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Programs that Pay Residents to Give Up Cars Gain Support Worldwide

France may soon pay its residents to trade their private cars for e-bikes, vehicle-share services, and even transit passes — and the move is re-igniting the conversation about unconventional ways our governments can subsidize the greenest modes of transportation.

Washington State plans to phase out new gas cars by 2030

It’s the most aggressive target of any state so far.

Helena to start public process on where to allow “e-bikes” – SF resident estimates she has saved almost $50,000 by getting rid of her car and getting an E-Bike.

Helena city leaders are taking on the issue of where electric bicycles, or e-bikes, should be allowed in the city – and particularly whether to let them go on trails in open lands.

Cities Focus on Urban Curbs and How to Manage Them

The curbside has never been busier.

Every new car and truck in the U.S. can be electric by 2035

The transition to EVs can happen faster than you think.

Watch Ford Trial Its Hands-Free Driving Tech On a 110,000-Mile Road Trip

The system was subjected to real-world testing with faded road lines and rain.

Passenger rail group sees “opportunity” for Montana rail service from several funds

The President and CEO of the Rail Passengers Association sees several points of opportunity from the new interest in Washington over infrastructure spending.

France to Ban Flights for Trips That Can Be Made by Train

One form of climate action gained major momentum in Europe over the weekend.

Watch this robot deliver a Domino’s pizza

Domino’s has teamed up with the autonomous vehicle company Nuro to test a new way for customers to get their pizzas.

Missoula, Montana’s Coaster Cycles Podcast

A terrific episode of CAN DO about a true entrepreneurial company Coaster Cycles and its Leader Ben Morris.  Building great vehicles in Bonner, Montana.  Lots to learn about Ben’s 16-year journey.  Well worth a listen.  Arnie