STARS Montana Early Education Program

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Pandemic Upending Childcare Industry and Workforce that Depends on It

Widespread closures are disrupting families and employers; advocates worry the industry won’t recover and call for rethinking public childcare funding

Zero to Five Montana Newsletter

Thank you for your work and interest in a Montana dedicated to every child!

Montana Legislative Education Interim Committee Looking at Assessment and Pre-K – 3/19-20 – Helena

Discussions will include a committee work session on pre-kindergarten that will begin with a look at policy frameworks of state programs that allow for mixed delivery (public schools and community-based providers) of voluntary pre-k with local school districts leading/coordinating the effort.

Billion Dollar Problem: Working Parents Leave Workforce, Postpone School Due to Childcare Challenges

Knowing many employers want to facilitate more access to childcare but do not know where to begin, we sought to learn what types of childcare benefits working parents desire most from employers.

Senator Tester Secures Millions for Montana Head Start Programs

“Head Start and Early Head Start provide Montana families with the care and resources they need to support their children’s early development without sacrificing job security or breaking the bank.” Sen. Tester

To build babies’ brains, invest in the infant/toddler workforce

“When we provide babies and toddlers with regular access to a sensitively attuned caregiver, we literally feed the growing brain, helping to build the brain architecture that supports everything in life that follows—our learning, our behavior, and even our health.”

Zero to Five helps caring Montanans make a lasting difference through local and statewide work, giving children a great start in life and a promising future.

We believe that every child deserves a great start, and we know that when we improve a child’s first five years, we improve their whole life.

Federal grant helps bring early education to rural Montana families

Rural Montana families will now have a new way to prepare their children for kindergarten at home thanks to a large federal grant.

Hard-Hitting Nature Valley Ad Shows The Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology

Nature Valley Canada recently sat down three generations of families and asked them one simple question, “What did you like to do for fun as a kid?” Take a moment to see how they responded, then grab your kids and go rediscover the joy of nature.

‘Needle in a haystack’: Finding a home a challenge for child care businesses

Roughly 51% of Americans are living in a “child care desert,” meaning there aren’t adequate child care resources for the number of children in the area. In Montana, 60% of people are living in such areas, according to the Center for American Progress.