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American Prairie Reserve Celebrates 20 Years, 420,000 acres and counting

In this spirit, we will be refreshing the American Prairie brand. While our mission and work remain the same, our look will be evolving to reflect the vast beauty and diversity of life that has captivated the prairie’s visitors for millennia. Stay tuned!

Montana Career Opportunities – Business Development Officer, Resource Director – The Great Falls Development Authority, Inc. and High Plains Financial, Inc.

Below please find our current employment opening(s). For additional opportunities in the Great Falls Montana market, please visit our relocation website,

5 questions emotionally intelligent leaders ask themselves every day

Emotionally intelligent leaders helm more motivated, happier workforces. And they do it by asking themselves these questions.

Employees are quitting, sometimes without other offers. What can companies do to retain staff?

For businesses looking to retain those workers, it will probably take more than simply raising wages to prevent a rush to the exits, according to a study released Wednesday by management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

How to Hire With a Vaccine Mandate in Place

Asking prospective employees about their vaccination status can be awkward–and possibly lead to legally sticky situations.

Montana panel backs $22 million investment in job training

The Department of Commerce recommended spending $10 million for training grants to businesses.

Hybrid working will now allow more people with disabilities to enter labor force, Ted Kennedy Jr. says 

“Hybrid work and remote work are just a couple of the accommodations that many people with disabilities have been asking for. So, we think that companies’ views now of remote work will allow more people with disabilities to enter the labor force,”

City Club Missoula – Missoula-area superintendents discuss start of new school year – Hellgate, Sentinel game postponed due to COVID-19

The education landscape changes daily, and as the delta variant continues to drive up COVID numbers, school administrators are having to resort to some of last year’s COVID protocols.

Everything we know about work is wrong and the pandemic proved it

Business leaders have falsely blamed the crisis on generous pandemic unemployment benefits, arguing that they’re a disincentive to return to the labor force. Study after study has proven this is not the case.  Instead, more seismic forces are at work.

The Pandemic Led Many Women to Rethink Work. Here’s What They Want Most From Employers

Paid-time off has become less of a necessary benefit for women, but it’s still in the top three.