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Here’s What Y Combinator Wants From Startups This Year

The incubator just published a wish list of sectors where it will invest –good news if you’re in climate tech and med tech.

10 Company Incubator and Accelerator Programs You Need to Know About

These established companies are boosting newcomers with resources, mentorship, and more. Here’s a list of just some of the available programs.

Surprise plant cell discovery unlocks human anti-aging potential

Scientists have discovered a new contender in the quest to hack the human aging process, and it’s a little-studied protein within a cell structure that also doesn’t get a lot of airtime in research despite being one of the first organelles identified more than a century ago.

How can AI bring academic research to the fore?

A platform recommends relevant research and makes it easier to understand

How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland

Regions in the US interior are well-positioned to revive their manufacturing industries with new technology.

Could we make milk from CO2?

A new collaborative project hopes to use the power of microbes to turn CO2 into animal-free milk

Innovative water treatment tech could help remove forever chemicals

The Tampa Water Department is exploring suspended ion exchange technology as a way to address PFAS contamination to meet new federal standards.

CBS 60 Minutes – Monkeys show how trauma can be reduced by social interactions

Given the strong similarity between these primates, these monkeys and us, we know that a lot of this– the– the work that we’re doing and– and the things that they might do to, you know, be more resilient to this might be translatable to humans, to us. And might provide ways for us to intervene and help buffer against the negative effects of these traumatic events.

Sniffing women’s tears reduces male aggression by 44%, study finds… Where can I buy a pint of tears?…asking for a friend

A fascinating study has found that sniffing female tears significantly reduced male aggression and decreased activity in aggression-related brain networks. It’s suggested that the effect, which is caused by chemical signals in tears and is also seen in rodents, serves a protective function.

We All Know EVs Save Money, But Electric Lasers Save Big, Big Money

Newer solid state lasers just use electrical energy to create a laser for far cheaper.