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“Request for Proposal – Montana University System Higher Education Survey”

As part of the QAI, the MUS seeks a firm to develop, implement, and conduct basic analysis of a non-partisan “Higher Education Survey” of Montana residents regarding their perceptions of higher education.

The University of Montana is seeking instructors/course designers to develop courses for female entrepreneurs!

Our goal is to provide real-world solutions that can be implemented based on practical, hands-on learning rather than theoretical concepts.

New York Times targets Billings school district; Superintendent Upham responds

Billings Public Schools Superintendent Greg Upham addressed the school board Monday night after the board received a letter, regarding what Upham said was “misinformation” on contact tracing.

MSU team receives $776K grant to develop new, complementary COVID-19 testing method

A new grant from the state of Montana will support Montana State University researchers as they explore a faster and less costly method for COVID-19 testing which, when used in conjunction with existing testing methods, could ultimately improve the access to and the speed of testing.

Helena Public Schools adopt data-based model for changing phases of operations

“What the board really approved on Tuesday was a commitment that we would use data – and particularly local data – as an indicator in informing decisions that we need to make,” he said.

A little rainy day inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut.

“Seriously! I mean starting right now, do art and do it for the rest of your lives.”

STEM careers require the same kind of creative thinking as the arts, says new research

Surprisingly, creativity is general in nature, according to a new study that has big implications for education.

Teleworking in a parking lot. School on a flash drive. The coronavirus prompts new urgency for rural Internet access.

“We’re trying to send people to Mars, but we can’t get our own population connected to the network?” said Gregory Goergen, who has sometimes gone with his children to a Sheetz parking lot to get work done online.

FVCC trades program creates conduit to local manufacturers

“We’re in the business of trying to train a skilled workforce to support manufacturing initiatives here in the valley,” said Dan Leatzow, a professor of Advanced Manufacturing.

For kids to stay in school, adults need to buy in to COVID-19 health rules, new Billings campaign says

“Does our community need to do better? 100%,” she said. “Clearly if we don’t take this more seriously, those numbers aren’t going to turn in the opposite direction.”