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What science says about the best way to eat (and what we’re still figuring out)

Confused about nutrition? Here are the science-backed principles that get the green light — and what we’re still figuring out.

‘Girls Who Code’ book series temporarily banned in Pennsylvania school district

One among many titles in peril across classrooms in America.

Ranch Days teaches horse enthusiasts of all levels the Montana lifestyle

“You always want to be calm, assertive and happy when you’re working with an animal. And this place brings it all together. There’s no judgment in this place at all. Nobody judges anybody. I don’t care who you are, or what you’re doing. We just try to help, that’s all,” said Joshua Foster of White Hawk Healing.

Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide internet access to both Iran and U.S. school buses

In a letter sent to the FCC this week, SpaceX implored the commission to make this move and make Starlink equipment accessible on school buses. The purpose is to help bridge the country’s digital divide, or provide internet access to the millions of Americans (including children) who don’t have internet access at home.

‘Horses can’t lie’: Montana universities adopt new approaches to address mental health – Natural Horsemanship class just one of the offerings at University of Montana Western in Dillon

Starting this fall at Montana State University Billings, a new option for therapy that has been used to treat veterans and families for years now hopes to do the same for students.

Results From Long-Running Study Bolster Case for Universal Pre-K

“In the short term, I think one of the appeals to the business community, to many Republicans, is the workforce benefit,” he said. “This empowers a second parent returning to work, helps a single mom struggling to get by.”

Montana Chamber Foundation – Cash incentives to gain new skills for jobs in the 21st Century October 17-November 16, 2022  |  $10,000 in prize money

This competition drives participation in Microsoft’s global skills initiative and helps the workforce become more prepared for in-demand roles in the digital economy. 

Montanans, everyone over 16yrs with a free LinkedIn account is eligible to compete!

These no-cost training courses are offered by the Community Skills Initiative and the Montana Chamber Foundation.

Montana State research expenditures top $200 million for first time

“The vast majority of these dollars come from the federal government and are won through  incredibly competitive granting processes,” said Alison Harmon, MSU’s vice president for research and economic development. “This record is a credit to the work ethic, competitiveness and high caliber of our faculty.”

City College at MSU Billings and Accelerate Montana announce fast track to construction jobs

The Job Site Ready course is designed to quickly train Montanans in the entry-level skills needed to join Montana’s booming construction trades.

AGATE – Montana Association of Gifted and Talented Education

We empower students who are gifted and talented by promoting best practices and partnering with  educators, parents, administrators, legislators, community leaders and the general public.