2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Gianforte’s son, David, one of many lobbying Montana Governor Greg Gianforte against trans bills

David Gianforte has told his father the bills will harm the LGBTQ+ community he’s a part of.

Montana Passes Sweeping Legislative Package to Rescind ‘California-Style-Zoning’

The Montana State Legislature recently approved a package of zoning reform bills modeled closely on bills approved in West Coast states, including the state of California, in recent years.

Montana Passes TikTok Ban: Here’s Why It’s Probably Unenforceable and a Dangerous Tipping Point

The Montana House voted Friday to approve a bill banning TikTok in the state, the first of its kind in the U.S.—though it’s unclear how the state would be able to ever enforce such a ban.

Montana Tweaks State Ban On Community Broadband, But Most Restrictions Remain

Montana’s one of seventeen states that have passed laws banning or restricting municipal broadband networks. The bills are usually ghost written by telecom monopoly lawyers, and in many states either outright prohibit community-owned broadband networks, or are designed to make funding and expanding such networks untenable.

Missoula measure would eliminate parking requirements near transit stops

“If we’re going to wait two or three more years to reform something as simple as government parking mandates, we can imagine (housing prices) are going to continue to skyrocket,” Carlino said. “Each year we wait, the higher and higher we can expect rent to go.”

Hawaii’s lawmakers mull imposing fees to pay for ecotourism crush – What about your state?

“We get between nine and 10 million visitors a year (but) we only have 1.4 million people living here. Those 10 million travelers should be helping us sustain our environment.”

Boulder, Colorado Gets Ready to Roll on Citywide Fiber Network

With the construction of its 65-mile dark fiber backbone nearly complete, city officials in Boulder, Colorado are now ready to move into the next phase of their plan: find a private or nonprofit Internet service provider (ISP) to build out a citywide fiber network to deliver last mile service to the city’s 328,000 residents and businesses.

Most states don’t tax Social Security, but some do including Montana.

Few retirees realize that some states also will try to take a cut. Social Security benefits include monthly retirement, survivor and disability benefits.

The $7,500 tax credit to buy an electric car is about to change yet again

A senior administration official acknowledged that the rules “will reduce the number of electric vehicles currently eligible for the full credits in the short term,” but argued it would pay off through an increase in U.S. production over the next decade.

City of Missoula adopts new climate rules for buildings, vehicle fleet

“This has been something we’ve wanted to do,” said Leigh Ratterman, the city’s climate and sustainability specialist. “We feel this policy can be a model for our community and how we can get to a point where we’re significantly reducing our community greenhouse gas emissions.”