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Funding and Building your Business

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Dorsey & Whitney - An International business law firm, applying a business perspective to clients' needs in Missoula, Montana and beyond.

5 tons of plastic out of landfills for every mile of fence – Full Circle Plastics and Cat’s Claw Fasteners – Your fence will last longer using recycled plastic posts and Cat’s Claws for your fences – Win-win-win

Full Circle Plastics uses locally sourced 100% post-consumer and post-industrial plastic to create a variety of recycled plastic products that are used in industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications.

Should the internet be a public utility? Hundreds of cities are saying yes

Local governments can push back against the corporate power of ISPs by building their own broadband networks.

Childcare in Gallatin Valley: Bozeman Health Deaconess partners with MyVillage

MyVillage’s business partnerships is offering their employees child care, or for parents seeking options in Gallatin County.

Bosses Have Been Following This Management Advice for Nearly 500 Years. It’s Time to Stop

In today’s business environment, love should trump fear every time when you’re dealing with young employees.

Norwest Venture Partners raises $2 billion venture and growth equity fund

The firm is moving on to its new fund for seed to late-stage investments across consumer, enterprise, and healthcare sectors.

Montana’s Base Camp in Billings Collaborating with Red Ants Pants of White Sulphur Springs on Black Friday

On Black Friday & Small Business Saturday, The Base Camp in Helena will be hosting a Red Ants Pants pop up shop.

Why You Need Tools And Analytics For Employee Metrics

Businesses that use data and tools in their people management, rather than traditional manual processes, see a 79% higher return than other organizations

How To Make Yourself Attractive To Small Business Investors

It’s essential to understand what small business investors are looking for so you can make yourself as attractive as possible.

Google’s Most Recent Algorithm Update Is Causing Major Headaches. Here’s What You Should Know

A range of website are reporting 30-40 percent drops in traffic since last weekend. Here’s how to handle it if you’ve been affected.

Your Financial Support is Requested to Help Develop Montana’s Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools – It’s Montana’s Future

We can’t do this work alone. We need your active participation, critical thinking and resources to do the work outlined in the scope of work (see Summary). It’s Montana’s future.


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