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The Hidden Investment Opportunity In Electric Vehicles? Commercial Real Estate

Drivers waiting to recharge their vehicles are now captive, on-location customers—precisely what physical shopping centers have struggled to attract.

Oregon counties to vote on joining Idaho – and bringing Northern California counties next

Move Oregon’s Border — an organization promoting the “Greater Idaho” movement of having Oregon’s conservative counties join Idaho — announced Sunday that initiatives to relocate the Oregon-Idaho border “to make both states better” will appear on ballots in five Oregon counties on May 18.

Business Leaders Say These Issues Are Top Of Mind For 2021

The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, social and political unrest and worsening environmental challenges not only upended global markets in 2020, it also changed many business leaders’ perceptions about how various societal issues may affect their organizations. And it’s driven them to act.

Why U.S. tech companies are finding a second home in Northern Ireland

What can your state learn from this?
A deep talent pool, government support, and innovative academic partnerships have turned this small region into a global business center

Why Business Model Innovation Matters More Than Ever

“Everything that we have learned in business school for the past decades is still true. But the business model offers a new avenue for value creation.” –Christoph Zott

‘Making Money Moral’: How New Collaborations Are Changing Capitalism

Making money moral happens when the world of financial markets meets the world of impact.

The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis.

Californians, fleeing high home prices, are moving to Idaho in droves. For the past several years, Idaho has been one of the fastest-growing states, with the largest share of new residents coming from California. This fact can be illustrated with census data, moving vans — or resentment.

How the Biden Administration Can Expand Rural Broadband

Part of the problem is the absence of reliable data on how many Americans lack high-speed Internet.

To Meet Climate Goals, Think Outside the Electric Car

If we are serious about curbing emissions, we must end the practice of allowing states to build new fossil-fuel-intensive highways or expansions while ignoring the backlog of maintenance needs for our deteriorating existing roads and bridges. Repair must be the first priority.

Dorsey e-update – Employee Handbooks (and Policies): Make Sure that the Policies and Disclaimer Accomplish their Purpose

On February 3, 2021, in Hall v. City of Plainview, A19-0606, the Minnesota Supreme Court gave something to employees and employers alike when it addressed the issue of whether a handbook policy can create a unilateral contract (as to that provision), and what impact, if any, a general disclaimer has in negating the existence of a contract based on a specific policy.