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AI-enabled fire hydrants keep an ear out for pipe leaks

Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the sensors are able to detect the telltale acoustic signature that’s created by even very small amounts of water escaping from those pipes.


Losses for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies near $700 billion in worst week since bubble burst

If Bitcoin "collapses, if we start to see a run down toward $3,000, this thing is going to be a monster. People will be running for the exits."


Why Bitcoin Is Plunging (This Time)

The price of bitcoin dropped another 10 percent Tuesday, extending a decline that has sent the virtual currency down 33 percent in the past month and 46 percent in the past year.


An A.I. Just Outperformed 20 Top Lawyers (and the Lawyers Were Happy)

A new study highlights a major flaw in much of the usual ‘Robots will take all our jobs!’ style commentary.


Unintended Consequences of the Upcoming Drone Apocolypse

We are within a decade of the autonomous drone swarm future. Our government is still apparently struggling to get voting machines to work consistently (although the cynical among us expect that the non-working voting machines are part of a deliberate approach to voter suppression in certain places.)


Google to give away $25 million to fund humane AI projects

So as a part of AI for Social Good, we’re also launching the Google AI Impact Challenge, a global call for nonprofits, academics, and social enterprises from around the world to submit proposals on how they could use AI to help address some of the world’s greatest social, humanitarian and environmental problems.


AI Humanoid ‘Sophia’ Is Granted First Ever Robot Visa, Speaks With President

"It’s unusual for a government agency to take the lead in delivering electronic services, but it’s vital for governments to keep ahead of the curve."


How This Blockchain Innovation Could Impact Billions

"Everest gives the average person the ability to prove who they are, exchange value with another individual or institution, and utilize technology provided by an organization, facility, or agent army."


Skyscraper being built using artificial intelligence.

The San Francisco-based firm uses artificial intelligence and cameras to track construction activity in real time, and it has a platform that allows owners and contractors to check in on progress.


How the blockchain could break Big Tech’s hold on AI

Blockchain could be a crucial way to push back against some of the most worrying trends facing the field of artificial intelligence.


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