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Analysis: Higher Ed Must Do More to Help Rural College Graduates Return

What if American higher education found ways to support students from rural America who want to return home after graduation?

Millennials Find New Hope in the Heartland

If Millennials do not find the Heartland more attractive, even the most well-conceived and articulated economic development strategies will be rendered mute.

‘Array’ new apprenticeship program to pay people to learn coding in Wyoming

There aren’t many schools like Array, which provides opportunities for students to learn coding, especially not in towns of fewer than 65,000 people.

February Newsletter: Wyoming Business Council welcomes new CEO

“Our traditional businesses got us here, but they’ll need to adapt and pivot to thrive in the long-term. I’m very excited to dig in and get my hands dirty helping Wyoming companies find new ways to succeed.”

– Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Business Council

Wyoming Career Opportunities – Dean, School of Business and Industry, Marketing Coordinator, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and more… Casper College

Casper College is seeking a dynamic individual with a passion for student success and demonstrated leadership skills to join an outstanding team of faculty, staff and administrators.

“It wasn’t Wall Street that won the West, it was cowboys (and cowgirls).” Tech startups come to the Mountain West, but can they grow?

“Boise, Idaho has gotten really cool, right? Bozeman, Montana has gotten really cool, and they have a flavor of this kind of growth there.”

Come Home – Making a small town home

“Being able to see the fruits of my labor gave me purpose. Being in a small town, I feel like you can create greater change, and you see it faster,” she said.

911 calls for help as dispatcher staff shrinks

Sheriff warns county is one dispatcher away from not being able to answer all calls. By Emily Mieure

Job loss and youth exodus: Wyoming towns grapple with energy transition

Wyoming ranks third in the nation for losses among its millennial population

University of Wyoming board approves timeline for hiring next president

The governor urged the board to avoid the temptation to pick a “familiar face.”