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Rural Electric Co-ops Get a ‘Downpayment’ on the Renewable Future

Included in the sweeping $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act is $9.7 billion to help rural electric cooperatives transition to renewable energy sources. Although this funding makes up just 1.3% of the bill’s total cost, advocates say the investment is historic.

Squeezed out: Housing crisis looms large over the West

It’s the worst of both worlds: Even as the historic housing-price runup slows, prices remain high and interest rates are getting higher. As a result, middle class home buyers already struggling to find a home they can afford in a place they want to live face an even tougher time.

Rural Communities Must Take Charge of Their Own Broadband Future

Economic survival in many rural communities today requires tactical collective organization to pursue broadband investment.

New Broadband Maps are Coming. Will Agriculture Be Left Behind Again? 

A new federal broadband map is on the way and is supposed to include a list of all buildings that could benefit from broadband access. But a recent change calls into question whether agricultural structures will be included in that list.   

Venture Capital Finds Sweet Returns in Bees

At least 15 bee-related startups have raised funding in the past couple years, per Crunchbase data. Collectively, they’ve brought in over $165 million to date for business models that range from AI-enabled robotic beehives to biotherapeutics for ailing bees. We list them below:

Are Log Homes Really Energy Efficient?

The biggest question many homeowners have going into owning a log home is how they can make it as energy efficient as possible. Log homes need constant maintenance in order to maintain their integrity and keep costs of energy usage low. There are a ton of options to choose from to keep your log home’s energy efficiency up, including choosing a wood log alternative like EverLog Concrete logs, timbers, and siding.

Rethinking rural economic development – 9/19 – Online

This webinar brings together economic developers from rural regions for a discussion of opportunities, challenges and creative strategies.

U.S. Department of Commerce Invests Approximately $45 Million to Grow the Indigenous Finance Sector in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming Through American Rescue Plan Regional Challenge

“For too long, Native American communities in the region have been left behind. The Build Back Better Regional Challenge provides bold investments to transform these local economies and stand up a stronger, beneficial workforce that places the needs of the community and equity at the forefront,” said U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. “The Mountain | Plains Regional Native CDFI Coalition will expand economic opportunity in Native American communities that will drive business development, job creation and innovation for decades to come.”

Is There A Better Way For Governments To Fund Agribusiness?

To build sustainable food systems, women need to be formally represented in the process. Too often, responses to the global food crisis reinforce an unjust status quo and widen gender inequality.

‘Brutal’ housing prices hit America’s Zoom towns – markets once flourishing in the pandemic

After two years of bidding wars, above-asking and no contingency offers, many of the Zoom towns are now seeing a massive slowdown.