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High School House – Great Falls CMR and Great Falls High students and athletes come together to build homes in Montana

The program that allows for them to do that is called High School House and it has allowed students for the last 20 years to build almost 50 houses for families.

The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem

Many people eligible for Covid-era rent assistance have trouble navigating a “tangled web” of agencies because they don’t have reliable internet access.

Montana Department of Commerce Announces $22.6 Million to Develop Affordable Homes in 4 Montana Communities

“Access to affordable homes is vital for our communities to grow and prosper. These homes will provide a safe place to live and needed stability for many Montanans in communities across the state,” Commerce Director Scott Osterman said.

These homeowners volunteer their backyards for tiny housing for homeless neighbors

The Seattle program, called Block Project, has housed 12 people in private backyards—and plans to grow.

“Boise Is In A Full Fledged Housing Crash” Real Estate Expert – OR – Why the U.S. Housing Boom Isn’t a Bubble

Boise leads the nation in price reductions at 920%.

They turned a one-car garage into a stunning ADU to house their parents. You can too

It became a priority to have somewhere for our family to come and stay with us for comfortable amounts of time without being in a hotel. The ADU seemed like the perfect solution.”

Missoula Economic Partnership looks to build “inclusive and resilient” economy

A year ago, most business and economic leaders in Missoula hoped the economy would find its way back to pre-pandemic norms by now. But as the pandemic grinds on, there’s a new realization that things may never be the same, and it’s time to plan for an altered economic future.

Jobs abound and wages rise in Missoula, but employees hard to find – Come Home Montana – Career Opportunities in Montana

According to the latest State of Missoula’s Workforce study commissioned by the Missoula Economic Partnership, the average hourly wage in Missoula rose from $24.12 last February to $26.75 this June.

Montanans pushed out of larger cities look to Butte for homes

“We’ve had people approach us from Bozeman say, ‘We’re going to move. We can’t afford to operate in Bozeman because our employees can’t afford housing,’” explained Markovich. “No doubt, of the big five communities in the state, Butte is simply the most affordable.”

This Silicon Valley county is trying to end a ‘hidden epidemic’ of homeless families. Will it work?

By 2025, the “Heading Home” program seeks to functionally end family homelessness in the county, meaning that more families are entering housing than falling into homelessness.