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Remote working: How cities might change if we worked from home more

Employees are coming to realize remote working is not only possible but, in some cases, preferable. A shift to a new way of working might already be under way.

San Francisco rents down 9.2%, lowest prices in 3 years

“As more and more companies move into remote work, many renters don’t want to pay the big-city price tag when they are unable to use the amenities and are looking for more affordable options outside of large, metropolitan areas,” she said. “If everyone is stuck at home, people are prioritizing having more space and comfort over city life.”

Facebook’s embrace of remote work could reshape Bay Area economy

The company will create office hubs in Denver, Dallas and Atlanta, where real estate costs are a fraction of those in the Bay Area.

Mark Zuckerberg on taking his massive Facebook workforce remote – “We’re unlocking remote hiring.”

A bunch of the people who leave the company, who are good people who we would want to keep — the reason that they leave is because they want to move somewhere that we don’t support.

Rural Counties That Are Active Online Have Higher Incomes

When the number of “online ventures” goes up, so does the county’s prosperity. 

Is you company or organization hiring? You can post your open positions on MATR free of charge

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Analysis: Higher Ed Must Do More to Help Rural College Graduates Return

What if American higher education found ways to support students from rural America who want to return home after graduation?

Millennials Find New Hope in the Heartland

If Millennials do not find the Heartland more attractive, even the most well-conceived and articulated economic development strategies will be rendered mute.

‘Array’ new apprenticeship program to pay people to learn coding in Wyoming

There aren’t many schools like Array, which provides opportunities for students to learn coding, especially not in towns of fewer than 65,000 people.

February Newsletter: Wyoming Business Council welcomes new CEO

“Our traditional businesses got us here, but they’ll need to adapt and pivot to thrive in the long-term. I’m very excited to dig in and get my hands dirty helping Wyoming companies find new ways to succeed.”

– Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Business Council