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City Club Missoula – Planes, Cranes, and Automobiles: Major Infrastructure Projects in Missoula County – Monday, June 14th, 11:30AM – Zoom

Our panel will update City Club on high-cost fundamental facilities and systems, such as the expansion of the Missoula International Airport; the new  Sx͏ʷuytis Smx̣e Bridge (Beartracks Bridge in English translation, replacing the Higgins Street Bridge); the property owned by the Montana Department of Transportation under the Reserve Street Bridge; and upcoming infrastructure projects that will change the face of our community.

City Club Missoula Forum – Missoula Food Bank, community gardens saw big spike in demand during pandemic

Brock said in 2019, the number of new customers who shopped at the food bank store totaled 8,723. That number spiked to 21,626 in 2020.

City Club Missoula Discussion: Sowing Local & Sustainable Food Systems in the Garden City Monday, May 10th, 2021 – 11:30AM – Zoom

Join City Club Missoula as we hold a timely conversation with some of the most dynamic leaders in Missoula’s sustainable food systems movement. Learn more about the current state of affairs; how different organizations are working in creative ways to expand resources; and what it takes to meet the challenges we face today.

City Club Missoula Hosts The State of Missoula – Despite pandemic, community on verge of ‘renaissance’

The annual event, hosted by City Club Missoula, hinged on questions around the pandemic, its impacts and how Missoula will emerge in the coming months.

City Club Missoula State of the Community 2021: Missoula Renewed Monday, April 12th, 2021 – 11:30AM Online

Hear from the leaders of the City of Missoula, Missoula County and the University of Montana about how Missoula weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we are recovering and moving forward.

City Club Missoula: Major TV shows could be filmed in western Montana in 2021

“We’re excited to introduce the landscape of Montana to the world,” she said. “Our job is to promote Montana worldwide. We want (production companies) to know that Montana exists, that we’re a viable opportunity for them and we have the resources and visuals they need.”

City Club: Missoula hospital executive predicts slow return to normalcy

The leader of a Missoula hospital thinks it’s going to take until at least the end of 2021 before life starts returning to normal.

Ronald Reagan – The Importance of Stories

Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

Tell Us Something December 2020 newsletter – What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

A big part of the pandemic has been the feeling of isolation that many of us feel as we are staying home to stay safe. Sharing our stories can help with feelings of depression and anxiety. And it can help connect us with each other and ourselves. Sharing stories is essential to human nature.

City Club Missoula panel discusses business challenges, solutions during pandemic

Monday’s City Club Missoula Zoom presentation showcased ways leaders pivoted and came up with creative ways to stay afloat.