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What Job Seekers Can Learn from the Three Minute Thesis – It’ All About Knowing How To Tell A Story

The 3MT format teaches scholars how to distill complex ideas into simple, understandable language — a skill that is invaluable in navigating the job market in academia. Here’s how you can apply the principles of the 3MT competition to your job search in higher education:

Commerce Leaders Put Child Care Center Stage—The Same Day It Gets Sidelined At Presidential Debate

“If you want women there—and men there—we need to think more holistically about child care. It’s good for business and our economic competitiveness, and the lack of our care infrastructure is costing us dearly.”

Montana: #1 State for Senior Healthcare in 2024 [New Research]

With a population of just over 1.1M, its healthcare access score was second among all states – a number aided by the Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program that subsidizes and attracts medical professionals.

This Media Bias Detector Analyzes News Reports in Real Time

Researchers from Wharton and Penn have developed a new tool to equip news consumers with a way to gauge bias in media.

The Critical Computer Science Principles Every Strategic Leader Needs to Know

Technology is such an integral part of so many industries now that business executives can’t afford to leave all the digital know-how to their tech teams. Andy Wu explains the five essential principles of computer science that all leaders need to grasp to gain an edge.

Peace Of Mind Amidst Wildfire Season – Protect Your Home From Wildfires

One of the most important reasons to choose fire-resistant siding is to protect your home from wildfire.

Paid or unpaid, child care is vital to the economy. This program recognizes that

A half dozen women — in their 30s, 40s and 50s — gather in a classroom in Phoenix for a few hours on a weekday morning.

They are all caregivers of young children.

International Careers Week 2/5-7 – Montana World Affairs Council – Online

Join the Montana World Affairs Council as we cover a range of different international careers opportunities. Our distinguished guest speakers will discuss with students how they got into their career path, what the career daily life entails, and more! Students will have plenty of time to ask any questions. Programs will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube. All grade levels are encouraged to participate and are free to join!

Number of small businesses with job openings they can’t fill still high

Just over half of owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they had.

Mansfield Dialogues – Security Technologist Bruce Schneier Reimagining Democracy in the Age of AI – 7/18 – Bozeman and Zoom

AI is altering the work of democracy across the globe. Many of these changes could make democracies more responsive to the will of the people and involve citizens more deeply in governance, but only if we prioritize the creation of secure and trusted AI systems. Join internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier for an exploration of these topics.