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Nationwide Women’s STRIKE (Wear Red) Expected on Monday – June 24 – SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

The organizers are calling for supporters to wear red, stay home from work and school, and not spend any money unless it’s at a women-owned business. The movement is calling for equal rights, reproductive freedom and the end of gender-based violence.

Clark Fork Prep – Test Your Talent for Trivia Night – 6/26 – Imagine Nation Brewing

While you have fun racking your brain for local facts, figures, and memories, Imagine Nation will be donating $1 of every pint purchased to CFP. And there will even be prizes—imagine that!

Starting teacher pay $9K higher in Montana than national report, state says

News about new teachers’ pay comes on top of other news that Montana’s teacher turnover is high. Nearly 31% of first-year teachers are experiencing turnover in Montana public schools, and more than 27% are leaving within two to five years, according to OPI.

Spectrum UM Discovery Area at Missoula’s Library – Explore the Fun

Missoula’s hands-on science center dedicated to igniting passion for discovery through science.

Montana Child Care Business Connect Summit – 8/7-8 – Helena

Our second annual Summit will include inspiring keynote speakers and break-out sessions hosted by experts in the fields of business and child care.

More info to come!

Clark Fork Prep is looking for 3-5,000 square foot building in Missoula

Planning to serve high school students from throughout the Missoula Valley, Clark Fork Prep is intent on finding a centrally located building. We need 3,000-5,000 square feet, and the space needs to be single story or have fire suppression on upper floors.

Two Montana Cities Make Top 20 For Best Ran In America.

Several factors determine which towns and cities are best and according to one source, two Montana towns have just made the Top 20 Best Ran Cities in America.

What the web looked like in 1994, the year it became the internet

What do you remember about the web in 1994?

7 practical, daily AI newsletters for beginners and pros alike

So many AI developments, so little time to keep track of them all. These free newsletters deliver the highlights right to your inbox.

The Los Angeles school approves cellphone ban as Newsom calls for statewide action – Should Missoula’s Schools Be Smartphone Free? Please take the Survey

“Our students are glued to their cellphones, not unlike adults,” said board member Nick Melvoin, who spearheaded the resolution. “They’re surreptitiously scrolling in school, in class time, or have their head in their hands, walking down the hallways. They’re not talking to each other or playing at lunch or recess because they have their AirPods in.”