2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Montana’s First Multi-County Regional Port Authority Established in Lewistown

Snowy Mountain Development Corporation and six Central Montana rural county governments find a modern way to apply a traditional tool to counter economic and political pressures on rural county budgets in the post-covid era.

Montana’s Republican Legislators shift $6M from workforce training grants to biz automation loans

But Democratic legislators and labor representatives objected to the proposal, arguing that the limited applications for the workforce training program were due to an onerous application process, a lack of advertising for the grants and a low ceiling on the amount of grant money per worker.

Montana Legislative Interim Committee passes two draft bills aimed at taxing electric vehicles

The impetus behind these bills is to replace revenue from a gas tax, which covers road maintenance in the state, lost from electric vehicles, which are expected to double in sales in the U.S. by 2024, according to the committee’s final report. As of January 2022, electric vehicles make up less than one percent of light-duty vehicles in the state.

Bozeman laying plans to try again for local sales tax at Legislature

Near the top of the city’s draft priority list is to defend local control. During the 2021 session, the Legislature passed a bill prohibiting inclusionary zoning, which was a housing policy that made up the core of Bozeman’s affordable housing program.

Montana nuclear power advisory council plan changed at ’11th hour’

Advocates of the new bill, which would have to be approved by the 2023 Legislature, said the failed proposal was a “nuclear plan killer” that would hamper efforts to bring clean, efficient nuclear power to Montana.

Newly appointed Helena city commissioner, Andy Shirtliff aims to ‘protect and preserve’

“I work for the people of Helena, and we have to face the problems at hand with an eye on the future,” he said. “I will respect the voters’ wishes who elected Eric. He was the top vote-getter last year.”

As property taxes soar, Missoula officials compare state’s tax system to ‘old England’

“It’s an archaic system. It made sense in old England but today, a person’s ability to pay isn’t the wealth determined by their home. It’s what they earn,” said Missoula County CFO Andrew Czorny. “Property tax cannot be the only source of income local governments rely upon to provide essential services to their residents. The Legislature needs to fix it and get the hell out of the way.”

Montana DEQ – Public Notice of Regulatory & Permitting Barriers to Housing Creation Subtask Meetings – 8/31 – Zoom

The third meeting of the Regulatory and Permitting Barriers to Housing Creation Subtask of the Governor’s Housing Task Force will be held on Wednesday, August 31, at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom. The public is invited to participate in the meeting online by clicking the button below at the time of the meeting.

Montana Districting Commission hosts public hearings

The Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission is seeking public feedback on proposals for new state legislative district boundaries. There are multiple opportunities to learn about and comment on redistricting in-person and online. 

‘A Generational bill,’ Missoula County exploring clean-energy opportunities in Inflation Reduction Act

Caroline Bean and Andrew Valainis, both with the county’s Climate Action Program, said the bill’s focus on energy efficiency, energy production, job creation, tax credits and clean power will be a game changer in helping the city and county move closer to their goal of 100% clean electricity.