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Makerspaces essential solution to job gap

Makerspaces are uniquely positioned to help increase workforce development for a variety of reasons

Montana school officials revise plan to identify autism

The new proposal still includes the checklist, but it lowers the requirement from 14 of 30 characteristics to eight of 28 characteristics.

Wyoming ranks 49th on national report for children’s health for second straight year

The rankings are established using four categories — economic well-being, education, health, and family and community — each of which has four indicators.

Paxson, Washington parents voice concerns over language immersion programs in Missoula, Montana

“It feels like were sacrificing her math skills for Spanish,” Kelly McDonald, a Paxson parent, said at the meeting.

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CBS Sunday Morning – MineCraft is a required class for every 7th grader in this school. How about your local school?

The Minecraft game-design class is a required course for seventh graders. “We’re taking kids in an environment that they love – they love games – now they’re making their own games,” Isaacs said.

11 Life Lessons They Should Have Taught You In College

The trick is to continue learning.

Chobani offers to pay Idaho school district’s $85,000 lunch debt

The Twin Falls School District announced Tuesday that the donation would cover the debt acquired by more than 900 students during the last school year.

Empathy? In Denmark they’re learning it in school

The fact that teaching empathy has been mandatory since 1993 in schools in Denmark is a factor that contributes to the happiness of the country.

Preparing Students for Their Uncertain Futures

Given the rise of automation and its impacts on the current global workforce, how should schools prepare students for a future where change will be the new normal?

Wyoming ranks first in the nation on school financing

“Looking just beyond the “A” grade that Wyoming received is an important story.”

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