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The state with the best education wins!

21st Century Education Initiative - "You Should Care..."

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Scholarships to promote volunteerism among Montana high school students

High school students who frequently volunteered throughout the last 12 months are eligible for Serve Montana’s Youth Serve Montana Scholarship.

How Steve Bullock would boost K-12 school spending and make community college free

He proposed giving tax credits to employers who help their employees pay off student debt.

This program helped children in poverty increase their chances of becoming high earners by 50%

Early interventions can have big effects on a child’s future.

Schools must cultivate skills that translate to work

Education must include practical opportunities to fail and take risks, and to gain real-world experience that develops the skills typically absent from syllabi.

The Montana Learning Center to host NASA’s ROADS on Mars Student Challenge for Montana.

The Montana Learning Center to host NASA\’s ROADS on Mars Student Challenge for Montana. Registration now open.

Child care in Missoula: ‘They should call me as soon as they know they’re pregnant’

“I hear parents’ voices crack when they’ve called me, and they’re on the letter ‘I’ and every facility before that’s full or they’re trying to work on this small list that a handful of friends in Missoula has given them,” she said.

Montana group takes aim at school privatization

The group says it opposes public school privatization, opposes public dollars being used to fund private for-profit schools, supports publicly funding public pre-kindergarten, supports recruiting and retaining educators and “adequate”  investments in public education.

How to make high school more valuable in the real world

“The largest effort to make high school more valuable – to young people and their communities – is underway in the six-county, two-state Kansas City metro area.”

Montana Receives 5-Year, $50 Million Federal Literacy Grant

The MCLSDP proposes to award approximately 30 subgrant awards ranging from the state’s largest districts to the most rural.

Schools are using data to build and scale interventions to support every student

Aspen Florence of the Ogden School District in Utah describes how teachers are using data to implement the right support at the right time.


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