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Montana youth entrepreneurs bring their products to market online between now and April 16.

Each semester students in grades 9-12 can take the class that focuses on building a business based on products that they make in class and then sell. The class is funded through a nonprofit called Youth Entrepreneurs, an organization that works to bridge the gap between book learning and application by providing curriculum, activities and funding to get kids started.

Why universal childcare is the crucial infrastructure the economy needs

The U.S. lags behind many other countries in both paid leave and accessible childcare, and it’s costing women and hurting the economy.

The financial side of school choice in Montana

A pair of legislative proposals would rewrite how the state funds educational opportunities for students. Supporters say they want to give Montanans more choices, while opponents argue the changes threaten to steer public dollars to private religious institutions.

Montana State Library Hot Spot Lending Program

Every public and tribal college library in Montana is eligible to receive hot spots that they can use as they choose to help their communities.

Montana World Trade Center Survey Reveals Importance of International Trade

In addition to surveying firms across Montana engaged in hard goods export and import, the survey gleaned insights from Montana service exporters, as well as Montana-based firms that have received investment from international sources to help capitalize their growth and expansion.

Job Training That’s Free Until You’re Hired

Social Finance, a nonprofit, is spreading a model in which training programs get paid if students get hired, not just if they enroll.

New proposed University of Montana budget model has some students concerned

“We’re looking at a proposed cut of $2.6 million and that proposed budget cut would mean the loss of like 40 to 50 staff members which would be devastating to a lot of our programs.”

Idaho Lawmakers mull funding full-day kindergarten statewide

The full-day program has gotten rave reviews from parents and teachers and led to big gains in student learning.

Montana Businesses, Employees Struggle to Work Through Childcare Shortage

Study reveals only a third of kids in Flathead County have access to a licensed childcare provider; rising costs forcing some families to choose between career and kids

Dan Miller named interim dean of MSU business college

The head of the fastest growing and largest department at Montana State University has been selected to serve as interim dean of MSU’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship.