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Great Falls Economic Development Wins Two National Awards

We are excited to earn these awards! Results Matter. Thank you to the outstanding GFDA staff team, volunteer leaders, investors, partners, and, most importantly, our incredible clients!!!

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The Innovations of the Creative Class Affect a Rural Area’s Fortunes

A new study measures innovation and shows that when found in rural areas, it is tied to significant presence of the creative class.

The State of Startups Tour – 8/22 – Couer D’Alene.,Billings, Gillette

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North Dakota leads western income growth; booming tourism reports

A new economic study shows North Dakota and other western states leading the way, Colorado and Arizona report record tourism results, and the FCC boosts rural broadband access in Wyoming.

Building Better Places – 11/6-8 – Grand Junction, Colorado

The Building Better Places training helps local leaders develop the skills they need to effectively plan for growth and change.

Innovation: Examining efforts by competitor states and national leaders

What other states are doing to jumpstart innovation bears a close look now as the nation seeks to accelerate its recently slow productivity growth.

Remote Work – How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain

The widening economic gap between the so-called “superstar cities” and the rest of the country is a relatively new phenomenon.

City leaders work to attract and retain foreign-born entrepreneurs

Immigrants are twice as likely to form companies than American-born peers and have an outsized impact on U.S. economy.

TechLink – Study shows $58 billion impact on economy through military lab’s invention licensing

“License agreements often allow businesses to build new products on shoestring R&D budgets.”

Better Bike Infrastructure Expands Economic Opportunity

Cities that want to improve accessibility to jobs by bike can either add bike infrastructure or increase the concentration of employment by where people live.


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