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Mario Schulzke – Digital nomad with a house – Podcast

Mario remains bullish on the University of Montana and lays out the reasons why in this wide-ranging conversation.


Maureen Dowd on Journalism in the Age of Trump – Podcast

Legendary New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd goes deep on the Shakespearian aspects of the Trump presidency and helps us understand the context and meaning of what’s happening in our democracy.


Google Just Revealed a Brilliantly Simple Trick to Totally Destroy Telemarketers. (Wait, Why Aren’t We Doing This Already?)

‘You’ll never have to talk to another telemarketer,’ the Google project manager said. (Which means for telemarketers: Bye-bye, business model!)


Why drive 6 hours for a 1 hour meeting in Montana? Videoconferencing opportunities to increase your interactions and save time.

While Montana is a gorgeous state, there are options to getting in the car and driving to meet with people. This is not an exhaustive list so please send me [email protected] any other video options that people can take advantage of.


Expanded Access to Wi-Fi Is a Keystone in San Leandro, Calif.’s Smart City Plan

In the coming years, the public library in San Leandro, Calif., could have more than just books and movies to lend out: Patrons may also be able to check out a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot device.


Cities Are Teaming Up to Offer Broadband, and the FCC Is Mad

Right now, the 16 very different cities that make up the South Bay region of Southern California have gotten fed up with their internet access situation: They’re paying too much for too little. So they are working together to collectively lower the amounts they pay for city communications by at least a third.


Nearly half of cellphone calls will be scams by 2019, report says

The FCC said Americans received about 2.4 billion unwanted, automated calls each month, according to 2016 estimates.


Get ready for the "splinternet": The web might not be worldwide much longer

Rising protectionism, nationalism, and security fears could see an internet sequestered by national borders.


If you haven’t already switched to Firefox, do it now

Firefox has announced plans to block all third-party trackers. Why haven’t you switched yet?


Large ISPs, Flushed with Capital, Blame Consumer Protections for Their Disregard of Rural America

Their lack of willingness to invest has nothing to do with laws like net neutrality or privacy, because today they are nearly completely deregulated, sitting on a mountain of cash, and have no shown intention of connecting rural Americans to high-speed Internet while their smaller competitors take up the challenge.


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