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Smart contact lens gets closer to reality: A First Look

You may discreetly see your heart rate, glucose reading, a weather forecast, real-time translation or map. Or maybe the name and title of the person you’re about to run into.

Novel dementia vaccine on track for human trials within two years

The researchers suggest this “dementia vaccine” is now ready for human trials, and if successful could become the “breakthrough of the next decade.”

MSU researchers win $1.2 million grant to improve worker-robot interaction

Laura Stanley is exploring what she sees as the next step: giving robots the ability to dynamically contribute to worker safety and satisfaction.

Information teleported between two computer chips for the first time

This could open the door for quantum computers and quantum internet.

Montana State’s new research VP looks to build on campus success

“There’s a lot of great things happening at Montana State.”

MSU-Industry partnership awarded $10.5 million by Air Force for advanced optics research

The 20,000-square-foot ARL building, expected to be completed in January, will allow university faculty, students, and industry partners to work on energy- and defense-related research projects previously out of reach due to the lack of a secure facility.

I’m a scientist. This is what I had to ‘unlearn’ to build a successful business

You have to trust you’ll find the answers as you go, not hold yourself back until you think you’ve got every potential problem figured out.

Paul Gladen

Can Do: Paul Gladen On Creating Opportunities For Montana’s Rural Entrepreneurs

Today on Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, Paul discusses all things start-up. He’ll tell us what it takes to successfully launch a new business endeavor, particularly if you plan to work in a rural environment.

C2M Beta and Blackfoot Communications Announce Second Accelerator Cohort

“C2M beta has become a platform for Blackfoot to play a larger role in the growing regional technology economy, as well as engage with businesses developing products and services that can be delivered ‘over the top’ of our robust telecommunications network,” said Jason Williams, Blackfoot CEO.

‘Jim Allison: Breakthrough’ Review: Taking On Cancer

He won a Nobel Prize for his discoveries in immunotherapy. This documentary shows how he got there.