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NorthWestern Energy to issue RFP to upgrade grid in South Dakota

NorthWestern Energy has begun the process of modernizing the grid for its electric customers in South Dakota.

With Amazon Out of New York, Some Lawmakers Seek Multistate Ban on Corporate Tax Breaks

Lawmakers in at least a half-dozen states are considering forming a compact in which they would agree to end efforts to lure companies with tax incentives.

Vehicle-to-Grid Testing Comes to Texas

Pecan Street and Austin Energy have teamed up to determine if EV batteries can provide grid services.

Your opportunity to influence a very important selection – Online survey and focus groups available to help decide next Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent

Your input is requested to help decide who will guide the education of your children and our future leaders

TechLink – Navy invents trip wire to short out electronics probed by IP thieves, foreign agents

Tech transfer team ready to license to consumer electronics, defense suppliers

Garage Days – Entrepreneurs share how they survived their bootstrapping days

Every entrepreneur knows the stories of successful founders who started in a garage. William Hewlett and David Packard produced electronic test equipment, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built computers, Jeff Bezos sold books, Larry Page...

Montana Career Opportunities – New and Experienced Agents – Clearwater Properties

Join the Clearwater Family and work with the best in the business. Clearwater Properties is building a BETTER real estate brokerage, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Montana Department of Commerce Retailer of the Year Nominations are OPEN

We are looking for THE store owner, manager or buyer who has made a long-term commitment to carry Made in Montana products in their store.

Holland Lake Lodge set to be sold to Missoula tech exec who plans to expand, extend season

Gardner’s plan is to attract investors, starting at $25,000, and to reinvest profits back into the property. He wants to eventually extend the operating season from 135 days to 220 days, from April 1 through...

Butte CEO urges tourism board to increase hotel fees for airline revenue guarantee

“a new connection would provide a boost in local and state usage of the airport, as well as more tourists using the airport to fly into and out of Butte.”

MATR Sponsor

The Montana Department of Commerce works with statewide and local partners, private industry and small businesses to enhance and sustain economic prosperity in Montana. - Montana Is On The Move

PFL is a marketing technology company that provides sales enablement and marketing automation solutions, as well asprinting, mailing, and fulfillment services. They also provide some great Montana Jobs.

The MDT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program encourages and supports the participation of companies owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in transportation contracts.

Dorsey & Whitney - An International business law firm, applying a business perspective to clients' needs in Missoula, Montana and beyond.

The Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development is the state's lead organization to help businesses succeed in our state.

Space is now available at iConnect Montana's new 47,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art data center facility in Billings, Montana. 1030 Central features the highest industry standards for operating efficiencies, cost controls, security and reliability.

An investment of more than $1 billion has allowed NorthWestern Energy to provide more than 60% of its energy from renewable resources, helping it lead the way to a brighter future in Montana.

Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development - Driving economic growth & sustainability through tourism. The $3 billion spent annually by visitors circulates throughout Montana communities generating business & tax revenue, jobs & economic development opportunities.

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