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Should the internet be a public utility? Hundreds of cities are saying yes

Local governments can push back against the corporate power of ISPs by building their own broadband networks.

MIT wants self-driving cars to traffic in human emotion

This would, clearly, mean more safety in a world where cars piloted by AI are mixed in with vehicles still operated by humans.

Explore Montana Housing’s New Website

Now is a great time to explore the new website and update any links to HOUSING.MT.GOV your organization may be sharing through your own websites, social media channels or newsletters. 

Innovate Montana Symposium comes to Butte next week – 10/14-16

The speaking lineup of the symposium will feature Gov. Steve Bullock, along with Montana entrepreneurs and business leaders from the national stage.

The Lightning-fast Workplace: How 5G Will Revolutionize Work as We Know It

“The gig economy is already growing at a rapid pace, and this could be accelerated by 5G technology,”

These AR Smart Glasses Could Be the Future of Multilingual Live Translation

Imagine being able to put on a pair of glasses and suddenly have a wealth of languages at your fingertips. Well, you don’t really have to imagine it anymore.

Google Pizza 

CALLER: Is this Gordon’s Pizza?

GOOGLE: No sir, it’s Google Pizza.

Firefox is testing a VPN, and you can try it right now

Mozilla announced a new product that could give Firefox users even more privacy on the web: the Firefox Private Network, which claims to be “a secure, encrypted path to the web” — essentially, a Firefox-made VPN (though Mozilla never calls it one).

Google Just Set New Guidelines for Workplace Dialogue. It Might Be Time for You to Do the Same

Here’s Why Every Business Leader Should Take Note

Tell Us Something – Adam Washerback, Gay Eyemon, Mariah Kelley, Raymond Ansotegui “What Are the Chances? Part 1” Jul 31, 2019

In this week’s podcast you’ll hear stories about a traffic stop that goes sideways on a road trip in Mississippi, the unexpected healing grace of a destructive hailstorm, a quadrepalegic who does the work required, to make a full recovery, and a bear tramping through a campground at night making things scary for our storyteller.


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