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Montana Association of Counties News: June 2019

I would like to encourage all county officials to consider participating in the NACo High Performance Leadership Academy (HPLA) as they prepare their 2019-2020 budgets.

These 15 mind-blowing bike projects will make you hate your regular bike lane

The projects featured in the new Bicycle Architecture Biennale–from bike lanes through a pond to soaring bike bridges–highlight just how beautiful and transformative bike infrastructure can be when done right.

Butte-Silver Bow commissioners put hold on BLDC money proposal

Debate over how the county should spend about $65,000 from a property tax levy each year has morphed into a bigger conversation about what is and what isn’t economic development in Butte and how to...

Montana’s Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney, Tribes discuss economy

“I am here today to hear about your priorities,” Cooney said. “We are not here to tell you what to do.”

Bozeman, Montana looks for younger perspective, creates advisory council

“A lot of young people are moving back here, and we’re thrilled they’re here. So how do we keep them and get them involved?” Mehl said.

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More States Explore Performance-Based Ratemaking, but Few Incentives Are in Place

Efforts to redesign the utility business model are gaining traction across the U.S.

Missoula City Council closer to apprenticeship program on city construction jobs

Members of the Missoula City Council passed a resolution Wednesday that would provide more opportunities for young apprentices to “earn while they learn” during city construction projects.

Maine Passes State-Level Green New Deal for Workforce Development

“The renewable energy transition can bring Maine down or it can lift us up,” Maxmin said. “That’s up to us to decide. It’s up to political bodies to decide.”

City Club Missoula – Officials Say Montana Needs To Fight Fire With Fire

“This is not fireproofing, and this isn’t necessarily going to reduce occurrence. What we’re really interested in is reducing some of that intensity,” said Missoula District Ranger Jen Hensiek.

The End of “Carcatecture” – “Breaking the Cycle of Automobile Dependency”

It’s time for reform.

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