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MIT study finds young children who go to preschool are more likely to go to college

“ ‘It’s a pretty large effect,’ says Pathak. ‘It’s fairly rare to find school-based interventions that have effects of this magnitude.’ ”

‘Feeding our future’: New Mexico to provide free meals to all students

“When we feed our children, we’re feeding our future – these investments today will yield benefits tomorrow through generations of healthier New Mexicans.”

Tester Letter Urges Biden Administration to Address Health Care Provider Shortages in Rural Communities

Senator’s letter to CMS raises concern over lack of residency placement slots granted to rural areas;

Tester: “The agency must address this imbalance before the next allocation”

How affordable is child care near me? Search our database of day care prices by county

One of the largest struggles families in the U.S. face is finding quality child care they can afford. The search for a center or home-based provider can be overwhelming, and the price tag can be shocking. 

Small town solution for daycare may be a blueprint for other communities.

More than half of Americans struggle to find available and affordable childcare, but one small Minnesota town found a small solution that might be a blueprint for other cities. 

The Push for a $60K Base Teacher Salary Gains Steam as Bernie Sanders Signs On

“I want the day to come, sooner than later, when we are going to attract the best and brightest young people in our country into teaching,” Sanders said. “I want those young people to be proud of the profession they have chosen. I want them to teach in underserved communities, and I want them to help produce the most educated kids in the world. In order to accomplish those goals, we have got to pay teachers in America what they deserve.”

Zero to Five Montana Special Edition Newsletter – Community Capacity Cohort Apps are Open!

Montana Child Care Business Connect is now accepting applications for our  first community child care business capacity building cohort.

School privatization schemes are being pushed in Montana

Montanans Organized for Education’s (MOFE) 16,000 members — including parents, students, community members and teachers — stand in opposition to school privatization (sometimes called “school choice” by proponents).

Reading, writing, and paychecks. What’s a teacher worth?

A teacher-turned-congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, introduced the American Teacher Act.

Designed as a four-year federal grant program, the bill, set to be reintroduced in Congress on Wednesday, would help states lift their starting teacher salaries to $60,000, boost pay for veteran teachers, and make cost-of-living adjustments tied to inflation.

Montana Governor Gianforte declares January as the Education Month on Jan 27.

WHEREAS, as our students learn, their parents, who are their first and lifetime teachers, deserve to have their voices heard and be a part of their child’s education; and,