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Making jewellery sustainable with regenerative mining

A startup is recovering materials from mine tailings and restoring surrounding ecosystems

On Oct. 1, USDA will Begin Using Most Recent Census Data to Determine Eligibility for Rural Development Programs

Rural Development will also unveil updated online program eligibility maps.

TED Talk – The secret to successfully pitching an idea

Have a great idea but sure how to sell it? Investor and teacher Mar Hershenson has you covered. Whether it’s sharing a new product with a client or vying for a promotion, these three steps will help you tell an irresistible story and get the “yes” you’re looking for.

Montana isn’t so far from the men north of Richmond

We need higher paying jobs and we are going to have to partially rely on our natural resource industries to create many of those jobs. Let’s recognize that and move ahead. We can do it the right way.

A.I. Could Replace CEOs–and They Know It

Nearly half of CEOs think A.I. should automate or replace most or all of their job. But that could be good news.

Pay Transparency Is Sweeping Across the US

New York joined a wave of states that require pay transparency in job ads. New data suggests most US postings now include a salary range, but they are sometimes laughably vague.

American entrepreneurship is on the rise

In a post-pandemic shift, more people are starting and running their own businesses, a new study finds. But more businesses are closing, too.

Preparing homes for wildfires is big business that’s only getting started

Why only now? Experts point to advances in technology and drastic calls by home insurers, who are hiking rates or quitting risky areas altogether. And, of course, the growing threat of climate-related weather disasters.

Inside the Regional Innovation Approach in Phoenix (Part 2)

The collaboration and shared learning made possible through the smart region consortium known as The Connective enhances tech work for cities that are members — such as Phoenix, Mesa and Surprise, Ariz.

Pandemic Population Boom in Rural Hotspots Sparks Resentment

“There’s a lot of resentment,” said Maggie Doherty, a writer and columnist who lives in Flathead County, Montana. “There’s bumper stickers that say ‘Montana’s full’ or ‘Don’t California my Montana.’”