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New border wall contract for North Dakota’s Fisher Industries

This comes the same day as Customs and Border Protection ordered a review of a section of the wall Fisher Industries built near the river.

Google and Facebook Look to July 2021 for an Office Return. Can You Do the Same?

Plans to resume business as usual by next July might be unrealistic. But you can learn from how the big companies are planning for it.

Spiking coronavirus cases and falling oil prices deliver dual blow to North Dakota

Six months after the state registered its first confirmed infection, roughly 80 percent of North Dakota’s drilling rigs remain offline and thousands of local workers are still out of a job, cutting deeply into the state’s ability to refine oil and mine hundreds of millions of dollars from the natural resources that flow deep within its borders.

The 10 Dumbest Phrases Used By Economic Developers

(1) “Attract and Retain Business”

Angel-investor leaders applaud SEC’s new ‘accredited investor’ definition – After this change, having sufficient “knowledge and expertise” is all it takes.

Liz Marchi, who now serves as the head of marketing for an interesting new White Fish, Montana-based venture fund named Two Bear Capital, said the decision “embodies Chairman Clayton’s attitude that there shouldn’t be arbitrary thresholds. This will help reach innovators and problem solvers beyond the ecosystem centers.”

America’s Moral Obligation for Universal Broadband

Too little progress has been made to ensure that high-speed Internet is available to all. As the pandemic has demonstrated, far too many still don’t have what they need to function in a virtual world.

Many Billings business owners unaware of new requirement to provide paid sick leave

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires certain employers to provide paid sick leave amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, some Billings businesses don’t know about it.

Remote work is changing how productivity is measured

Companies are getting a reality check about how work gets done.

Why Fargo, North Dakota Might Be A Better Retirement Destination Than Florida’s Sunshine

Despite average January temperatures that drop below zero, Fargo is the only city that’s been on Forbes’ Best Places to Retire list 10 years in a row.

NorthWest Economic Development Course – 8/25-27 – Online

The focus is on practical tips and information you can use now to help your communities and organizations move forward, even in uncertain times.