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Here’s how to fix cryptocurrency’s energy consumption problem

‘Proof of stake’ replaces cryptocurrency mining with vastly more efficient cryptocurrency validation.

Montana cryptocurrency producers back a utility-scale solar project

The 300 MW Basin Creek Solar Project would be built on ranch land in Butte and would supply energy to an expanding data center.

What does Bitcoin’s bust mean for Wyoming’s cryptocurrency industry focus?

The recent collapse of cryptocurrency prices raises new questions about Wyoming’s pursuit of the blockchain industry: namely, whether the would-be economic stabilizer is, in fact, another volatile boom-and-bust industry.

A beginner’s guide to crypto lingo

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires an appetite for risk and a whole new vocabulary. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the fundamentals of crypto lingo.

The latest in checkout ease: Amazon rolls out pay-by-palm tech to Whole Foods

Consumers can sign up for the service at participating stores. Customers insert their credit card, then hold their palm over the One device to link it to their card. They can opt to scan one or both palms, Amazon says.

Montana Senator Jon Tester Leads Bipartisan Bill to End Warrantless Seizure of Americans’ Personal Data

“Montanans expect their privacy to be protected, but right now law enforcement and intelligence agencies can simply ignore the Bill of Rights and use loopholes to avoid having to get a warrant,” Tester said. “This bill closes those loopholes

Google used secret program to game its ad-buying system, documents show

‘Project Bernanke’ comes to light in filing for Texas antitrust lawsuit

Bozeman, Montana Based Bridger Photonics’ LiDAR Technology Selected by ExxonMobil for EPA Methane Detection

Instead of visiting sites on foot, Bridger Photonics scans sites from aircraft using its advanced LiDAR technology, Gas Mapping LiDAR™, to sensitively and quickly detect and estimate methane emissions throughout the entire natural gas value chain (production, transmission, and distribution of natural gas).

MSU marketing professor researching artificial intelligence applications for retail fashion industry

“I love to conduct research, and I want to influence entrepreneurs and companies through it,” said Christine Eunyoung Sung, an assistant marketing professor in the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

How Can Financial Institutions Prepare for AI Risks?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies hold big promise for the financial services industry, but they also bring risks that must be addressed with the right governance approaches, according to a white paper by a group of academics and executives from the financial services and technology industries, published by Wharton AI for Business.