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Underground car parks used to heat buildings above – Another Huge parking lot in the center of Missoula…..

Modular geothermal panels provide year-round heating and cooling

Californians Are Driving This Colorado College Town’s Luxury Market

The location is sought after, though buyers may have renovations to do depending on their standards, a common occurrence in properties listed under $5 million.

Missoula hires firm to review successes, gaps in plan to end homelessness

This week, members of the City Council approved a $42,000 contact with JG Research and Evaluation to take a comprehensive look at Reaching Home: Missoula’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

More investors buying mobile home parks, leaving residents behind. How do you define GREED?

Mobile Home Park University is an organization that runs a boot camp to help investors looking to buy these parks.

According to them, “the fact that tenants can’t afford the $5,000 it costs to move a mobile home keeps revenues stable and makes it easy to raise rents without losing any occupancy.”

Will you be the lucky one who buys this Great Falls house built by high school students?

High School House students prepare for the 44th Open House that will take place from 11 a.m. to noon on May 19. This home is in the heart of downtown Great Falls at 316 5th Ave. S. Students from C.M. Russell and Great Falls High Schools worked together to learn the skills necessary to build a single-family home from the ground up.

Can $949K buy a piece of the true Missoula, Montana?

What’s not clear is how this tribe will react when they discover the realities of the luminous western lifestyle The Reed is peddling: For example, the fact the ski season is truncated for lack of snow, or the fact the “premium powder “they flog is likely recycled dishwater. The fact that Montana’s wild rivers are drying up, and its fabled trout streams are running at 70 degrees. The fact Missoula air quality mostly hovers between “unhealthy” and “hazardous.” Or that the fire season now accounts for the better part of the summer. Will this sub-iconic Montana still be worth sticking around for? Will the iconic views The Reed “seized” be worth a cool million? And how “urban chic” can the Hip Strip remain, when the artisans, chefs and business people who made it can’t afford to live there?

University of Montana Innovation Factory, Habitat for Humanity look to use 3D printing to address housing crisis

“Being able to build differently with different housing forms really helps us to help the single person achieve homeownership,” Harp said. “Right now, it’s difficult even with two incomes. Imagine trying to buy a home with just one.”

University of Montana poll: Quality of life down, growth too fast – City Club Missoula – Destination Stewardship: How Can We Keep From “Loving Montana to Death?” May 9 – Zoom

How do decision-makers ‘keep Montana from being loved to death’?

Tuesday’s Headlines Are Sick of Sprawl – 105-acre south Missoula property sold in record-breaking deal

How cities built for car dependence contribute to climate change. Plus, a windfall tax on oil companies’ record profits?

How some Bay Area home buyers are saving thousands a year in property taxes

The tax break vastly expanded the ways people older than 55 or severely disabled can sell their primary residence and transfer its assessed value to a new primary residence, rather than having the new residence reassessed at full market value.

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