Rural Communities

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Population Gains and Losses Create Two Americas, and the Difference Is Mostly along Rural-Urban Lines

For the past half century, the nation’s smallest counties have lost population about a third of the time. Meanwhile, population growth in the biggest cities was nearly uninterrupted. The difference has big implications for the future of American communities.

USDA to Host Listening Session to help Expand Broadband in Tribal Communities Under the ReConnect Program – 4/20 – 1:30PM MST – Online

USDA is inviting comments and recommendations from tribal communities and tribal broadband industry experts on a ReConnect Program final rule originally published on Feb. 26, 2021.

Montana ranked #1 for physicians

They were analyzed using what WalletHub calls two dimensions: opportunity and competition, and medical environment. The two dimensions were broken down into 19 metrics, including hospitals per capita; average annual wage; hospital safety; and physician burnout.

How Four Rural Towns Are Building Vibrant Communities Through the Tools of Creative Placemaking

Whether it manifests in painting murals, repurposing public spaces, or simply rethinking how decisions get made, the art of creative placemaking is helping towns across the country address their challenges and unlock their potential.

HBO – “Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America”

Based on journalists James and Deborah Fallows’ book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, the film spotlights local initiatives and explores how a sense of community and common language of change can help people and towns find a different path to the future.

Montana youth entrepreneurs bring their products to market online between now and April 16.

Each semester students in grades 9-12 can take the class that focuses on building a business based on products that they make in class and then sell. The class is funded through a nonprofit called Youth Entrepreneurs, an organization that works to bridge the gap between book learning and application by providing curriculum, activities and funding to get kids started.

Montana Legislature proposes reducing funds to government agencies with COVID-19 regulations stricter than the state’s

The bill states “the amount of the grant is reduced by 20% if that local government or any of its authorized agents have issued health regulations related to COVID-19 that are more strict than those imposed by the state.”

Can the Power of Storytelling Unify a Divided America? Tell Us Something

And what do Star Wars, Dolly Parton, and Jackbox Games have to do with it? Listen to the latest episode of our new podcast, Everywhere Radio, to find out.

Montana State Library Hot Spot Lending Program

Every public and tribal college library in Montana is eligible to receive hot spots that they can use as they choose to help their communities.

Video – Testing Elon Musk’s Starlink: Is It Really a Rural Internet Game Changer?

WSJ spent time with a few beta testers in a very remote area of Washington state to see if it’s truly the solution to the global broadband gap.