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City Club Missoula Forum – Missoula Writers on Writing, History, and Storytelling – 12/11 – Missoula

Join a conversation with local writers Peter Stark and Michael Punke as they bring us on a journey through their experiences with the written word.

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

Letter to the editor: Rude and inconsiderate attendees at City Club Missoula

Please refrain in the future, ask your question in the most direct way, and allow others the same opportunity as I am reasonably sure they believe their question is equal to yours as is their desire to present it for a response.

City Club Missoula – Missoula’s Growth Policy and Code Reform – Monday, November 13, 2023

Join City Club’s November forum focused on Missoula’s plans to update its Growth Policy. The forum will feature members of local government, civil design and engineering firm (IMEG, formerly Territorial Landworks), and a community representative (TBD). The expert panel will provide an overview of Montana’s SB382 Land Use Bill and its impacts to cities and counties, including updated mapping, zoning and subdivision regulations, and other ways these changes will influence the lives of Missoulians.

City Club Missoula – Missoula Mayoral Debate shows many similarities between the two candidates.

One of the last questions asked was how each candidate would want to be remembered, if they were to carry out a mayoral term.

City Club Missoula – Missoula’s Mayoral Debate Tuesday, October 10, 2023 – Doubletree

Join City Club Missoula on a SPECIAL 2-hour Tuesday, October 10 for a town hall-style forum featuring Missoula mayoral candidates Mike Nugent and Andrea Davis.

Laurel Staples, NBC Montana achor, will moderate the forum which will feature candidate remarks, Table Talk, and audience questions.

City Club Missoula Presents Celebrating 40 Years of the Mansfield Center: Citizens Coming Together to Strengthen Democracy and Bridging Divides Monday, September 11, 2023 11:30AM – 1PM

Marc Johnson, Mansfield historian and author, Nancy Keenan, Mansfield Center Advisory Board member and former Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, and Marc Racicot, chairman of the Mansfield Center Advisory Board and former Governor of Montana, will discuss the enduring legacy of Montana’s Mike Mansfield, and how we can work together to support the core values of our democracy in the Mansfield Way.

Former Montana revenue director says property tax system ‘rigged,’ ‘broken’

Homeowners and renters in Montana are about to experience the largest property tax increase in history — and it’s by design, said Dan Bucks, former head of the Montana Department of Revenue.

City Club Missoula hosts discussion on taxes in Montana

Panel members included Hertz, as well as Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnik and former Montana Department of Revenue director Dan Bucks.

This Montana ‘tax rebate’ is a gimmick. – City Club Missoula Presents Treasure State Taxes: Shedding Light on Montana’s Tax System Monday, August 14, 2023

The problem is the very regressive state income tax, that becomes flat at 6.75% regardless of income, at and above incomes of $19,600. To its credit, Montana has avoided enacting a sales tax, which is typically very regressive.