Rural Communities

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Manufacturing is a Ticket to Rural Prosperity

Manufacturing businesses are essential contributors to our economic health and wellbeing, infusing $2.38 trillion annually into the national economy.

The New York Times – Mask Mandate? In a Montana Town, It ‘Puts Us at Odds With Customers’

The employees wear masks, but patrons are not required to. Most don’t. It feels almost normal. As if the pandemic had never happened.

Tester Amtrak Oversight Hearing Featuring Executive Director of Bear Paw Development Corp. Paul Tuss -10/21 – 8AM MST Online

Amtrak has served Montana and our residents well over many decades.  Join with me in encouraging our congressional delegation to properly fund Amtrak and to resist the current cuts to this important part of our transportation infrastructure. Paul Tuss

Teleworking in a parking lot. School on a flash drive. The coronavirus prompts new urgency for rural Internet access.

“We’re trying to send people to Mars, but we can’t get our own population connected to the network?” said Gregory Goergen, who has sometimes gone with his children to a Sheetz parking lot to get work done online.

Rise and Restore Virtual Resident Recruitment in Rural America – 11/10 – 11AM – 1PM – Online

This live event will be focused on Resident Recruitment in Rural America.

The Underappreciated Value of America’s Community Colleges – Two-Year Education Providers in Montana

They can play a larger role in rebuilding economies, breathing life into broken communities and enhancing diversity. Providing 14 years of free public education is an idea that deserves a closer look.

Energy, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Drive Success for Top-Performing Small Cities – Bozeman, Montana, ranked sixth

“Understanding how our country’s small communities were doing before the pandemic is critical for navigating the economic recovery ahead,” said Ross DeVol, president and CEO of Heartland Forward.

FVCC trades program creates conduit to local manufacturers

“We’re in the business of trying to train a skilled workforce to support manufacturing initiatives here in the valley,” said Dan Leatzow, a professor of Advanced Manufacturing.

Amazon starts hiring 2,000 for southwestern Idaho facility

Company officials on Friday said starting pay is $15 per hour and includes comprehensive benefits with medical and matching retirement funding.

This Company’s Simple Blood Tests Could Reimagine Telemedicine

Tasso’s simple plastic device is enabling everything from drug trials to disease monitoring, at the push of a button.