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Gov. Gavin Newsom, California escalate war with wild pig ‘scourge’ – Wild pig reports on the rise in Montana – When will Montana follow?

It will soon be easier to hunt wild pigs in California after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Thursday a bill aimed at getting the animal’s population under control.

It now costs almost $1.2 million to build a single affordable home in San Francisco – $3.55 million “Pink Painted Lady”, will require a “gut renovation,”

“Building affordable housing in San Francisco is usually very expensive,” said Muhammad Alameldin, a policy associate at UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation. “They haven’t built housing for decades. They’ve pushed out all the workers. Now if they want to build housing, it’s going to come at a premium.”

Solar Power Prices Fall As Installations Rise

Solar power is expected to increase dramatically thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, but there will be hurdles along the way.

Montana 2022 Small Business Profile

129,180 small businesses – 99.3 percent of Montana businesses

How to prevent deadly wildfires? Stop fighting fires. – Mann Gulch, Montana. — We walked with ghosts.

We walked with ghosts.

The afternoon was 73 years ago, something like the Bible’s allotted span of three score and ten. On a hot August day in 1949, lightning struck a Mann Gulch hillside. By suppertime the next day, 11 firefighters were dead and two were dying of their burns. A lifetime, to them, was as brief as 19 years, and no more than 28.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $502 Million for High-Speed Internet in Rural Communities – Montana’s Project Telephone Company $8,579,820

This network will connect 693 people, 16 businesses, one educational facility, and 23 farms to
high-speed internet in Big Horn and Yellowstone counties in Montana.

MONTANA DEQ invites school districts to apply for clean bus grants

“We expect this to be a competitive grant process and look forward to helping districts purchase cleaner buses that reduce children’s exposure to harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.”

Killing the economic polar bear

According to two economists from BlackRock, there should be a louder debate about the tradeoffs between fighting inflation and well, killing, economic growth. As the United States Federal Reserve continues to hike interest rates, what will be the ultimate decision?

Amid a massive American clean energy shift, grid operators play catch-up

Thirty states and Washington, D.C., have active renewable or clean energy requirements, and three other states have voluntary renewable energy goals, per the National Conference of State Legislatures. And major corporations — from Amazon, Target and Microsoft to Boeing and Google — are also increasingly becoming major green power consumers.

Missoula ready to ink cable franchise agreement with TDS; still waiting on Charter

The agreement, long in the making, is expected to be finalized next Monday, giving Missoula residents a choice between Charter and TDS once the company builds out its network.