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Video – Top 20 medical inventions that changed the world as of 2022

Discover game-changing medical inventions that have revolutionized healthcare!

Video – New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete

There’s a new robot in town. You’ll see it in the army soon!

University of Montana Biotechnology Center (BIOTECH) Led by Dr. Monica Serban Earns Research Award for Submicroscopic 3D Printer

“The Quantum X Bio System will accentuate the cutting-edge educational and research capabilities of our center and UM,” said Monica Serban, the BIOTECH director.

New artificial enamel is harder and more durable than the real thing

Novel material mimics enamel’s complex structure with stronger components

Brad Feld – Introducing the Rocky Mountain Artificial Intelligence Interest Group (RMAIIG)

Their first meeting is Tuesday, April 11th, and covers a deeper dive into ChatGPT. The group is taking speaker suggestions and ideas for a venue for quarterly in-person meetings when they aren’t on Zoom. I encourage Rocky Mountain readers to get involved if they’re interested in exploring the rapidly-changing world of AI.

Scientists create mice with cells from 2 males for 1st time – Let the memes begin……

Scientists have created baby mice with two fathers for the first time by turning male mouse stem cells into female cells in a lab

VALL-E: Microsoft’s AI can translate your voice into foreign languages

New AI tech will dissolve communication boundaries by translating in your voice.

Non-soggy biodegradable drinking straws made from wood waste

Scientists from South Korea’s Inha University looked to lignin, a type of organic polymer which makes up much of the support tissue in plants – including trees.

Safe upcycle of pandemic plastics creates lucrative nanotechnology

A team of researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has developed a single-step, organic solvent-free, hydrothermal process to convert polyethylene-based plastic bags and polypropylene-based surgical masks into carbon dots.

3D Printing Is Becoming Unstoppable

In the beginning, most items were created with plastics, but that’s no longer the case and other elements can be printed. It is now possible to even print human cells.