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10 North Dakota Companies Make the Inc. 5000 list

Inc.’s annual guide to the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.–and how they reached their lofty heights.

States Can Foster Job Growth if Lifelong Learning is at Play

I was with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock when he released the newest National Governors Association report, “Governor’s Action Guide to Achieving Good Jobs for All Americans,” at the opening session of NGA’s summer meeting.

How unpaid internships hurt all workers and worsen income inequality

When middle-class or low-income students can’t afford to be cheap labor, those unpaid internships effectively shut them out of their desired career paths—while opening doors for privileged students who already have a leg up.

North Dakota IT Upgrades Its Asset Inventory System

State CIO Shawn Riley assuages legislators’ worries by detailing how his department has found 100 of the 217 unaccounted-for devices stated in recent audit findings and his plan to prevent future clerical errors.

North Dakota leads western income growth; booming tourism reports

A new economic study shows North Dakota and other western states leading the way, Colorado and Arizona report record tourism results, and the FCC boosts rural broadband access in Wyoming.

Linn Grove Growth Funds Announces First Montana Company Investment

  After a year of hard work with several companies, Linn Grove is pleased to announce its first early stage investment in Montana. Actually a company founding,with 80% Montanans, see here on Restoration Beef Company:…

North Dakota Gets FAA Approval to Fly Drones Over People

North Dakota is one of 10 participants in the nationwide UAS Integration Pilot Program.

North Dakota CISO Sean Wiese on the State’s New Cyber Vision

Sean Wiese, North Dakota CISO, explains how this new, singular approach is breaking-down silos and redefining shared cyberservices.

North Dakota Plans Statewide Drone Air Traffic Control

State leaders believe an unmanned aircraft network, which allows drones to be operated beyond visual line of sight, could prove to be an economic boon for the state.

North Dakota Adopts Statewide Cybersecurity Approach

A newly signed law gives the Information Technology Department the authority to define cybersecurity for all public entities within the state.


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