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Don’t Miss Out: MEDA August 12 Newsletter – Fall Conference And Much More

Please Join Us at The Newberry in Great Falls this November to learn about local and national trends impacting economic development. Hot topics include housing, workforce, bus

On a Montana mountaintop, this lookout watches for fire – and hope

With snowpack shrinking and wildfires growing more frequent, climate change can stir panic. But this veteran fire lookout has a fresh and calm perspective, informed by her joy

One Western town’s solution to wildfires? Community.

“There’s a choice: We can burn the land on our terms, or we can let nature burn everything – and we won’t like the effects.”

Goodworks Evergreen is a purpose driven company that is acquiring, building, and reinvesting in private profitable Montana businesses, that would otherwise fail to transition to next generation leadership.

Goodworks Ventures LLC is launching Goodworks Evergreen, which provides transition opportunities to retiring owners by acquiring their local Montana businesses, with the goal

The Producer Partnership was founded in Spring 2020 with the mission to end hunger in Montana.

Since our founding, the Producer Partnership has been awarded 501(c)3 nonprofit status, hired three full-time employees, built our own processing unit—due to open

Police bust multi-state, $22M catalytic converter theft ring. Here’s how to protect yours. Does Montana Have any Laws to present this on the Books?

Police detectives in Beaverton, Oregon, said they've identified the man who orchestrated a $22 million catalytic converter trafficking operation based in Portland and spanni

Scientists create quality concrete with 100% tire-rubber aggregate

"As a major portion of typical concrete is coarse aggregate, replacing all of this with used tire rubber can significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources and also

Newsletter from the Wyoming Broadband Office focused on finding solutions to improve access to high-speed internet across Wyoming.

The Public Comment period for the Broadband Program, Chapter 4 - Connect Wyoming program rules is open until Aug. 22. Learn more and be sure to submit your comments

Black Hat at 25: Why Cybersecurity Is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Chris Krebs, the former director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, looked to the future of cybersecurity during his keynote speech at Black Hat USA.

Limited co-op associations debut in Spokane

In 2019, Washington state passed legislation creating Limited Cooperative Associations (LCAs), which are holding companies that offer a new pathway for investment into worker-

Missoula, Montana’s Free Cycles raising $18K to buy sound system

Help Free Cycles buy an amazing sound system!

5 strategies for impressing someone in a job interview

Recruiters want to know three basic things about you at the interview. Here’s how to make the best of it.

Do you know how much of your office space is underutilized? These sensors can tell you — or when your grandma takes a fall

Using video cameras or simple motion-tracking sensors, these technologies can tell when unneeded energy is being used in empty rooms and where companies are wasting leasable s

10 in-demand soft skills to supercharge your career

Your résumé and experience may get you through the door, but these soft skills could help you clinch the job.

The FCC shot down SpaceX’s bid for $866 million bid in subsidies to roll out Starlink in rural America

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel noted that while Starlink “has real promise,” the satellite internet provider is “still developing technology for consumer broadband.”

Shops Ordered Lots of Bikes in 2020. Peddling Them Is an Uphill Climb.

ElliptiGo Inc. Chief Executive Bryan Pate didn’t have enough of his outdoor elliptical bikes to sell when demand surged in 2020. Today he has a San Diego warehouse packed wi

3 warning signs about the economy coming out of America’s top companies

At first look, American companies seem to be doing just fine in the face of high inflation and rising interest rates. But look underneath the surface, and there are potential

TED Talk – 7 beliefs that can silence women — and how to unlearn them

Being "dismissed" in various inadvertent ways, is so common, most of us don't notice it. The common "manspeaking" by some men to many women is just one form of this. Share it!

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 8-11-22

Here is our Top 12 for last week celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy -- Montana's Golden Triangle. And, sharing business res

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