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MIT wants self-driving cars to traffic in human emotion

This would, clearly, mean more safety in a world where cars piloted by AI are mixed in with vehicles still operated by humans.

Exponential tech advances will change the world faster than we think

It’s not the old business adage of 1+1=3. It’s 1+1=1000.

Investors Are Pouring Billions Into Proptech (real estate). Here’s Who’s Getting It

Here are the biggest players in the real estate industry’s billion-dollar transformation. By Kevin J. RyanStaff writer, Inc.

UM master’s degree in business analytics taps into booming job market

“Our program offers training in both technical areas — computer programming and statistics — as well as domain expertise, business or related interests.”

Idaho Fish and Game wants new hunters. So it created a video game to help them learn

“The idea of recruitment, retention and reactivation (of hunters) is relatively new,” Malepeai said. “State agencies are really looking at how they can increase participation.”

Wing’s delivery drones take flight for the first time in Virginia

The Google offshoot says it’s the first commercial drone service in the US

Wyoming Continues to Pursue a Future with Blockchain

Wyoming is taking deliberate steps to position itself as the blockchain capital of the nation.

The Scary Side of AI from jobs to loans to jail

Though these applications may seem harmless, perhaps even helpful, the AI is only as good as the information fed into it, which can have serious implications.

Schools are using data to build and scale interventions to support every student

Aspen Florence of the Ogden School District in Utah describes how teachers are using data to implement the right support at the right time.

6 Ways Robots Are Changing City Planning and Development

Several major cities are already using these technologies to introduce automation, earning them the name “robot cities.” Tokyo, Singapore, and Dubai are just a few examples.


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