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Remote Workers and Their Tax Liabilities in Montana

The department would like to remind these “remote workers” that they may have an income tax filing obligation with the department. 

Montana economists push to make child tax credits permanent

Initial Montana delegation support for the child tax credit was limited to U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat. Republicans Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale voted against ARPA.

What’s Missing from the Infrastructure Bill’s $65 Billion Broadband Plan?

In Montana, the government is barred from providing internet service unless there is no private network option.

Small Towns Making It Work

I’ll start with education, which builds the foundation for economic growth in a community.

California Banks on a Bold Treatment: Pay Drug Users to Stop Using

Listen to Lemon’s story and to understand how California’s unconventional treatment works.

Gov. Gianforte talks about ARPA, biodiesel and voting integrity

The governor’s office contacted the Sidney Herald on Wednesday morning and asked the newspaper to remove the post for security purposes and stated the “town hall” was not open to the public and specific business owners and stakeholders had been invited to the meeting to discuss specific topics. The post was removed as requested and replaced with one debating the governor’s use of the term “town hall” for a closed meeting.

The United States Is Becoming More Racially Diverse — And So Is Rural America

The Census Bureau’s recently released redistricting data reveal that changes in demographics, cultural identity, and Census questions create a complex and nuanced picture of race in rural America.

T.R. Reid: The best health care plan for Colorado is still universal coverage

Colorado could fix a significant problem and save money at the same time.

Montana Economy & Workforce Trends – Opportunities Going Forward

Want to know where the workers are?

MEDA (Montana Economic Developers Association) Office Hour Each Month – Join the discussion of the future of Montana’s Economy

Join us each month for an hour to discuss all sorts of topics – from community to economic development and the tools used to things done for Montana.