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Lab-grown Wagyu beef morsels could be coming to a meat market near you

The company claims that it’s possible to exceed the marbling requirements for natural Wagyu beef. Additionally, those standards can be consistently maintained throughout each production run. What’s more, although the finished product currently takes the form of small cubes, it could reportedly be printed in any size or shape.

New co-work space Rock31 opens its doors in Downtown Billings

Steve Arveshcoug, Executive Director of Big Sky Economic Development says Rock31 allows entrepreneurs connection with other business-minded individuals to encourage one another, and come up with new ideas… 

Turning batteries into fertiliser

A proprietary process recycles the nutrients in used batteries into an organic fertiliser that improves crop yields

Rock31 entrepreneur workspace initiative coming to downtown Billings

“The Rock31 space is positioned perfectly in the heart of downtown Billings. It’s an opportune location for business startups to share ideas with each other and personally connect with potential clients and investors,” said Andrew Rahn, owner and founder of Montana Land Source and early adopter of Rock31.

C2M Beta Accelerator- Apply Now!

Our 12-week “hands on” program is designed to empower entrepreneurs to put their business ideas on a bold path to remarkable results. 

Concrete made with shredded PPE gear offers up to 22% higher strength

RMIT’s researchers haven’t been afraid to get creative when thinking up new approaches to concrete, turning to everything from tires, to lobster shells to steel slag for inspiration. Last year, they also showed how disposable face masks could be worked into stronger recycled concrete aggregate for road layering.

Psilocybin ‘trips’ combined with therapy reduce alcohol use, study finds

The psychedelic compound psilocybin, commonly known as “shrooms” or magic mushrooms, may help people who struggle with alcohol dependence better manage their drinking, a new study found.

California just invested millions in lab-grown meat, becoming the first state to back the unproven industry

Advocates say that lab-grown meat will be an environmentally friendly alternative to industrial animal agriculture, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

A pilot project turns wind turbine blades into snowsports equipment

The recycled blades will be turned into skis, snowboards, and construction materials for solar farms

Search for the universe’s mysterious dark matter begins a mile underground in South Dakota

The five-year, $60 million search finally got underway two months ago after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far the device has found … nothing. At least no dark matter.