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How the Yellowstone Floods Laid Bare a Housing Crisis

This year’s historic floods ravaged communities already roiled by spiking housing costs and a shortage of available workforce housing near the nation’s oldest national park.

It now costs almost $1.2 million to build a single affordable home in San Francisco – $3.55 million “Pink Painted Lady”, will require a “gut renovation,”

“Building affordable housing in San Francisco is usually very expensive,” said Muhammad Alameldin, a policy associate at UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation. “They haven’t built housing for decades. They’ve pushed out all the workers. Now if they want to build housing, it’s going to come at a premium.”

Solar Power Prices Fall As Installations Rise

Solar power is expected to increase dramatically thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, but there will be hurdles along the way.

Housing market correction? Here’s what experts think is ahead for the real estate market

The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes may be intended to give the housing industry a “reset,” as chair Jerome Powell wanted, but it also may have further confused home buyers and sellers on what to do next.

Home prices see biggest drop in 9 years, thanks to higher mortgage rates

“That magnitude of the mortgage rate increase is one of the largest, quickest increases in such a short span of time,” says Yun. He says the number of home sales each month is now down about 20 percent from a year ago.

Squeezed out: Housing crisis looms large over the West

It’s the worst of both worlds: Even as the historic housing-price runup slows, prices remain high and interest rates are getting higher. As a result, middle class home buyers already struggling to find a home they can afford in a place they want to live face an even tougher time.

For sale: God, guns and separatism in the American Redoubt in Montana and Idaho

In a preparation checklist, Rawles recommends that new arrivals to the American Redoubt sell or donate extravagances like jewelry and televisions, research the geography and microclimates of their new settlement, and “bring your guns.”

As countries (and states) try to attract digital nomads, locals say ‘not so fast’

Digital nomad culture is clashing with local culture.

Are Log Homes Really Energy Efficient?

The biggest question many homeowners have going into owning a log home is how they can make it as energy efficient as possible. Log homes need constant maintenance in order to maintain their integrity and keep costs of energy usage low. There are a ton of options to choose from to keep your log home’s energy efficiency up, including choosing a wood log alternative like EverLog Concrete logs, timbers, and siding.

Why the Housing Market Is Not in Recession

Housing sales are falling in response to rising interest rates, but the real estate market is not in a recession, according to Wharton’s Fernando Ferreira. He explains why the persistent lack of supply will continue to put pressure on homebuyers.