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Time Magazine – In the ‘Great Reshuffling,’ People Are Flocking to Montana’s Biggest City. Its Mayor Has a Good Idea Why

How the Great Reshuffling is affecting the community, the factors driving so many Americans to relocate and his approach to paying for the increased demands on the local infrastructure.

MATR Launches The Montana Community Map. Would you like to be the “Keeper” of your community?

What’s great about each Montana community and what’s happening to make it a truly wonderful place to live or visit like career and real estate opportunities, housing and broadband availability, child care facilities, social activities etc.

Montana Career Opportunity – Community Housing Program Coordinator – City of Bozeman

In this essential role you will be responsible for the administration, coordination, research, and implementation of policies and programs related to community housing in the City of Bozeman. This includes, but is not limited to,…

What’s a nursing home combined with a childcare center? A hopeful model for the future of aging  (and early education)

Imagine a place for the elderly that’s also filled with the sounds of kids playing. Marc Freedman goes to Singapore to investigate a new model for intergenerational living.

Abandoning Bozeman: Longtime Residents Fleeing the Area

Many longtime residents are frustrated with the rapid growth and rate of change in Bozeman. Folks that have called Bozeman home for years are deciding to take advantage of the inflated housing market. Many are selling their homes at top dollar and uprooting their families to find what they came here…

‘Economic transformation’ Montana commission adopts priorities, seeks public input on how to allocate $150 Million

Lawmakers and Gianforte administration officials tasked with allocating $150 million to bolster Montana’s post-COVID economy name business innovation, value-added ag, worker training and affordable housing as priorities.

Smart City Tech Is Being Built Into Planned Communities

Some of the smart city technologies being made available to residents include drone delivery by DroneUp, ferrying goods from the New Haven Marketplace — a new retail area — to resident homes. New Haven will also feature “robot carts” by gita, a self-operating enclosed cart about the size of a wheelbarrow, that can follow pedestrians with groceries or other items. Residents can also hop on a three-wheeled electric scooter by Clevr Scooters.

Gov. Gianforte Seeks Public Comment on Use of ARPA Economic and Workforce Funds

Beginning yesterday and through August 9, 2021, Montanans may submit their public comment

Converting Unused Parking Garages to Affordable Housing

As garage operators find their businesses increasingly unsustainable, some are looking to affordable housing as the logical next incarnation of their buildings.

Californians are arriving in Montana in droves. But they’re not welcome.

That was in September 2020. By Thanksgiving, they had moved there, joining the thousands of people who have relocated from California to Montana in the past two years.