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CBS Sunday Morning – ChatGPT: Grading artificial intelligence’s writing

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence writing program ChatGPT will, with a few prompts, compose poetry, prose, song lyrics, essays, even news articles. And that has ethicists and educators worried about the program’s ease at replacing human ideas with chatbot-generated words.

Watch this: Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot shows off some of its newest moves

Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot, Atlas, debuts its newest moves by getting tools in this video and ends with a grand finale.

Microsoft looks to tighten ties with OpenAI through potential $10B investment and new integrations

The possible deal, currently the subject of negotiations between the companies, would value OpenAI at $29 billion, with the possibility of Microsoft receiving 75% of OpenAI’s profits until it recoups its investment

A Drug to Treat Aging May Not Be a Pipe Dream

New approaches to the biology of senescence can make lives longer and healthier.

McDonald’s tests first automated location that could change fast food industry

Machines do nearly everything there, from taking orders to delivering food.

Why the industrial metaverse will eclipse the consumer one

There may be far more money to be made in the industrial metaverse, a side that most consumers will never directly see.

How deep learning will ignite the metaverse in 2023 and beyond

Gartner recently listed the metaverse as one of the top strategic technology trends for 2023, and predicts that by 2026, 25% of the population will spend at least one hour a day there for work, shopping, education, social activities and/or entertainment.

Crypto Hitting ‘Mother Of All Economic Crises’ Threatens North Korea

The crypto super fan with the most to lose may be North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Your next Uber ride in Las Vegas could be in an autonomous vehicle

Uber is partnering with driverless technology company Motional to offer autonomous vehicle rides in Las Vegas, with plans to expand to other major cities like Los Angeles.

Montana State University recieves $4 million from Homeland Security for cybersecurity project

The three-year contract award is aimed at developing computer models that would identify code that could be hacked by cybercriminals or foreign enemies, according to project leads.