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For the first time, Boise State’s president is a woman. Find out who she is.

“They were willing to bring in a young woman president who had big ideas for the university to take its next step. And that feels exciting to me.”

Missoula, Montana’s Submittable Grants Management is #1 in 20 Best Grant Management Software in 2019

First in our list is Submittable—an all-in-one application management software that simplifies the grants management process for different organizations (foundation, nonprofit, universities, etc.).

Mark Cuban Predicted the Most Sought-After Job Skill. LinkedIn Data Now Confirms It

In the soft skills category, it turns out, Cuban hit the nail on the head.

Texas Welding Shop Specializing in Custom BBQ Smokers Staffed Entirely High School Students

What an incredible program.

Guest opinion: Make preschool available to Montana kids

The lack of access to preschool classrooms in our state was a problem back in 1966. And, unfortunately, it’s still a problem today.

Brace yourself for another round of tuition hikes at Idaho’s public universities

Idaho State University has the largest request with a 6.1 percent increase in resident, undergraduate tuition and fees.

Why Education Is the Key to the MENA Region’s Future

“With this increase in population and declining oil revenues, we must figure out ways to deliver education to hundreds of millions of youth, not only of today, but of tomorrow.”

Schools are failing to develop students with moral identies

The pressures of national academic standards have pushed character education out of the classroom.

High School Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Schools need to become much more deeply attached to the world beyond their walls.

Schools are benefiting by having students play a larger role in the IT department. It’s great for the kids too.

This approach not only helps cash-strapped school districts grapple with increasing demands on their IT departments, but meets a need for career and technical educational (CTE) opportunities, with some students even able to earn accreditation...

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