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Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex

These cameras want to get to know you and what you’re buying.

China’s Blockchain Dominance: Can the U.S. Catch Up?

President Xi Jinping said China seeks to lead in innovation worldwide, citing blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things and other technologies as the driving forces.

North Dakota Adopts Statewide Cybersecurity Approach

A newly signed law gives the Information Technology Department the authority to define cybersecurity for all public entities within the state.

China Says Bitcoin Is Wasteful. Now It Wants to Ban Mining

Somehow the country has remained the epicenter of global cryptocurrency mining, home to more of the computing power used to mint new bitcoin than any other country.

Low cost, better food – Robots invade foodie San Francisco, promising low prices, tasty meals and cheap labor

“For the price of a Big Mac, you’re getting organic ingredients and a perfect hamburger, every time.”

How To Be A Leader When Machines Are Smarter Than You

This is for aspiring future leaders who need to move from the past analog-era thinking to the new digital age

Missoula County, Montana places moratorium on cryptocurrency mining; businesses fear losses

“Nobody disagrees, including myself and my client, that climate change is important. But this is not the way to do it. Doing so this way will only result in one thing, and that’s what I’m...

WIRED – This Montana County Wants to Crimp Bitcoin to Save the Earth

Officials have drafted a resolution, expected to be approved by county commissioners Thursday, that would require new cryptocurrency mining operations to offset their energy use by funding or building new renewable projects.

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How to Prevent the ‘Robot Apocalypse’ from Ending Labor As We Know It

Rural communities, with overall declining employment, have a big stake in the issue.

At Google, robotics lab is full of fast learners

Google researchers believe that the subtly more advanced technology inside them gives them more potential in the real world.

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