscape of Montana to the world,” she said. “Our job is to promote Montana worldwide. We want (production companies) to know that Montana exists, that we’re a viable opportunity for them and we have the resources and visuals they need.”