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Accenture Life Trends 2024 – The visible and invisible mediators between people and their world are changing.

Five trends explore the decline of customer obsession, the influence of generative AI, the stagnation of creativity, the balance of tech benefits and burden, and people’s new life goals.

This is how we can use AI to empower rural America

The founder of Fusemachines believes that AI can directly impact the productivity of every industry integrated within the rural economy.

Why you should learn to incorporate more humor at work

It’s good not to take everything so seriously.

Farewell, Park City? Sundance Film Festival may be coming to your town. – (City Name Here), Montana would be perfect.

The festival, which has taken place in Park City, Utah, since 1981, may be moving

Program Brings Together Three Generations to Discuss Aging

The rural health program is designed to help participants on both ends of the age spectrum. The goal is to challenge assumptions people have against aging and bridge generational divides in rural communities.

Blazing Trails in the Mountains

Rural communities throughout the country are developing mountain biking trail systems to immerse people in nature, boost the economy, and create a local culture of health.

Montana Highway Patrol terminated trooper who requested mental health support – Proactive Trauma Preparedness Is Available

When Miller reached out to superiors for help before he lost his job, they refused him, even after promising support, he said. Then, his bosses tried to force him to resign, he said; when he wouldn’t step down, they fired him.

Missoula closing in on incentives program to boost housing affordability

Emily Harris-Shears, the city’s housing policy specialist, on Wednesday said the program began to take shape in 2022 and should be ready for adoption this spring. As it stands, she said, interest among developers is high.

Want $50,000 To Improve Your Community? Apply For A Hometown Grant!

T-Mobile is helping support small towns across America by funding community projects like upgraded tech, outdoor spaces and more.

Welcome to the War on Cars, Scientific American – The End of Carcatecture.

Each city has its own unique considerations and challenges. And such an ambitious project will require rethinking many of our assumptions about American car culture. But the benefits could make everyone healthier and safer.