Advocating for a Better Montana through Technology and Innovation

The Montana Associated Technology Roundtable (MATR) is dedicated to fostering economic growth and innovation in Montana and the Inland Northwest Region. Our mission is to provide valuable information, events, and career opportunities to entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, while showcasing Montana's potential to the world.

Supporting Montana’s Innovators

MATR is a hub for the latest news and developments in the regional tech ecosystem. Our website, updated 24/7, and our bi-weekly newsletter, sent every Monday and Thursday, keep our community informed about breakthroughs, opportunities, and success stories. By connecting local businesses with global audiences, we help attract investment and talent to Montana.

Promoting Montana’s Economic Vitality

With visitors from over 100 countries, MATR plays a crucial role in promoting Montana as a prime location for business and innovation. Our high search engine rankings ensure that people seeking information about the Inland Northwest discover Montana's vibrant economy and community. We emphasize why businesses should Choose Montana!, showcasing our state as a leader in regional economic activity.

Comprehensive Resources and Opportunities

MATR offers a wealth of resources to support economic development. Our extensive archive of over 100,000 articles, spanning more than 20 years, provides insights into best practices and successful strategies in economic growth. Entrepreneurs and businesses can access a growing list of regional companies and resources, an active events calendar, and job postings focused on Montana and neighboring states.

Connecting Talent with Opportunities

MATR is committed to connecting talent with the right opportunities. We encourage companies to post senior management and technical positions, while also welcoming resumes from job seekers. By facilitating these connections, we help build a stronger workforce and drive economic progress in Montana.

If you have a Senior Management or Technical position open,  please submit it.  If you would like to find a Senior Management or technical position, MATR will also post appropriate resumes to increase your visibility to potential employers.

Engage and Contribute

We invite all members of the Montana community to engage with MATR. Register for free to submit and edit career opportunities, news stories, company information, and upcoming events. Contributing to MATR is a powerful way to promote your organization and support Montana's economic development.

Success through Collaboration

MATR believes in the power of collaboration. By sharing articles, events, and announcements, we create a dynamic platform where ideas can flourish. Our success is driven by the contributions of our supporters, and we encourage everyone to participate actively in our community.

Startups and Mentorship

For those looking to start a business in Montana, MATR offers guidance and support. Contact [email protected] for assistance and connect with experienced mentors who can help turn your vision into reality.

Learn from the Best

Our "Read More About" section on the home page features success stories and crucial insights from across the region. Sharing these stories with economic leaders in your community can inspire new ideas and strategies for growth.

Expanding Our Reach

If your state or region is interested in a newsletter focused on your economic efforts, we are open to collaborations. Contact us to discuss opportunities and how we can support your regional development.

By advocating for innovation, connecting talent, and promoting economic growth, MATR is committed to building a better Montana. Join us in our mission to create a prosperous future for all Montanans.

Posting articles and events is a great way to promote your company or organization.  MATR welcomes articles, events, job openings, resumes, comments and company listings from registered members  (also free)  After you've registered, just go to the upper right hand side of the home page to  "My Account".  Due to the increasing interest and volume of information posted on MATR, we post for those who support the effort and ask those who don't to post their own events, news stories, announcements etc.  Hope you understand. Please see below for rates.

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MATR is supported solely by those companies and organizations that advertise on the site.  If your organization can benefit from an increased visibility, here are the rates:

*Rocky Mountains Level Advertiser* ($250/month or $2500/year ):

- 1 Rocky Mountains Level Advertiser displays in prominent box top left on MATR home page in random rotation

- 1 Rocky Mountains Level Advertiser displays on story pages in random rotation. This includes the 8 years of archived stories.

- 1 Rocky Mountains Level Advertiser included in each newsletter in random rotation

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- If appropriate, for full year subscriptions, a special news category will be set up on MATR to congregate stories from the Advertiser.


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MATR is also offering a $5K per year "Super" Rocky Mountain listing. They will enjoy all of the features in the Rocky Mountain category as well as a permanent listing on each page of MATR.


We welcome your participation if you believe, with us, that Montana is an enviable place to live and work.


Russ Fletcher

"The State with the Best Education Wins!"

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