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SpaceX releases Starlink app, prices for satellite internet service

According to the documents CNBC viewed, Starlink service will be $99 per month. There’s also an upfront $499 charge for a starter kit that includes the equipment necessary to connect — a terminal, tripod, and WiFi router.

The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers – By Gwen Florio (Former Editor of the Missoulian)

Fewer and fewer reporters cover the local institutions whose decisions most directly affect their neighbors’ lives.

Big Butter, Big Tech Partner to Build Wi-Fi Access Map

Land O’Lakes and Microsoft joined forces over the summer to address, among other issues, the rural broadband gap. The two organizations, along with other partners, just released a Wi-Fi access point map.

Wyoming Business Council Broadband Enhancement

Residents of rural Wyoming areas are limited by access, with an average download speed of just 17 Mbps.

Broadband Internet Promises Are Left Unfulfilled in Many Rural Areas

The lack of access, despite billions spent, has made it harder for the unconnected to work and study during Covid-19

When local news isn’t local – Montana, are you watching this happen?

While Montana’s media landscape has for years included left- and right-leaning political blogs authored by resident partisans, Big Sky Times and eight other Montana-focused sites affiliated with Metric Media represent a new trend: digital news outlets that present themselves as community news sites even though they operate without a local editorial staff and appear to promote a political agenda.

Teleworking in a parking lot. School on a flash drive. The coronavirus prompts new urgency for rural Internet access.

“We’re trying to send people to Mars, but we can’t get our own population connected to the network?” said Gregory Goergen, who has sometimes gone with his children to a Sheetz parking lot to get work done online.

Tech for Telehealth Is Only Part of the Equation, Broadband Access Is the Other

Broadband access in rural America remains insufficient for telehealth to become the solution for rural areas healthcare problems.

Montana News Guild: Lee Montana continues to slash state’s print papers

The Missoulian’s executive editor, Gwen Florio, also announced her immediate resignation on Sunday.

Have Your Beliefs Been Hacked? – Data Scientist Sara-Jayne Terp’s Quest to Quash Misinformation

Sara-Jayne Terp uses the tools of cybersecurity to track false claims like they’re malware. Her goal: Stop dangerous lies from hacking our beliefs.