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The Bakken Boom in Montana and North Dakota Goes Bust With No Money to Clean up the Mess

The Bakken oil field appears moving toward terminal decline, with the the citizens of Montana and North Dakota forced to cover the bill to clean up the mess caused by its ill-fated boom. 

Manufacturing is a Ticket to Rural Prosperity

Manufacturing businesses are essential contributors to our economic health and wellbeing, infusing $2.38 trillion annually into the national economy.

North Dakota State Agencies Eye COVID-Related Lease Savings

More than 7,200 out of 8,500 state employees continue to telework, providing the state an opportunity to shrink its office footprint, and potentially saving $1.2 million annually in Bismarck office rental payments.

The Agriculture Industry Didn’t Have a Data Platform–So Sara Menker Created One

Gro Intelligence’s software helps power the multitrillion-dollar agriculture industry.

The United States Of Venture Capital: The Most Active VC In Each State

Despite recent challenges, venture capital firms are still seeking out investment opportunities across the country. Since our last analysis of most active VCs in June 2020, we’ve seen shake-ups across 6 states.

North Dakota Launches Statewide Cybersecurity Campaign – “DefeND”

Since the pandemic began, attempted cyberattacks on state entities have been incessant, but North Dakota hopes to cut down on risk by spreading information about common threats to its entire population.

Can the Public in North and South Dakota Be Educated to Wear Masks?

The Midwest has been the epicenter of coronavirus since late August, led by North and South Dakota. Masks have the potential to significantly reduce viral transmission, but neither state mandates their use. Will a public health campaign help?

States finding creative uses for CARES money to speed and sustain recovery including Broadband expansion

Gov. Bill Lee announced Tennessee will invest $61 million in CARES Act funding on broadband expansion to support distance learning, telehealth and Tennesseans working from home.

North Dakota tries ad campaign, not mask rule, to stem virus

COVID-19 can’t hurt me because I’m young and healthy. I’m so over it. Nobody tells me what to do.

New border wall contract for North Dakota’s Fisher Industries

This comes the same day as Customs and Border Protection ordered a review of a section of the wall Fisher Industries built near the river.