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Montana State University makes car that runs on solar energy

They’re hoping to race the car in Texas for the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

These Are The Biggest Innovation Challenges We Must Solve Over The Next Decade

The challenges we face today will be fundamentally different because they won’t be solved by humans alone, but through complex human-machine interactions.

The Air Force invented a portable navigation device that hears what we can’t – Can you build a company from this technology?

“The ultimate goal is, hopefully, we will receive follow-on work and the technology is transferred into something operational — either in a military or commercial context,” Adrian Peter, director of Florida Tech’s Information Characterization &...

Idaho Research and Development Tax Credit Summary

The Idaho R&D Tax Credit allows a taxpayer who makes expenditures in research and development activities in Idaho to claim an income tax credit.

Wyoming river guide designs own shorts – Now on Kickstarter

As a burgeoning businessman Prevot is taking advantage of the incubator community in Jackson.

Snow-powered nanogenerator works where solar panels don’t

Now a team from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has developed a new device that can produce electricity from snow itself.

Let’s Steal This Idea: A Business Incubator For People 60+

America’s start-up ecosystem of business incubators, accelerators and co-sharing workspaces largely ignores people over 60 who are eager to launch companies, either full-time or part-time in retirement.

Fecal transplants result in massive long-term reduction in autism symptoms

One in every 59 children born in the US is diagnosed with autism

Bacteria could prevent potholes caused by road salts

When calcium chloride de-icer is spread on sidewalks or roads, it reacts with the calcium hydroxide in concrete, creating calcium oxychloride. Also known as CAOXY, this substance expands within the concrete, causing it to crack....

TechLink – This new invention can generate power from the softest breeze

Government invention is available to businesses or entrepreneurs who would make, use, or sell it

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