Senator Jon Tester

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 The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority (BSPRA) has been awarded a $150,000 grant through the Pacific Northwest Economic Region’s Regional Infrastructure Accelerator (PNWER-RIA) to further high-performance rail across the region.

“These funds will further our work both in southern Montana and also along the Empire Builder route, to the benefit of both freight and passenger operations,” said BSPRA Chairman Dave Strohmaier. “This is a great example of how working together at a regional scale, with the sweat equity and financial support of partners, is moving this train down the tracks.”

Protecting Montanans’ Privacy is Aim of New Tester Bill

Senator’s bipartisan Government Surveillance Reform Act would protect Montanans from warrantless searches of data by government and law enforcement

Missoula, Bozeman to spearhead new Montana ‘Tech Hub’

Montana Senator Jon Tester led a panel discussion in Missoula earlier this year where participants began planning their approach to compete for one of the 30 new Tech Hubs. The effort panned out and Montana was selected from a field of 200 applicants.

In Missoula, Tester Discusses Impacts of his Law to Protect Montana Hunter Safety Courses

I’m glad to say we were heard. Lawmakers responded and passed legislation reaffirming how important our outdoor traditions are in this country and in this great state of Montana – and I’d like to thank Senator Tester and his team for listening and taking action to help protect hunter education and the future of hunting in the great state of Montana.”

Montana State part of new regional tech hub focused on critical technologies for U.S. national security

The program is designed to drive regional growth by strengthening the region’s capacity to manufacture, commercialize and deploy critical technologies, according to the program’s website.

Prospera Joins Montana Headwaters Consortium with Regional Tech Hub Designation

Prospera has been instrumental in building up the photonics business cluster since 2013 and is proud to be a founding member of the Montana Headwaters Consortium.

Tester Leads Push to Lower Cost of High-Speed Internet in Montana

Senators to Congressional leadership: “Failing to extend funding would be irresponsible”

Tester Successfully Blocks White House Amtrak Board Nominee to Ensure Geographic Balance

“Montanans sent me to Washington to fight for our rural way of life, and I’ll stand up to anyone – including the Biden Administration – who tries to put rural America second,” said Tester. “When I sat down with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to craft our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, I fought to ensure that the American West would be fairly represented on the Amtrak Board. I’m glad the Biden Administration will now follow the law and do right for rural America by guaranteeing our Amtrak Board represents our nation’s diverse geography.”

Tester Turns Multiple New Bipartisan Bills into Law, Continues to Rack Up Wins for Montana

Senator authored laws to protect hunter safety courses and extend critical VA services;

Remains the only lawmaker with multiple bills signed into law this Congress

President Signs Tester’s Bipartisan Bill to Protect Hunter Safety Classes into Law

Senator led the charge to stop the Biden Administration from blocking the use of federal funding for school archery, gun safety, and hunter education programs