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How Do You Build a (Digital) City?

More than three decades after SimCity, tech companies, retailers and governments are using the game’s basic building blocks to create three-dimensional worlds. 

Ultra-early wildfire detection

A sensor uses AI to detect abnormal patterns of gas that act as an early indicator of fire

Tesla’s INSANE All New 4.0 Solar Cell Breakthrough SHOCKS American Scientists

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The Age of Brain-Computer Interfaces Is on the Horizon

Synchron has implanted its BCI in a US patient for the first time—bringing it a big step closer to distribution.

Here’s when to use data visualization tools, and why they’re helpful

Data visualization and information visualization tools are designed to provide a graphic representation of key points in order to communicate large data sets in an efficient and easy-to-read manner.

Extracting intelligence in an era of exploding data

Data will likely only grow in size and scope and become even more foundational for all industries. Those who best harness, share, and act upon data can ultimately win in the end, whether it’s for business or government-mission success.

Montana Legislature Economic Affairs Interim Committee- July 19, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. – Zoom

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee meets via Zoom on July 19 to host a stakeholder panel on its HJ48 study on facial recognition technology. Representatives from several state agencies and associations are invited to provide feedback to the committee and discuss implications of a restriction or prohibition of the technology.

Lake County, Montana crypto proposal needs more ‘due diligence’

The number of permanent jobs created by these mining operations is questionable, too, as not many workers are typically needed to manage an autonomous data center. For example, a new 100 megawatt data center in Kentucky — twice the size of the Polson proposal — only created 15 jobs.

Carnegie Mellon Program to Train Government How to Use Data

A new certification program aims to prepare public-sector technology leaders to make their organizations more data-driven, evidence-based and responsive, with a focus on data management, digital innovation and AI.

10 Key Business Domains Where ‘Big Data’ Looms Large

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — much of it unstructured and far beyond the capability of conventional databases. Hence one segment of the opportunity is the need for new database technologies, like Hadoop, a distributed file system originally designed for indexing the Web. Data capacity is measured in petabytes (1000 terabytes), or soon even yottobytes (1024).