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As Smart Cities Grow, Data Consolidation Efforts Should Too – iConnect Montana

“Cities’ data is very siloed. So if you were looking at this, just from a general smart city perspective, the lighting vendor doesn’t talk to the parking vendor, who doesn’t talk to the water vendor, who doesn’t talk to weather management.

Amazon’s Bizarre Home Drone Flies Around Inside Your House

Look at this freaking drone.

Adelos, Inc., a subsidiary of S&K Technologies, Inc. and owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes, advances with Air Force, Navy contracts

Out of 1,600 entries, Adelos made the final 92. They’re the only fiber optic perimeter security company in their subcategory.

Why you should use more data in your hiring process

EQT Ventures’ Zoe Jervier Hewitt thinks that making hiring as scientific as possible is the route to fairness, diversity and better hires.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Developing Neural Network Training Computer for Full Self-Driving

With a complete overhaul of the Tesla autopilot software, full self-driving capabilities will be possible as the AI will be able to interpret traffic signals, turns and stops.

United States Postal Service (USPS) Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Voting System

“The system separates voter identification and votes to ensure vote anonymity, and stores votes on a distributed ledger in a blockchain.”

Locomation completes public road trial of semi-autonomous truck convoy tech

During the eight-day pilot, Locomation-retrofitted trucks covered approximately 3,400 miles and operated autonomously roughly half of the time, delivering 14 commercial loads.

The ‘Tesla Of Banking’ Startup Cred.ai Unveils Its AI-Powered Credit Card

The card comes with capabilities that are complete game-changers to the banking industry.

U. S. House of Representatives Approves Billions for Broadband, AI and STEM Education

Appropriators set aside funds for cybersecurity on the eve of this November’s elections, rural broadband for unconnected and hard-to-reach Americans, STEM education for the country’s youth, and research into quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

Montana Next Generation of Community and Economic Development Tools Report Released; Your Input and Recommendations Requested by July 27th

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