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Lawmakers and Big Tech clash over the fate of self-driving semitrucks in California

“Rather than doing the responsible thing and waiting to see what a co-equal branch of government is doing, (legislators) are stepping in the middle and lighting a stick of dynamite,” said Jeff Farrah, executive director of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association.

Tesla Will Have Its “ChatGPT Moment” With Full Self-Driving Cars, Says Elon Musk

“I think Tesla will have sort of a ChatGPT moment, if not this year, I’d say no later than next year,” Musk said during the interview.

Is It Time for America to Break Up With the Private Car? An Interview with Lime’s Wayne Ting

Between 42,000 crash deaths a year and rising tailpipe emissions that are swiftly killing the planet, America’s long love affair with the privately owned car has been a toxic relationship.

An all-in-one platform for planning travel itineraries

Stippl has created a platform for travellers to easily create, organise, and change travel itineraries

Community Issues Curb Management Plan

The plan reorients the city’s priorities from vehicle throughput and parking to transit, bike infrastructure, and other public amenities.

Research Indicates the Large Potential Benefits of Parking Cash-Out Laws

‘Free’ employee parking increases driving. Parking cash-out laws reward commuters who use climate-friendly modes, which increases fairness and reduces traffic problems.

City Club Missoula Presents Midtown Master Plan, by & for Missoulians Monday, June 12, 2023

The Missoula Midtown Association and its partners are wrapping up a two-year Master Planning process to develop a cohesive vision that guides community investment and growth through an equity lens. Join us to learn about the completed plan and how Midtown leaders brought community and business voices together in new ways.

How Will The Electric Vehicle Transition Affect Real Estate Planning?

Owners of EVs could save up to 50 percent on electricity compared to going to charging stations.

Cities across North America model successful Missoula’s Higgins St. future road diet.

“My favorite summary” said Carder, “is a comment from a friend, who is a planner that does not live in Kingsport but visited both before and after. He visited after the road diet was complete, and he told me ‘it feels like a downtown now.’”

Rail Problem: House GOP Wants to Undermine Trains Exactly When We Need Them Most

Rail supporters and Democratic leaders blasted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for seeking to slash federal spending by 22 percent on housing, transportation, and urban development in a move that would curtail rail safety and stymie the nation’s transportation network for generations.