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Traffic Signals in Vegas Could Soon Have a Mind of Their Own

Officials are already able to virtually monitor activity in Las Vegas parks in real time, freeing up staff to handle other needs, but in the future, traffic signals in Sin City could have a mind of their own, predicting when auto volumes will increase and adjusting accordingly.

Geolocation Data Could Help Planners Design Communities that Require Less Driving

“By actually knowing where people are going, we can start to rethink how we plan for investments of all kinds and other policies.”

Could Car Share Become a Part of Transit?

Next year, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul will launch a short-term vehicle-rental program with electric-powered vehicles that won’t have to be returned to where the driver picked them up. Advocates hope that the public-private partnership will help low-income residents of transit-scarce, polluted neighborhoods forgo car ownership.

Montana Senator Jon Tester Takes Trump Administration and Senate Colleagues to Task for Playing Games with Amtrak’s Future with Cuts to Empire Builder Service

Senator: “Press releases don’t save the Empire Builder or the jobs or the economy that it creates”

Commerce Committee hearing included testimony from Havre economic development advocate Paul Tuss

Ennis, Montana finishes Main Street traffic calming test project

Ennis Mayor Blake Leavitt stressed that something must be done about the speed of oncoming traffic.

Montana passenger rail commission grows to 10 counties; Tester eyes infrastructure bill

“We do have some bipartisan support for rail in the Senate to continue to put pressure on Amtrak after the election, regardless of the outcome, to make sure we maintain rail service,” Tester told Missoula County commissioners on Tuesday. “We’ve got to get it to a point to get a commitment after the pandemic.”

Senator Jon Tester on ‘unacceptable’ Empire Builder Cuts: Amtrak Needs to Give Montanans ‘clear answers’

Senator secured a Commerce Committee hearing on Amtrak oversight this Wednesday, Havre economic development advocate to testify

You May Not Have Heard, But The Autonomous Vehicle Has Now Arrived

We’ve had a huge amount of news and announcements over the last few years, but few in the media have realized the importance of this moment.

Passenger rail advocates say Amtrak’s plan to reduce the Empire Builder to three days a week will cost Montana more than $38 million.

For some Montana communities, the passenger train is a lifeline, one of the few public transportation options in places like Browning, Shelby and Glasgow. But for Whitefish, the busiest stop along the route between the Twin Cities and Seattle, the train is a conveyor for tourists.

How Should States, Local Areas Prepare for Drone Deliveries?

States and local areas should resist the inclination to only respond after things start happening outside of their control.