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Qualcomm announces smart cities accelerator program

Qualcomm will provide ‘matchmaking’ for governments, municipalities, and enterprises with hardware, software, cloud, design, and manufacturing providers under its new Smart Cities Accelerator Program.

How Single-Family Garages Can Ease California’s Housing Crisis

Across the U.S., there are more homes with three-car garages being constructed than there are one-bedroom apartments.

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‘Late Bloomers’ Makes The Case For Patience In A Culture Focused On Early Success

He makes the case that while we can surely celebrate the phenoms, the premise that early blooming is necessary for lifelong success is flawed.

‘Investors Are Hesitant’: Rural America Might Miss Out on ‘Opportunity Zones’

Tax breaks likely aren’t enough to lure investors to low-income communities in rural areas. There are ways they can become more attractive.

IRS Releases Opportunity Zones Guidance

The Montana Department of Commerce is happy to share that the Internal Revenue Service has issued the second set of guidance for the Opportunity Zones incentive.

States, Cities Add Sweeteners to Attract ‘Opportunity Zone’ Investors

With 8,700 low-income communities competing for private investment, some places are topping on the incentives to make themselves stand out.

Why Did Arkansas Change Its Mind on Municipal Broadband?

Eight years after banning cities and towns from building high-speed internet networks, state lawmakers unanimously reversed course. Will more red states follow?

Trump Administration to Help Rural Communities Grow Recreation Economy

 “We look forward to working with communities and our federal partners on strategies that can grow the local recreation economy and revitalize main street while protecting our vital natural resources.”

No more neglect: Mongolia says rangelands are a global priority

The UN resolution aims to elevate awareness, earmark funding and increase collaborative action to improve the protection and restoration of rangelands.

Searching for the Essence of Planning at the National Planning Conference

Urban planning, regional planning, community planning, environmental planning, transportation planning—the list goes on. What does planning even mean when all these niches are layered onto and around each other?

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