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Rural America Ready for an Infusion of Investment, Panelists Say

Rural communities lack assets, not opportunities, say participants in a national forum.

Few state job creation grants go to rural Montana. Here’s why.

As Big Sky Organics attempts the leap from one-off arrangements with mom-and-pop stores to contracts with national distributors, it’s getting help from a key state jobs program, the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund, designed...

Simple Fixes, Existing Technology Can Help Bridge The Digital Divide

We can’t afford to overlook the implications of the digital divide.

Canty Boots are made for walkin’: Montana woman’s cowboy boot business gets international attention

From Harrison, Montana (approximately) pop.165, she ships her high-fashion designs to an international audience, most recently including countries like Australia. Ranging from classic to extravagant, every pair of refashioned leather boots speaks for themselves.

Eureka, Montana’s Rural Economic Designs, LLC – We Make More Better Things Happen

In virtually every organization she served, applying her leadership skills to project management, problem solving, and strategic planning, Tracy has made a long-lasting positive impact. ”

~Gloria O’Rourke, Montana Economic Development Services

Montana Senator Jon Tester Slams Trump Administration Decision to Close Anaconda Job Corps, Vows to Fight Reckless Action

“Make no mistake, this decision will lead to an immediate loss of jobs in rural America and undermine economic development in communities like Anaconda moving forward,” Tester said. 

Applications Now Live for the Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design

All communities of 50,000 or less are eligible for our local workshop and learning cohort opportunities and we welcome any leader of a nonprofit, tribal or municipal government, regional planning organizations, and other partners to...

Most of America’s Rural Areas Are Doomed to Decline

Since the Great Recession, most of the nation’s rural counties have struggled to recover lost jobs and retain their people.

Bear Paw Development Annual Report 2018

While we are pleased at the work we were able to accomplish in 2018, we look forward to an even more impactful 2019, especially as we celebrate our 50th anniversary as Montana’s longest-serving Economic Development...

The new and refreshed Main Street Montana website is live.

 The updated site includes a new interactive map featuring the Rural Partner communities we have been working with over the past year.Please share the news!

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