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City Club Missoula – Housing, enrollment, land use top this year’s State of the Community address

“When we say we’re going to do something, it turns out that often it can happen,” said Engen. “We have relentless opportunities in Missoula, and I like to say we’ve been discovered.”

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City Club Missoula – “State of the Community” – 4/15 – Missoula

City Club’s annual State of the Community forum will give Missoula-area residents the opportunity to hear from three leaders in local government and higher education as they outline their ambitious goals, the challenges their organizations...

City Club Missoula Hosts Housing Experts: Get serious or watch Missoula’s housing prices continue to soar

House Bill 16 would use coal tax trust fund money to provide $15 million in loans to develop low- to moderate-income housing, while Senate Bill 18 pushes for workforce housing tax credits.

City Club Missoula Presents: Homes Build Strong Communities – Making Missoula Our Home – 2/11

MAKING MISSOULA OUR HOME Monday, February 11th, 2019 RSVP is strongly encouraged by 12:00pm Friday Feb. 8th, 2019. Andrea Davis Executive Director, Homeword and Vice-Chair, Missoula Housing Coalition Tyson O’Connell Project Developer, Wishrock Housing Partners...

City Club Missoula panel stresses need for early childhood development programs

“The earliest years are the most promising for brain and skills development, yet it is where the U.S. invests the least.” Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Courtney Sale Ross Professor of Globalization and Education at NYU

City Club Missoula Presents: Zero To Five Missoula: The Case for Early Childhood Development – 1/28

The foundation for a strong start in life begins at birth.

City Club Missoula Discount Membership 2019 – Reaching New Heights in 2019

City Club Missoula would like to thank all of our members for their contributions and attendance during a very successful 2018. We look forward to offering forums in 2019 that continue to engage all Missoulians....

City Club Missoula speakers Pat Williams and Beth Judy tell tales of Montana’s bold and unique characters

In answer to a question, Pat Williams said the book he’s writing about Butte for his grandkids will be out soon.

City Club Missoula Forum: Montana History In Stories BOLD WOMEN AND CHARISMATIC CHARACTERS – 12/10

Beth Judy, author of "Bold Women in Montana History"; and longtime U.S. Congressman Pat Williams (a cousin of daredevil Evel Knievel), will regale City Club Missoula with intimate tales of larger-than-life-Montanans.

Today’s TED Talk – A memory scientist’s advice on reporting harassment and discrimination

She shares three lessons to apply if you’ve been harassed or discriminated against — and introduces Spot: a free, anonymous, online reporting tool that helps empower victims.

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