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Important Soft Skills and Leadership Practices for Navigating the Virtual Workplace

As the workplace shifts, leaders need to align their soft skills and leadership practices with those changes too.

The University of Montana is seeking instructors/course designers to develop courses for female entrepreneurs!

Our goal is to provide real-world solutions that can be implemented based on practical, hands-on learning rather than theoretical concepts.

Introducing Decoder, a new podcast about big ideas and other problems launching Nov. 10

I’m going to interview executives from the worlds of tech and business, policymakers from across government, and a few other assorted troublemakers about the problems they’re solving, the trade-offs they have to make, and the opportunities they see in the future.

The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers – By Gwen Florio (Former Editor of the Missoulian)

Fewer and fewer reporters cover the local institutions whose decisions most directly affect their neighbors’ lives.

Daycares in Finland Built a ‘Forest Floor’, And It Changed Children’s Immune Systems

Playing through the greenery and litter of a mini forest’s undergrowth for just one month may be enough to change a child’s immune system, according to a small new experiment. 

New York Times targets Billings school district; Superintendent Upham responds

Billings Public Schools Superintendent Greg Upham addressed the school board Monday night after the board received a letter, regarding what Upham said was “misinformation” on contact tracing.

Montana’s registered apprenticeship program a boon to businesses, job seekers

Over the past 20 years, Montana’s registered apprenticeship program has sent more than 3,300 workers into good-paying jobs, with another 2,400 on the way, according to a new report.

Helena Public Schools adopt data-based model for changing phases of operations

“What the board really approved on Tuesday was a commitment that we would use data – and particularly local data – as an indicator in informing decisions that we need to make,” he said.

A little rainy day inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut.

“Seriously! I mean starting right now, do art and do it for the rest of your lives.”

STEM careers require the same kind of creative thinking as the arts, says new research

Surprisingly, creativity is general in nature, according to a new study that has big implications for education.