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Data isn’t objective. This new podcast dispels the myth

Data journalist Mona Chalabi’s new podcast, ‘Am I Normal,’ explores what happens when numbers don’t tell the full story.

The Future of American Farming Demands Broadband

How can we deliver the broadband that farmers need?

State of Montana announces Request for Information on broadband mapping platforms

The state announced on Thursday that it is seeking a third-party contractor to create a map that identifies areas in the state where broadband bands needs are not being adequately met; officials are calling the…

Right to privacy: Missoula legislator’s bill bars sale of GPS data without consent – Privacy Rings?

Senate Bill 242, sponsored by Sen. Bryce Bennett, D-Missoula, would bar companies from selling GPS data without explicit consent. 

Planet Labs Uses Mini Satellites to take 1.2 Million Images of the Earth Every Day – NBC Nightly News

Planet Labs operates the largest and least expensive fleet of satellites in history, selling photos of the globe to the public each day.

TruFactor, Partners Bring Marketing-Type Data to Government

It collects not just counts of people, but sometimes age, income, gender, home zip code, and other intelligence that can be helpful for small local governments making tactical budgetary or policy decisions.

Missoula, Montana’s GeoData Services – Assisting Rural Communities Build GIS Capacity For Next Generation 9-1-1

While our specialty is Next Generation 9-1-1, we also conduct geospatial analysis ranging from simple to complex.

Montana Career Opportunity – Geospatial Analyst – Montana Department of Transportation

This position serves as a professional transportation planner and GIS application expert within the Geospatial Information Section and is responsible for planning and managing statewide GIS data and services, GIS mapping projects including managing the…

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2019 Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP) K-12 Education Grants and Higher Education GIS Scholarship

The (MAGIP) Education Committee works to promote the exchange of geographic information to K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and the public by administering grants and scholarships and providing training and mentoring to students and teachers.

MapAnything raises $42.5 million for location of things platform

The location of things (LoT) market — which comprises technology that enables developers to make use of geographic data — is projected to be worth $71.6 billion by 2025