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A full return to the office? Does ‘never’ work for you?

“It’s kind of a Wizard of Oz thing,” Kime said. In other words, his team realized that there was no almighty being compelling his assistance; there was just a man behind a curtain (or Zoom screen). “As much as we complained about going back to work, we all understood that it was going to happen. But the minute we started going, we realized how silly that was,” she added.


Thank you for a great showing at our Spring Conference. We had a full house with great speakers, networking opportunities, and discussions. Presentation materials will be posted to our website shortly. Please contact us if you’d like a copy of the materials beforehand.

Brad Feld Releases: Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading an Effective Board of Directors 2nd edition launch day is 6/15. It will be a must read for every board.

The first time many founders see the inside of a board room is when they step in to lead their board. But how do boards work? How should they be structured, managed, and leveraged so that startups can grow, avoid pitfalls, and get the best out of their boards? Authors Brad Feld, Mahendra Ramsinghani, and Matt Blumberg have collectively served on hundreds of startup and scaleup boards over the past 30 years, attended thousands of board meetings, encountered multiple personalities and situations, and seen the good, bad, and ugly of boards.

How 250 Communities are Implementing the American Rescue Plan Community Broadband Funding

Some of the community projects we’re really excited about, including those that have decided to build their own networks and those building on existing projects, as well as those using ARPA dollars for open access networks, affordable connectivity, or Internet access for students.

In a Work-from-Anywhere World, How Remote Will Workers Go?

Will professionals still choose cities if they have the option to work from the beach (or the mountains and plains of Montana)? Research by Prithwiraj Choudhury considers the radical ripple effects of remote work.

Wyoming’s future lies in its rural communities, so let’s invest in them

No matter how big Cheyenne and Casper get, we will always be a rural state. We must create the conditions that enable small towns and far-flung hamlets to thrive.

In two places, researchers find problems with expansion of free pre-K

The critical question is whether low-income children are better off now, even if their preschool programs are not as good as those of wealthier kids. We’re still waiting for the research to learn whether this pricey preschool experiment is making a difference.

Windgate Foundation gifts $15 million to Montana’s The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts – the most generous gift it’s ever received

Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts (The Bray) was founded at the foothills of the Montana Rockies in 1951 by entrepreneur, brickmaker, and avid arts patron Archie Bray, who intended it to be a place to “make available for all who are seriously interested in the ceramic arts, a fine place to work.” The primary mission is to provide an environment and connection with other serious artists that stimulates creative work in ceramics.

Can Do: Addressing Montana’s childcare crisis with Heather Foster, CEO of the Missoula Family YMCA

Covid-19 exacerbated an already problematic situation, and disproportionately affected women, who were predominantly the ones who left the workforce to provide home care. Montana continues to struggle to provide access to affordable childcare, reflecting the nationwide trends.

Anaconda keeping up with business and population boom

“Today there’s a lot of success that you can see in all of the retail shops and restaurants and bars and businesses that are opening up in the downtown area.” said Adam Vauthier, executive director of Discover Anaconda.

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