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Cybersecurity Program for Montana Businesses Extended

Through the program, Commerce reimburses small to medium-sized Montana businesses up to $8,000 for investing in cybersecurity measures through an accredited Montana cybersecurity company.

First look: New version of the National Broadband Map – How Is This Acceptable Montana?

The big news is the projected allocation of the $42.5 billion. NTIA plans to release the allocations at the end of June, so it is more than likely that with the release of this data, the allocation levels are now set.

Missoula Gives Update and June Live Storytelling Event News June 16 – Ogren Field, Missoula

Be a part of this intimate gathering of community and reserve your tickets now. Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and reminded of the profound connections we share with our neighbors. Don\’t wait, get your tickets today!

Chattanooga mayor credits city utility for bolstering broadband

“Municipal broadband is kind of an unusual animal, and we were the first city to do that, if I’m not mistaken, about 20 years ago,” he said. EPB turned up 1 Gbps service for Chattanooga in 2010, followed by a 10-gig offering in 2015.

200+ Leaders From Rural U.S. Communities To Gather in Missoula, Montana To Rewrite The Rural Organizing Playbook – June 4-7

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization that identifies opportunities to create and/or strengthen on-the-ground organizing and build power that can be used to directly improve the lives of Americans.

Livermore Proves Safer Streets Can Happen Sooner, Rather Than Later

“How many fatalities is it going to take for them to do something about this.”

Grants available! – Montana Nonprofit Association

MNA is pleased at announce the addition of two new members on our board of directors.

U.S. Teen Girls Experiencing Increased Sadness and Violence – Raise minimum age for social media, argues educator

One researcher recommends no social media access until age 16.

New Houston Law Requires 10 Parking Spaces For Every Parking Space

At press time, a second law was passed requiring that 10 parking garages be built for every square inch of green space in the city.

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing Tech to All Accounts

The tech industry’s transition to passkeys gets its first massive boost with the launch of the alternative login scheme for Google’s billions of users.