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Fear: Self-limiting your potential – By Will Price Will Price Partner at Next Frontier Capital

Often the limitations we face in life are not externally imposed. Too often, we self-sabotage with firmly held beliefs that we are not good at x, not worthy of being considered by y, and the potential to achieve is still born.

9 Ways Manufacturers Can Develop More Sustainable Products

There are several methodologies and strategies product development teams are adopting to become greener, reduce waste production, and develop products or services that are more sustainable

Inside the Beef Industry’s Campaign to Influence Schoolchildren

Big Beef is wooing science teachers with webinars and lesson plans in an attempt to change kids’ perceptions of the industry.

What We Look For When Visiting A Company – Missoula-based Front Street Capital – The Tarkio Fund

If you have read any of our past letters, then you know how much we emphasize the criteria we use to select businesses for investment. We are constantly looking for leadership teams and cultures that exhibit:

Tech scales up reforestation in the wake of wildfires

In the US, approximately seven million acres of land are burned by wildfires each year, and global warming is increasing the risk of very large fires. At the same time, not enough resources are being allocated to reforesting the areas that are lost to the flames, and there is an overall lack of seeds, nursery capacity, planting capacity, and funding. Mast Reforestation is tackling all of these issues with a first-of-its-kind innovation in carbon financing.

Tech company develops biodegradable baler twine – A growing cause of death for Ospreys is entanglement in plastic baling twine in the nest.

Sadly, a growing cause of death for Ospreys is entanglement at the nest. Adults incorporate baling twine and other discarded plastic lines into their nests, and these can wrap around a chick’s feet and injure it or keep it from leaving the nest.

Science Says Using This 4-Word Phrase Instead of ‘Thank You’ Will Make You a Better Leader

It will also improve work relationships and help workers become more productive.

The end of workplace loyalty

Why work feels so broken right now — and how it can be repaired

Backlash Emerges Over New Independent Contractor Rule

The Labor Department’s new rule aims to curb worker misclassification. Some argue that it’ll throttle businesses hiring gig workers.

Montana’s Governor Gianforte among GOP governors pushing back against electric cars

According to a December 2023 fact sheet released by the White House, under Biden “EV sales have tripled and the number of publicly available charging ports has grown by nearly 70%.”