The state with the best education wins!

STARS Montana Early Education Program

Headwaters Foundation Launches Zero to Five, a Strategic Initiative for Montana’s Children

“When we asked the communities we serve how we could best allocate our resources, they told us without hesitation to focus on the children. They also told us to let communities lead the process. We’re proud to say we’ve done both.” Headwaters Foundation CEO Brenda Solorzano


Missoula Chamber launches survey to address child care problems

Our society kneecaps young parents during the stretch of thier lives when they’re the most broke and stressed out that they’ll ever be with the extrodinary cost of daycare ($9k/yr in Missoula, often more than rent.


Senator Tester Announces Nearly $2 Million for Havre Head Start Classrooms

“Early childhood education is vital to the development of our kids and grandkids across the Hi-Line,” Tester said. “These resources will help ensure our next generation of leaders are put on a path to success and can reach their full potential.”


High-quality early education packs a powerful financial punch.

"You can think of having a better kindergarten teacher as being worth something like $300,000 for a classroom of students." Harvard economist Raj Chetty


The Montana Legislature must expand publicly funded preschool

Now that the dust has settled from the Nov. 6 election, state lawmakers are about to set the table for the 2019 Legislature. A top priority on that menu needs to be an expansion of publicly funded preschool.


First year of Montana’s state-funded preschool seen as success

"We think it’s going great," said DeAnn Jones, who operates Discovery Place Child Care near Chief Joseph Middle School. "We love it."


Governor Bullock Highlights Success of First-Ever Publicly Funded Preschool in Montana

93% of kids kindergarten ready at end of first year of pilot program


Montana STARS Preschool Report Card from Gov. Steve Bullock

The results from the first year of the program show that children in publicly funded preschool classrooms are not only ready for kindergarten, they are receiving a foundation that will better prepare them for success the rest of their lives.


Program will offer free pre-k education in Montana – Enroll your 3 or 4 year old today for next summer’s program.

Starting next summer, UPSTART will come to the Treasure State, fully funded, for all four and five year olds.


Funders for Montana’s Children

Funders for Montana’s Children members represent philanthropic organizations who have joined forces to ensure the well-being and future productivity of Montana’s youngest citizens. Our vision is a vibrant, prosperous Montana where children reach their full potential and are prepared to contribute to their communities and our social and economic vitality.


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