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Today’s TED Talk – How bad data keeps us from good Artificial Intelligence

Mainak Mazumdar shows how less-than-quality data leads to AI that makes wrong decisions and predictions — and reveals three infrastructural resets needed to make ethical AI possible.

Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ Successfully Takes Model 3 from SF to LA

The trip required practically no human intervention.

A Wilder View: Facial recognition used to track animals

Ranchers in Montana will have access to software called CATTLE TRACS to track cattle.

Boston Dynamics robots (and a robot dog) break it down on the dance floor

Set to the Contours’ Do You Love Me, the choreographed moves are impressive (if a little bit alarming, and definitely mesmerizing).

Sweden: How to Live in the World’s First Cashless Society

In 2021, Sweden introduces its own cryptocurrency. In 2023, it becomes the world’s first cashless society.

Want a More Equitable Future? Empower Citizen Developers

By the end of this decade, we will have failed if the tech industry is the only beneficiary of tech intensity. Its purpose is the democratic ideal of opportunity for everyone.

Drones Revolutionize Crash Investigations in Montana

During 2018, the Montana Highway Patrol started using drones and photogrammetry software to examine crash scenes. Officers say the tech has dramatically increased efficiency, safety and accuracy.

Four market segments transforming the world of venture capital investing

On an overall scale, we are quite optimistic that the technological innovations in the coming time would offer a host of opportunities for further growth of venture capital.

Wyoming’s crypto-blockchain giveaway

In recent years, Wyoming created some of the most attractive laws in the country for establishing blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in our state. But by allowing the laws to be shaped and written by those who benefit from them, our legislative hard work accomplished everything the blockchain industry wanted but nothing the state needs. Namely, jobs and revenue.

Marketing the Future: How Data Analytics Is Changing

A third of Amazon’s sales come from its recommendation algorithm, for example, while YouTube’s algorithm drives 70% of the content watched on its platform.