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The Secret to Living Past 120 Years Old? Nanobots – Immortality is Nearer That You Thought

In The Singularity Is Nearer: When We Merge With AI, the spiritual sequel to his (in)famous 2005 book, Ray Kurzweil doubles down on the promise of immortality.

Captain Kirk didn’t have this – Video: Chefee may be that futuristic “home robot chef” we were all promised

Users start by utilizing an accompanying app to make up a weekly meal plan. There are currently over 5,000 recipes to choose from, plus we’re told that users can program in recipes of their own.

Blackfoot Communications and C2M Beta Announce 2024 Spring Showcase Event – 6/18 – Missoula

Blackfoot Communications and C2M Beta are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 2024 Spring Showcase Event, scheduled to take place on June 18th at the ZACC downtown in Missoula, Montana. The doors will open at 4:30 PM MST, with the pitches from the entrepreneurs set to begin at 5:30 PM. 

Blood sugar goes low and stays low with exercise at this time of day

The findings of the new study line up with previous research showing benefits to exercise at certain times of the day. One study showed that wrapping up an exercise session about two hours before bed could significantly improve sleep.

Super-compact internally rotating combustion engine packs a solid punch

An innovative new combustion engine eliminates half the guts of a traditional engine, and uses a fascinating internally-rotating piston and sleeve arrangement, making it lighter, simpler and more efficient while still making strong power and torque.

100% of cancer patients cured long-term in ‘remarkable’ human trial

While still in its early stages before clinical use, it’s already been hyped up as a ‘wonder drug’ for successful, non-invasive cancer treatment.

Knee ‘plug’ simplifies surgery and recovery

Damage to knee cartilage and bone can limit mobility and cause chronic pain. Now, researchers have developed an off-the-shelf synthetic ‘plug’ that heals the joint and could be an alternative to current treatments like total knee replacement surgery.

Breakthrough synapse-regenerating ALS pill moves to phase 2 human trials

A pioneering once-a-day pill that regenerates nerve cell connections damaged by ALS has been FDA-approved for ongoing clinical trials. The drug is now being given to those with ALS and could be a watershed moment in the treatment of the fatal disease.

Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while – Birth control is good, actually

“STK33 is therefore considered a viable target with minimal safety concerns for contraception in men,”

Head transplants performed by robots planned within the decade

In what sounds more like the opening scene from a B-grade sci-fi/horror flick, head transplant operations performed entirely by robotic surgeons could be coming to a hospital near you within a decade, if startup BrainBridge is to be believed.