2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Europe Rules That Insufficient Climate Change Action Is a Human Rights Violation

In a landmark ruling, the European Court of Human Rights found that Switzerland had not done enough to protect its citizens from climate change—blowing open the door for further cases against governments.

Property taxes skyrocket statewide, but not for Montana Governor Greg Gianforte’s properties

An MTN analysis shows taxes on a Gianforte-owned home in Helena decreased while his neighbors saw tax hikes

Professional Climbers, Including Montana’s Conrad Anker, Outdoor Athletes File Briefs Supporting Youth Plaintiffs in Climate Lawsuit

“As an ice climber the threat of climate change is very real. We can look at the statistics of a shortened winter, but it really strikes home when you go to your favorite area and a climb that you’re familiar with, that shapes up every year, is absent,” Anker wrote in an amicus brief filed in support of 16 youth plaintiffs who won a landmark victory in the climate lawsuit Held v. Montana last summer.

Montana to apply for almost $7M as federal government approves “Digital Opportunity Plan”

While the state works on their digital opportunity planning, they’re also hoping to receive approval soon to begin taking grant applications for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program, (BEAD)— the program that will provide the almost $629 million for further broadband infrastructure.

Tax expert: Montana’s tax system ‘in serious trouble,’ hurts homeowners

“Taxes have been shifted unfairly to residential property, and they’ve been shifted away from the other properties,” said Dan Bucks, a nationally recognized expert on taxation. “Homeowners and renters are paying taxes that they shouldn’t be asked to pay – taxes that belong instead to various corporate and business classes of properties.”

Montana counties: Keep eye out for legislators ‘playing politics’ with popular bill

Veto override poll is out for marijuana redistribution bill, but some Republicans won’t participate

State lawmakers send letter rebuking Montana OPI Superintendent Elsie Arntzen

“And an organization depends upon its leadership and at the end of the day the buck stops at the end of the org chart. And for that reason I believe this committee should communicate to the Superintendent of Instruction the view that she has failed to meet her constitutional obligation,” Bedey said.

‘It Just Happens Here:’ In a Perfect Storm of Risk Factors, Montanans Grapple with Barriers to Mental Health Care

According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, around half of the 47,000 Montana adults who needed, but didn’t receive, mental health care in 2020 weren’t able to access it because of costs.

Gianforte says statewide sales tax off the table as his property tax task force gears up

An analysis by Montana Free Press found that property taxes rose on median by 21% on residential properties this year, driven partly by historic home value growth that has transferred tax burden onto residences from other types of properties. That analysis also found that tax bills decreased this year for many industrial properties owned by large businesses.

Charter schools are coming to Montana. What does this mean?

Given the contentious tone around charters in Montana and across the country, it can be difficult to discern what’s real and what’s convenient political rhetoric. Now that these laws are being rolled out, it’s becoming increasingly possible to predict their effect on students and families in the state.