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Digital Divide: Bridging the Urban-Rural Connectivity Gap

Addressing the rural-urban education gap should be a priority for today’s policymakers.

New Reports on Montana Travel, Recreation, & Economic Insights for 2023!

We’re excited to announce that the 2023 Montana Travel Industry Summary and the 2023 Nonresident Visitation, Expenditures, and Economic Contribution Report have been published and are available for download!

Whitefish nears completion of new sustainable tourism plan

The survey revealed a major change in how respondents view the impacts of tourism on Whitefish. Nearly two-thirds of people said “tourism benefits do outweigh the negative impacts” in 2018. Fast-forward to fall 2023, when just 30% of respondents agreed with that statement, 47% percent disagreed, and the other 23% fell somewhere in between.

Estado de Montana ofrecerá programa gratuito en español sobre oportunidades de educación superior 4/18 – 5/16

Montana State University ofrece un programa gratuito de cinco sesiones en español esta primavera para brindar a la comunidad latina del Valle de Gallatin información y la oportunidad de obtener un certificado en temas relacionados con la educación superior.

H&E Equipment acquiring Montana-based rental business

The affiliates are located in Havre, Glasgow and Great Falls, Montana, and each location serves multiple end markets, including non-residential, industrial and agriculture.

Rise in investor-owned single-family rentals prompts policy responses – Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Policymakers taking note of investors’ increased share of the single-family rental market face decisions in a data-poor environment

Building the next Silicon Valley requires the curiosity and talent to already be local, at least at first.

Communities that have successfully done this are Austin, Texas with Robert Metcalfe and other innovators, El Segundo in the defense industry, and Miami in the crypto industry. Internationally, Tel Aviv is another sustainable tech hub that is thriving. These successes should also be studied by policymakers as they could potentially be more replicable.

2024 Big Sky, Bright Future Summit – 6/19-20 – Bozeman

Seminars will focus on the Montana Chamber’s Envision 2026 pillars: Entrepreneurship, Business Climate, Infrastructure, and Workforce with trades & apprenticeship; housing & childcare; manufacturing; business recruitment; and broadband at the forefront.

U.S. Senate hopeful’s Montana company reported losses of more than $77 million in 2023 – SEC filing shows Tim Sheehy’s Bridger Aerospace is deeply in the red.

The annual report the publicly traded company filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also shows that Bridger is deeply in debt, hemorrhaging cash and at risk of failing to meet its financial obligations in the coming year. 

New internet ‘nutrition label’ aims to help de-mystify bills – Are you getting your daily minimum amount of “fiber”?

A new Federal Communications Commission rule goes into effect on April 10 that mandates ISPs to provide an easy-to-read breakdown of internet fees. And the new graphic has a familiar look: a nutrition label.