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Dorsey & Whitney - An International business law firm, applying a business perspective to clients' needs in Missoula, Montana and beyond.

5 come-back tips for startups that have run out of cash

It is not easy to make a comeback after hitting zero, but it’s possible and can lead to very successful outcomes.

Hellgate Venture Network Presents: David Firth The Bee Health Guru App – 6/20 – Missoula

Come learn about what it took to launch The Bee Health Guru: Helping Beekeepers Keep Healthy Bees. A smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what is wrong with them!

PFL – ABM Revealed How to align, engage and measure for b2b success – 6/19 – Online

A virtual master class featuring behind-the-scenes customer interviews and success-focused B2B marketing stories that have been curated for maximum impact!

Weekly tech roundup: cybersecurity technology available for licensing

This week’s tech roundup features cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies that data security businesses can license the patent rights, further develop, and sell in commercial markets.

How Data Can Help You Win in the Winner-Take-All Economy

To adapt to a faster pace of change, it helps to learn how to crunch numbers about whole organizations — and about yourself.

The Trump Administration Just Issued a New Health Care Rule That Could Majorly Affect Small Businesses Nationwide

The rule makes health reimbursement arrangement plans more accessible to small businesses beginning in 2020.

Bozeman, Montana based ZPPR accelerates creation, curation, and distribution of visual content.

The platform drives real value at the intersection of visual content, marketers, creators, and consumers.

Early Stage Montana – Weeklong event held at MSU aims to help strengthen technology companies across Montana

“One of the best indicators of the success of a young business is the quality of the mentorship that they surround themselves with,” said Pat LaPointe, Early Stage Montana board chairman and managing director of...

“What is a Pivot? Explaining When and How Entrepreneurial Firms Decide to Make Strategic Change and Pivot”

“What is a Pivot? Explaining When and How Entrepreneurial Firms Decide to Make Strategic Change and Pivot”

Montana State University business students to offer free consulting for area businesses and nonprofits

Businesses and organizations that wish to participate are invited to apply to the MSU Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Applications are due by July 29.

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