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The state with the best education wins!

Regional Economic Development

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Western Governors’ News shares work on cybersecurity, wildfires, broadband and more

The Western Governors’ Association represents the Governors of 19 western states and 3 U.S. territories in the Pacific.

Sustainable impact comes from investing in Opportunity Zones with native communities

“I want people who are thinking about deploying capital to take a closer look at native communities. We know how to navigate the process. We’re sovereigns. We govern ourselves. We’re in the driver’s seat. We can make things happen.”

Voyager Capital raises new $100M Pacific Northwest fund

Voyager’s checks range between $1 million and $3 million. Over the five- to seven-year life of an investment, Voyager puts between $7 million and $9 million into a company.

Why building walkable cities is the key to economic success

New report Foot Traffic Ahead finds walkable urbanism isn’t just sustainable and enjoyable, but more profitable

The Simple Privilege of Resettling to a Small Town

A big city journalist follows through on a “crazy” idea of moving to a place where adults are satisfied, children have support, and people look out for each other.

Early Stage MT Announces Statewide Showcase – November 7th in Missoula – $50,000 Investment Prize

Early Stage MT announces 2nd annual Statewide Showcase where 12 emerging MT technology companies will vie for $50k investment prize. Thursday November 7th at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula. Reserve seats now.

Commerce Department And NAIC Create Fund To Deploy $1 Billion In Minority And Women-Owned Businesses

“The importance of minority-owned businesses to our nation’s economy cannot be overstated,” says Robert Greene, chief executive of the NAIC.

Form and Function: The Shape of Cities and Economies

How do industries and businesses tend to cluster, and how does this dictate the shape of a city?

Video – Western Governors’ Association Fargo Workshop: Strategies for Reimagining the Rural West

How to help communities build on their strengths by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation and developing local leaders. 

Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity

A book of forward-thinking ideas that breaks with modern wisdom to present a new vision of urban development in the United States.


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