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Blood test to predict how likely you are to die within 5 to 10 years

An outcome from this test could be to help clinicians determine more effective treatment strategies in elderly patients.

A first look inside Google’s top-secret design lab

“That’s how insane [we are], in a good way.”

“CBS’s 60 Minutes” – Inside MIT’s “Future Factory”

For more than 30 years, MIT has been recruiting people with crazy ideas to work in their Media Lab, where life-changing inventions are created. “60 Minutes” got a peek at what they’re working on now.

Facebook-backed brain research decodes thoughts as words instantly for the first time

Technology that for the first time, decodes brainwaves as words and phrases in real time.

Blood test spots Alzheimer’s early with 94% accuracy

Such a test may become available at doctors’ offices within a few years, but its benefits will be much greater once there are treatments to halt the disease process and forestall dementia.

TechLink -H2 Power, hydrogen fuel startup, licenses new formula from Army Research Lab

The U.S. Army announced that it signed a patent license agreement with a Chicago-based hydrogen fuel company that hopes to disrupt transportation and portable energy markets.

Researchers at the University of Montana Center for Translational Medicine craft vaccine for opioid addiction

The researchers are working toward a vaccine that would prompt the immune system to attack opioids in the bloodstream, preventing them from entering the brain.

National Institute of Health program asks Missoulians to donate DNA Thursday and Friday at Caras Park

A new research program is asking citizens for a swab of their DNA to help researchers study how the environment and lifestyles can affect health.

Montana Trends: Montanans’ Consumer Confidence: Expectations for Income, Travel, and Recreation

Montana residents were asked questions related to their expectations of their income, travel, and outdoor recreation.

Kickstarter Campaign – A ‘health guru’ for bees: Montana researchers develop app to gauge colony health

An app from Bee Health Guru analyzes the audio for signs of eight different bee colony problems.


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