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Montana’s Headwaters Hub

The Headwaters Hub will capitalize on the region’s existing commitment to market-driven innovation—and status as home to dozens of photonics companies—to overcome barriers to the advancement and broad adoption of autonomous technologies in critical use areas that are vital to the United States’ economic and national security.

Net Neutrality Is Really A Debate Over Monopoly Power

“They do not want their providers engaging in blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. And if they have problems they expect the Nation’s expert authority on communications to be able to respond,”

The Images That Boost Support for Sustainable Transportation

AI-generated illustrations of streets with bike lanes, bus lanes and fewer cars have the power to persuade, a new study finds.

Rick Steves on Walkability Lessons From Europe

Many of Europe’s pedestrian-friendly, transit-rich cities weren’t always that way.

‘Design for a Radically Changing World’

14,000 workers in nine countries were asked about the workplace experiences they like best. Having an office modeled after a coffee shop was among the top three choices in every nation and came out first in several, including the U.S.

The robot treats land with controlled burning to limit the spread of future fires

The robotic system, called RX, treats only the land that’s directly beneath it, safely burning the debris in an enclosed chamber and cooling the land as it moves to create a kind of fire break. To eliminate the chance of fire escaping, RX also uses air suction to contain any flames and embers. The technology runs on clean fuel and therefore produces much less smoke than similar methods, which release pollutants from burning petrol.

Commerce Department Awards $100,000 in Grant Funding to Three Montana Main Street Communities

“Montana’s Main Streets are at the heart of our state’s values, our neighborhoods and the economy. That’s why Commerce, through the Montana Main Street Program, will continue to help foster community development efforts, revitalization projects and historic preservation for our Main Streets,” said Paul Green, Director of the Montana Department of Commerce.

Welcome to the War on Cars, Scientific American – The End of Carcatecture.

Each city has its own unique considerations and challenges. And such an ambitious project will require rethinking many of our assumptions about American car culture. But the benefits could make everyone healthier and safer.

New software helps urban planners digitally test different transport options for carbon reduction

The company is building Digital, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DMRV) software to track urban transport decarbonisation efforts. The platform will measure and certify carbon credits for organisations working to clean up, strengthen, and improve urban public transport options. 

Feds approve Montana’s plan to expand broadband access

Montana’s Digital Opportunity Plan listed barriers to digital access, which include broadband availability, service affordability, device access, and digital skills – with access and affordability being the top two.