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The WIRED Guide to Open Source Software

As crazy as that might sound, the open source way of building software is now embraced by the likes of IBM

A Cancer Scare Helped This Founder Realize His Need for Community. A Co-Working Space Was His Answer

So far, the club’s community, built largely on word of mouth, is achieving Caberwal’s goal of bringing disparate groups together–of its 1,500 members, 60 percent are women and close to 40 percent are nonwhite.

Why Young Professionals Don’t Negotiate Salary (and Why They Should)

Getting paid what you are worth requires more deliberate planning than most employees — and entrepreneurs — are willing to implement.

How to Find the Best Coworking Space for Your Business

Coworking spaces can be a great deal for small businesses.

Dorsey eUpdate: Supreme Court Grants Review of Three Title VII Cases Concerning Protections for LGBTQ Workers

Employers should closely monitor these cases because the justices’ rulings could have major implications for employers nationwide.

Why now is the time for millennials, Gen Xers to buy a small business

Research shows millions of Baby Boomers will sell or close their businesses during the next 10 years and 72 percent of them lack a succession plan. That is a substantial amount of jobs and valuable...

‘Late Bloomers’ Makes The Case For Patience In A Culture Focused On Early Success

He makes the case that while we can surely celebrate the phenoms, the premise that early blooming is necessary for lifelong success is flawed.

These Are The Biggest Innovation Challenges We Must Solve Over The Next Decade

The challenges we face today will be fundamentally different because they won’t be solved by humans alone, but through complex human-machine interactions.

Google asked 5,600 employees about how they work and found that its happiest, most productive teams do 3 things differently

Two in five Google teams include employees working from different locations.

5 Problems To Solve With Unlimited Startup Potential

Here are five solutions from a classic essay by Paul Graham on “Ideas for Startups” that I believe have even more potential in today’s fast changing environment:

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