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Digital Divide: Bridging the Urban-Rural Connectivity Gap

Addressing the rural-urban education gap should be a priority for today’s policymakers.

Cost of workforce recruitment ads starring South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem rises to $9 million

Most of the money comes from employer tax fund controlled by governor

A Tradition Unlike Any Other… WILD NIGHT Auction and Raffle Preview! Hellgate Hunters & Anglers – 4/27 – Missoula

Wild Night for Wildlife is only two weeks away! We wanted to share a preview of some of our excellent live auction and raffle items:

New Missoula library lending free mountain bikes to kids

The Missoula Youth MTB Library lending children mountain bikes for the summer

Missoula tech company Submittable partners with Microsoft AI initiative

“In the realm of AI in social impact, Submittable is a leading example of the future where nonprofits can achieve more than ever before,” said Spelhaug. “As nonprofits harness the potential of artificial intelligence, Submittable is mindful that technology alone is not the destination—it’s the vehicle.”

Whitefish nears completion of new sustainable tourism plan

The survey revealed a major change in how respondents view the impacts of tourism on Whitefish. Nearly two-thirds of people said “tourism benefits do outweigh the negative impacts” in 2018. Fast-forward to fall 2023, when just 30% of respondents agreed with that statement, 47% percent disagreed, and the other 23% fell somewhere in between.

Estado de Montana ofrecerá programa gratuito en español sobre oportunidades de educación superior 4/18 – 5/16

Montana State University ofrece un programa gratuito de cinco sesiones en español esta primavera para brindar a la comunidad latina del Valle de Gallatin información y la oportunidad de obtener un certificado en temas relacionados con la educación superior.

Rise in investor-owned single-family rentals prompts policy responses – Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Policymakers taking note of investors’ increased share of the single-family rental market face decisions in a data-poor environment

Webinar Series: How to Build a Public Broadband Network – 4/16

Moderated by Bill Coleman, author of the AAPB handbook and longtime leader in community broadband, each webinar will provide expert advice for AAPB members, and feature the experiences of community leaders as they navigated establishing, building or running a public broadband network.

Sean Gerrity’s podcast is live! The Answers Are Out There.

Through these stories, my hope is to leave you with a bit more optimism and inspiration than you might get from many other news sources these days. Who knows, you might even get inspired yourself to act on a great idea that you have been carrying around for a while?