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Push and Pull: The Link Between Walkability and Affordability

The increased demand for walkable urban spaces could make them more and more exclusionary if cities don’t pursue policies to limit displacement and boost affordability.

No More Car Ownership? First-of-its-kind study shows how traffic pollution impairs brain function

The Scottish government announced it planned to ban car ownership as a part of its campaign to reduce per-capita driving by 20 percent by 2030.

Redesigning Streets for Livability: A Global View

An excerpt from the introduction of the recent book, “Streets For All: 50 Strategies for Shaping Resilient Cities,” edited by Vinayak Bharne and Shyam Khandekar.

The Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Remake Downtown

Urban cores around the country were transforming into live, work, and play destinations before the pandemic. The pandemic was a setback for this transformation, but it could also be a rare opportunity. It’s up to city leadership to seize it.

Why Not Cover Ugly Parking Lots With Solar Panels?

In France, a plan to cover swaths of asphalt with photovoltaics will bring renewable energy even closer to urban areas where it’s needed.

Viewpoint: Why Missoula’s Higgins Avenue (speed limit 25MPH) needs to change (What about Reserve Street – Speed Limit 45MPH!)

These problems are largely the result of a singular focus to move cars.

Starting to hate cars — even if you drive one? There’s an online community for you.

These groups teach members how to fight for safer streets.

Transportation experts identify Montana’s transportation challenges

13% of major roadways in Montana have pavement in poor condition, another 17% in mediocre condition.

The cities with the worst conditions are Billings at 32%, Great Falls at 31% and Missoula at 29%.

Big Rigged (Classic) – Life as a 21st-Century Trucker

Driving a truck used to mean freedom. Now it means a mountain of debt.

Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies

The video, which remains archived on Tesla’s website, was released in October 2016 and promoted on Twitter by Chief Executive Elon Musk as evidence that “Tesla drives itself.”