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New Rules Could Finally Clear the Way for Self-Driving Cars

For the first time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is weighing in on autonomous vehicles with no driver behind the wheel—or no wheel at all.

How Politics Thwarts Alternative Ways of Getting Around

Transportation agencies know that policies prioritizing single-occupancy vehicles are bad for their cities. Yet in too many cases those agencies are the ones standing in the way of needed changes.

MIT Researchers Create System That Trains Driverless Cars Before They Are on the Road

Vehicles learn to drive in real-world scenarios before hitting the road.

Despite setbacks, coronavirus could hasten the adoption of autonomous vehicles and delivery robots

In a climate of social distancing, when on-demand services from Instacart to GrubHub have taken steps to minimize human contact, one factor in driverless cars’ favor is that they don’t require a potentially sick person behind the wheel.

Automated Trucks Are Coming Much Sooner Than You Think

The technology may seem like an exciting one but it will cost many truck drivers their jobs, sadly.

‘Economic mapping’ can help cities target the best places for density and growth

Far more cities and metro areas need to better coordinate their strategies for increasing the quality of existing concentrations of activity, and expand investments into places with potential to become such hubs.

This City Was Sick of Transportation Tech Disruptors. So It Decided to Become One.

“Any city in the world where you can get off the plane and open the Uber app … that city has a problem,”

New electric car can be rented for just $22 a month

The two-seat vehicle is 100% electric and comes with a battery that can be powered from a standard electrical socket in just three hours.

Car-Free Market Street Benefits Micromobility, Transit Without Ruining Car Commutes, Studies Say

Multiple studies have quantified the early results from a project in San Francisco that blocked most private automobile traffic from Market Street in the city’s downtown.

Montana LegislatureTransportation Interim Committee Meeting March 23

During the meeting in Helena, the committee also will discuss electric vehicles and Montana’s fuel tax.