American Prairie

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Montana Career Opportunities – Payroll & HR Administrator, Director of Institutional Giving, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison – American Prairie

Join one of the most exciting and ambitious conservation projects in the world while directly supporting our mission to create a vast refuge for people and wildlife preserved forever as part of America’s heritage.

Video Report – How Montanans are banding together to preserve an iconic American landscape

In Montana, an unlikely group of allies is working together to preserve a unique prairie ecosystem, and at the same time, help their own rural economies. Montana PBS’s Stan Parker reports from one of the planet’s last remaining intact grasslands.

What would it take for generosity to go viral?

“Be brave. Give what you can, and then be absolutely amazed at what happens next,”

American Prairie transfers more than 100 bison to 7 tribes

American Prairie partners regularly with Indigenous Nations and distributes bison annually to enhance the genetic health of tribal and conservation herds, which contributes to the overall health and resilience of bison across the country.

Why grazing bison could be good for the planet – BBC News

American bison were hunted almost to extinction by European settlers. Now making a comeback, they could help reverse damage to prairies from decades of poor management.

American Prairie announces purchase of 2,000 acres in Phillips County

The acquisitions bring American Prairie’s total deeded and leased property in northeastern Montana to more than 462,000 acres, much of it close to the Missouri River Breaks.

Ken Burns: ‘The only thing that changes people is storytelling’ – ‘The American Buffalo’

“My last film was on the US and the Holocaust,” documentarian Ken Burns told an audience in Washington recently. “I didn’t think the next film would be about eugenics too.”

That next film is The American Buffalo, a two-part, four-hour series exploring how the national mammal helped sustain Native Americans on the Great Plains for millennia – only to be nearly wiped out by white settlers in little more than a decade.

Book available to accompany PBS show about the history of American bison

The film tells the story of how the U.S. National Mammal (officially known as bison) came back from the brink of extinction, and its deep connection to Indigenous communities and the land.

What a chicken-size bird can tell us about a shrinking prairie

What’s more revealing than a head count is where the curlews migrate and nest, hence the tracking project, Carlisle said. Curlews used to breed as far east as Indiana. Now, the southwest corner of North Dakota marks the easterly edge of their breeding territory.

Interior Department invests $5M to restore bison in tribal communities

The funding includes $3.5 million from the Inflation Reduction Act that will support the InterTribal Buffalo Council’s herd development. The council consists of 80 tribes and facilitates management of more than 20,000 buffalo.