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Scrappy Episode 4: Solar Roadways

…helping to save the planet from the impending climate crisis.

MIT wants self-driving cars to traffic in human emotion

This would, clearly, mean more safety in a world where cars piloted by AI are mixed in with vehicles still operated by humans.

Curbside Management to Tame Roadway Chaos

As cities wrestle with an increase in mobility options, ride-hailing and deliveries, curbside management has become one of the most pressing issues they face.

Idaho National Laboratory scientists help pave the way for faster-charging electric vehicles

For automotive engineers, one major challenge remains: How do you charge an EV as quickly as you can fill up a gas tank?

The Era of Car-Clogged City Streets Is Over

As cities become denser, the old rationale of designing them around automobiles must give way to a new use of streets that includes walking and micro-mobile solutions. The result: greater efficiency, equity and safety.

The Hyperloop and the Self-Driving Car Are Not the Future of Transportation

The bus, the bike, and the elevator are.

Without Sidewalks, Making Seattle Streets More Pedestrian Friendly

Over a quarter of city blocks lack sidewalk infrastructure. An advocacy project to reduce traffic speeds and increase pedestrian safety on these streets has evolved into a city-funded program.

The Community Growth Ponzi Scheme – This cannot continue.

 Across cultures, over thousands of years, people have traditionally built places scaled to the individual. It is only in the last two generations that we have scaled places to the automobile.

How Reality Has Exceeded Our Expectations About Self-Driving Vehicles

If you live in a large and modern city, where mapping is relatively straightforward, you will soon be seeing these vehicles on the roads.

Bozeman airport adds 8th airline, additional flights to Minneapolis-St. Paul

Airport director Brian Sprenger said one-way tickets could be available for as little as $89.


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