STARS Montana Early Education Program

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Life in 2050: A Glimpse at Education in the Future

Thanks to growing internet access and emerging technologies, the way we think of education will dramatically change.

Report: Montana averages one child care slot for every three kids

“The child care challenges that we’re talking about today have existed for many years; they’ve been highlighted even more as the result of the pandemic,” says Xanna Burg, KIDS COUNT Coordinator.

Alice Waters’s School-Food Revolution – The Edible Schoolyard Project

Something really needs to get done right now because we have forgotten about public education in this country.

The secret to happy, healthy homes? Universal childcare

Having a stable home, or even being able to afford one, requires stable childcare—something COVID-19 cast in sharp relief. The question now is what to do about it.

Report highlights child care shortages in Montana

A first-of-its-kind report for the state of Montana, done by Montana Kids Count with the Montana Budget and Policy Center, shows just what parents are up against in the state when it comes to finding quality and affordable child care, with the added challenges the pandemic brought.

The 25 best educational podcasts for learning what you missed in school

For auditory learners, podcasts can be excellent vehicles for processing knowledge that’d be less digestible in more visual mediums like video or even the written word.

Child care critical to modern Montana economy

Report: Montana has just one licensed child care slot for every three children under 6

Childcare is replacing housing as the top reason California is unaffordable

One in three California households is struggling to make ends meet. And childcare, in particular, is pushing expenses over the edge.

Gianforte vetoes Montana childcare task force – California Governor Newsom proposes prekindergarten for all

Former Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock took several swings at establishing a state preschool program during his time in office. Those efforts were rebuffed by the state’s fiscally conservative Republican Legislature.

This Tech Unicorn Just Opened A Million-Dollar Daycare – “We are building a playbook that open sources everything we’ve learned for any company to replicate.”

This month edtech unicorn Guild Education has unveiled the Beehive, an affordable childcare option housed in the same building as the 850-person Denver company. After successfully navigating years of regulatory hurdles, the company’s cofounder and CEO Rachel Carlson will release the open-sourced plans for other tech companies follow suit.