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Why Google, General Mills and other companies are ending on-site childcare

America has a legacy of treating childcare far more as a private-market good like a gym membership or pet care than a societal obligation like public school or parks.

Want to Live a Meaningful Life? Be the Hero of Your Story – Knowledge at Wharton Podcast

Wharton’s Jonah Berger explains how people can find meaning and resilience by making themselves the hero of their own story.

MSU’s Montana Innovation Partnership adds new consultants for regional Montana technology companies

The three consulting firms will work with MTIP to support Montana companies applying for Small Business Innovation Research, or SBIR, and Small Business Technology Transfer, or STTR, funding by providing coaching, reviews and other assistance.

Five Habits of the Master Thinker: How to Upgrade Your Mind

Once developed, the five habits of the master thinker can improve everyone’s ability to reason more instinctively and make better decisions. Here’s how we can upgrade our minds.

Montana State University receives ten-million dollar grant in “The Mountains and Plains Thriving Communities Collaborative”

The grant is “to bolster the capacity of groups and individuals in Region 8 to solve local environmental and energy challenges, particularly in the case of underserved communities and places that have excessive environmental burdens or have experienced environmental racism.”

Early childhood educator Kendra West builds better beginnings in southwest Wyoming

Bucking trends of insufficient child care capacity and expensive options, West fueled expansion of Evanston’s early childhood landscape.

BUSINESS BRIEF: Headwaters Tech Hub Letter from Grant Kier of Missoula Economic Partnership

The Headwaters Tech Hub (HTH) recognizes and seeks to extend our region’s leadership in photonic sensing, accelerate our ability to commercialize technologies at scale, and increase our ecosystem’s technology footprint into sectors vital to the national and economic security of the United States.

How to adopt the “bricolage” mindset that supercharged Google

Gmail, which now has 425 million users, was originally a side project of one Google employee, Paul Buchheit.

AI Is Coming for Your Web Browser. Here’s How to Use It

Microsoft Edge and other browsers have baked in powerful tools to help you write emails, generate images, and more.

Spring Enrollment Figures Highlight University of Montana’s Continued Growth

UM reports 10,349 students enrolled in classes this spring, a 2.4% increase over the spring 2023 semester. More students are enrolled at UM for spring semester than any year since 2019.