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Companies turning to surveillance software as more employees work from home

“It feels, initially on the surface, pretty intrusive from an employee perspective, let’s face it. If you hired me, why are you spying on me?”

Next Frontier Capital Leads Investment in TwinThread, Inc. – Company to relocate headquarters to Bozeman, Montana

TwinThread uses Artificial Intelligence technology to enable manufacturers to gain insight into the performance and recommended adjustments of their machines.

AI picks up signs of glaucoma 18 months ahead of current methods

From kidney stones, to heart trouble, to cancer, artificial intelligence stands to revolutionize the field of medical diagnostics by spotting signs of disease earlier than us humans are capable of.

Free Webinar: How Even the Smallest Department of Defense Contractors Can Become Cyber-Compliant – 5/27 – 11AM

This training has been designed for all individuals regardless of their technological background. If you contract or subcontract with the Department of Defense (DoD), you should know that you are required to comply with minimum…

Downloading the Human Brain to a Computer: Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Human testing of the noninvasive device could start as early as this year.

The Real Threat to Business Schools from Artificial Intelligence

Will MBAs educated today using methods from the past be employable for the jobs of the future?

Missoula Robotics Team Competes in Salt Lake City

The only FIRST robotics team in Montana, team 3216 MRT walked away with the team spirit award and finishing as a member of the 8th place ranking alliance at the Salt Lake City tournament.

CTRL Labs thinks we’ll all control machines with our brains very soon

A goal of doing away with the familiar swipes and gestures, to be replaced with direct interface with the human brain.

Robot dog to replace human at Montreal construction site

Six-month pilot project will see “Spot” monitor work sites and take up to 500 photos a day for Pomerleau.

The first car to operate without a driver is here and it’s from General Motors

“By the time this vehicle goes into production, we think the core software that drives our AVs will be at a superhuman level of performance and safer than the average human driver.”