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Seattle Highway Shutdown Provides Data Sharing Lesson

The planned closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct in downtown Seattle mobilized collaboration and data sharing across several public transportation agencies, helping to establish new behavior towards commuter travel.

What’s Behind Copenhagen’s Success as a Cycling City?

Denmark’s capital is a model city in terms of biking, but the reasons that bikes rule go beyond political leadership and robust infrastructure.

Colorado OKs electric car requirement to fight air pollution

Colorado tightened its air quality regulations on Friday, requiring that at least 5 percent of the vehicles sold in the state by 2023 emit zero pollution.

High Cost of Maintenance Prompts Wyoming Legislators to Consider Tolling I-80

Over the objections of the oil and trucking industries, an interim committee voted to allow the Wyoming legislature to determine whether to toll all lanes on Interstate 80 due to a shortfall in the state transportation budget.

Tesla has a huge incentive to deploy self-driving tech. Is the world ready?

All Tesla cars built since late 2016 are equipped with sensors and other hardware that allow them to function without a human driver at the wheel, according to the company.

Commuting Has Always Been Soul-Crushing, but There Are Inspiring Options

As a matter of principle, it shouldn’t be such misery to get somewhere you don’t even want to go.

The Parking Garage of Tomorrow

“peak car ownership in the United States will occur around 2020 and will drop quickly after that.”

Washington State to Decide on Transition From Gas Tax to Road Usage Charge

Oregon has been the living laboratory for the rest of the nation when it comes to vehicle miles traveled fee programs

UPS has been quietly delivering cargo using self-driving trucks

The delivery giant has announced a minority stake in autonomous trucking startup TuSimple

The Flathead Electric Co-Op hosts Montana’s only electric car loaning program

Flathead County has terrible CO2 emissions compared to other cities in our state.


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