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Rural America Ready for an Infusion of Investment, Panelists Say

Rural communities lack assets, not opportunities, say participants in a national forum.

The End of “Carcatecture” – “Breaking the Cycle of Automobile Dependency”

It’s time for reform.

Announcing the Economic Value Atlas: A new approach to regional transportation and land use planning

Old policy playbooks that overly focus on business recruitment and congestion mitigation will no longer suffice.

The Largest Co-Housing Building in the World Is Coming to San Jose

The co-living startup Starcity plans to build an 800-unit, 18-story “dorm for adults” to help affordably house Silicon Valley’s booming workforce.

How the 2020 Census Is Being Rigged – Missoula gears up for 2020 Census count with committee formation

“By investing in outreach and engaging communities in a culturally sensitive way, there is time to ensure that representation will be better.”

10 things you need to know about lead generation for economic development – 6/25 – Webinar

Generating leads for economic development is both an art and a science so it’s critical to understand the process, what to expect, and how to evaluate results.

How to Cut 10,000 Parking Spaces Without Anyone Complaining

A new short film celebrates bike-friendly Amsterdam’s no-drama strategy for eliminating car parking: “It’s not a big deal here.”

Simple Fixes, Existing Technology Can Help Bridge The Digital Divide

We can’t afford to overlook the implications of the digital divide.

Breaking the Cycle of Automobile Dependency

Many current planning practices reinforce a cycle of increased automobile use, more automobile-oriented community redevelopment, and reduced mobility options. There are good reasons to break this pattern.

Unlocking Opportunity Zones for Equitable Outcomes – 6/4 – Online

Learn about investment and policy recommendations to ensure opportunity zones create inclusive, sustainable communities.

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