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High Real Estate Values and Missoula’s Reserve Street – 4/11 – Free Cycles

We all want the same thing: to live a good life in a prospering place. But what is the best way to make our community safer and more inviting? How do we make Missoula financially stronger and resilient, both now and into the future? And how can we work together to take steps to accomplish that vision together?

Feds approve Montana’s plan to expand broadband access

Montana’s Digital Opportunity Plan listed barriers to digital access, which include broadband availability, service affordability, device access, and digital skills – with access and affordability being the top two.

The FCC Now Says Broadband Speed Should Be at Least 100 Mbps

The old broadband standard of 25 Mbps wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Why not in Montana? – AAPB and Benton Publish New Handbook: ‘How To Build A Public Broadband Network’ –

More cities and towns across the U.S. are exploring municipal broadband as an increasingly attractive and effective approach to bring ubiquitous, and affordable, high-speed Internet to its residents and businesses.

TechLink February Pulse – Can You Feel the Love?

See this month’s top licensing opportunities from DOD and VA labs.

Can Funding Counties Directly Help Them Overcome Their Biggest Problems?

Thousands of county officials came to Washington, D.C., to make the case with Congress that funding counties directly is the best way to improve lives across the country’s diverse rural and urban communities.

Change the Conversation: Strong Towns are built incrementally

In this excerpt from “Where Did All the Small Developers Go,” housing expert Daniel Herriges describes why incremental development is so hard to do these days, and why we need to open the door to it once again for the sake of our cities.

Our Missoula – Missoula’s vision for future growth and to modernize the development regulations- Subscribe Now

With broad community involvement, Our Missoula will result in an inclusive vision for how Missoula will grow in the future. It will guide critical changes in the code that the City needs to take to carry out that vision.

Infrastructure ‘bootcamps’ help smaller cities win federal grants

The Local Infrastructure Hub has helped participating cities win millions of dollars to address pressing needs in transportation, climate, flood mitigation, rails, broadband and more.

Drive Less, Live More: How States Can Lead the Way in Climate-Smart Transportation

State departments of transportation (DOTs) are uniquely positioned to accelerate the shift to clean transportation. While many have made heartening progress in areas like vehicle electrification, most have neglected other necessary solutions — namely, equitably expanding access to mobility choices and reducing the miles we have to drive (referred to as vehicle miles traveled or VMT).