The state with the best education wins!


Roundabouts, new traffic lanes among proposed options to improve Helena’s Custer Avenue traffic – Why no similar improvements on Missoula’s Reserve Street?

The department says that Custer is jammed due to schools, business, events, development and tourism. “The Custer Avenue project is a really important project to Helena,” MDT Director Mike Tooley said. “It’s really complex and really expensive.”


American Airlines coming to Glacier Park International Airport

Kalispell will be getting flights with service from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The new daily flights begin on June 6 and tickets will go on sale on December 17. Mark R Thorsell


Solar Roadways Featured In Smithsonian Design Museum – “The Road Ahead”

We are delighted to announce that Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum has included Solar Roadways in their “The Road Ahead” exhibition, which opens today, December 14 in New York City.


Gas Stations, Other Car-Centric Uses Banned From Transit-Oriented Areas in Sacramento

New gas stations, drive-through restaurants and warehouses will soon be banned within a quarter-mile of Sacramento’s 23 light-rail stations under a new ordinance passed Tuesday by the City Council. The ordinance will also eliminate parking requirements for new housing developments within a quarter mile of a station


The electric cars of the future could be recharged in 15 minutes

“450kW is substantially quicker than the Tesla superchargers (120kW), and would in principle be 10 times quicker than the rapid chargers that are currently widely available,”


Making Sense of City Parking

As part of a comprehensive plan for making a city more intelligent, it’s important for these leaders to research and implement clever parking solutions that help meet emissions standards, serve the greater population and increase revenues for cities.


Jet Blue about to take off in Bozeman

As Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport continues to grow, a new airline is about to take off.


The Revolution Will Be Driverless: Autonomous Cars Usher In Big Changes

Driverless cars will transform roads, job and economies.


Tesla Autopilot Feature will ‘Soon’ Drive You to Work Without Any Input

“Already testing traffic lights, stop signs & roundabouts in development software. Your Tesla will soon be able to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all,” Elon Musk


5 steps to making better cities

Every city can choose to make different decisions and can choose to transform itself. The first step often involves a candid conversation about where it is, and where it’ll end up if it doesn’t change course.


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