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As Missoula looks to Electric Vehicle adoption, charging access will be key

As the year marches on, the City of Missoula will sharpen its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan, which could find its way into code reform and how the city prepares for cha

Minnesota Strikes Down Preemption Laws Blocking Municipal Broadband

The new legislation, signed into law yesterday by Gov. Tim Walz, took aim at two statutes that sought to protect large monopoly telecommunications providers from competition.

Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while – Birth control is good, actually

“STK33 is therefore considered a viable target with minimal safety concerns for contraception in men,”

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – 6/4 – Zoom

Discover Why You (& Other Business Professionals) Hold Onto Projects, People, And Partnerships Longer Than You Should.

All new cars in France will soon ‘beep’ at you if you speed

From July 2024, new vehicles must have anti-speeding measures such as beeping or flashing alerts

City Club Missoula Presents: Held vs. Montana: Contemporary Issues and the Montana Constitution – June 10

Please join City Club Missoula for the second part in a series on the Montana Constitution where we will discuss the current status of the Held vs. Montana case, currently und

Bridger Photonics named 2023 Montana Exporter of the Year – Excellent Career Opportunities

The company continues to expand, hiring 12 employees in one day last month and bringing new operations to South America and Australia.

The Possible Collapse of the U.S. Home Insurance System

Across the United States, more frequent extreme weather is starting to cause the home insurance market to buckle, even for those who have paid their premiums dutifully year af

Why Eventgroove Fundraising?

You’re passionate about making a difference and connecting with supporters, but getting bogged down with fundraising tasks? Not so much.

PepsiCo expands its electric fleet in California, adding 50 Tesla Semis and 75 Ford E-Transit vans, advancing towards its Pep+ net-zero emissions by 2040

This initiative also kicks off a job training program for students at Reedley College and Duncan Polytechnic High School, focusing on hands-on training in electric trucks and

Tesla police fleet is saving taxpayers $80k per year on fuel costs: report

The town’s fleet of 13 Tesla police cars is saving taxpayers around $80,000 per year in fuel cost savings, the police chief noted. “It’s all about the money. We started

All Farm Equipment Including Tractors And Combines Will Be Electric

Anything which can electrify, will electrify.

Electric vehicles are changing how America goes camping

Trailer companies are working to make their products easier to tow while EV makers are trying to make the whole experience better, from camping to charging.

Montana State University – Mountains and Minds Magazine Spring 2024

This past year, more students than ever before walked into MSU’s classrooms. Nearly 17,000 students enrolled last fall from across the state, country and world and from all

Register for the GFDA Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting, you can expect: Networking opportunities to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries. Presentation highlighting our achi

2024 Annual Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Conference – 6/6-7 – in beautiful Missoula

We are thrilled to share the agenda for our upcoming annual conference in Missoula, Montana, immediately following the FRA Long-Distance Service Study (Northwest Region) meeti

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center Invites Summer Volunteers

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center is ramping up summer programming! As we prepare to serve over 60,000 free kids' meals this summer, we have some big volunteer needs. Whet

Head transplants performed by robots planned within the decade

In what sounds more like the opening scene from a B-grade sci-fi/horror flick, head transplant operations performed entirely by robotic surgeons could be coming to a hos

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