2023 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Some possible new Congressional districts for Montana – and the politics to go with them

Joe Lamson, one of two Democratic members of the five-member commission that will decide the boundary by November, says a goal should be to create one “competitive” district – where a Democratic and Republican candidate each have a legitimate chance to win.

Economic Affairs Interim Committee – 9/22 – 9AM – Room 102, State Capitol, and Zoom

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee will adopt its final work plan, conduct administrative rule review, and determine the scope of each of its assigned studies. Members will also hear from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, the Cannabis Control Division, the Montana State Fund, and the State Auditor’s Office.

Montana Lawmakers Study Impacts Of Changing Economy

“Now is the time to modernize your tax system for this rapidly changing world,”

We Have Way Too Many Counties in America. Or Do We?

Counties range in size from thousands of residents to millions, with varied levels of responsibility and efficiency. Some advocate shrinking the number of them, but that raises questions both practical and sentimental.

Panel moves to fund $125M in Montana infrastructure projects

The money is part of more than $2 billion Montana received through the American Rescue Plan Act, passed by Congress in March to offset some of the economic impacts of the pandemic. The state is receiving its money in two rounds, and the ARPA Infrastructure Advisory Commission is expected to award another round of water and wastewater grants next year.

Commission seeks suggestions from you for new Montana U.S. House district maps

Free online tools mean Montanans can draw their own political maps and submit them for consideration.

How will Montana spend big pot of federal child-care money?

$112 million available for next two years

Wildfires Used to Be Helpful. How Did They Get So Hellish?

Fires are supposed to reset ecosystems, paving the way for new growth. But human meddling and climate change have turned them into monsters.

Biden won big on broadband, but allies fear local governments lost out

Some of the measure’s staunchest supporters say they are frustrated by what wasn’t included in the bill: provisions to encourage municipal broadband — Internet service that is partially or fully owned by local governments. 

Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

“I’m not talking about the opportunity for us to spend money for cute little boys and girls to sit criss-cross applesauce and read Dr. Suess books,” O’Brien said. “I’m talking about brain development so that our children are ready to learn and ready to work.”