Privacy, Hacking and Virus Alerts

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Hacking Russia was off-limits. The Ukraine war made it a free-for-all.

Experts anticipated a Moscow-led cyber-assault; instead, unprecedented attacks by hacktivists and criminals have wreaked havoc in Russia

Google will now let people remove phone numbers, addresses from search results

The new policies now include contact information such as phone number, email address, or physical address, as well as information that could increase the risk of identity theft including log-in credentials.

30-second privacy check every Google and Facebook user must do

I know it’s super convenient, but I bet you made a big mistake with your data.

60 Minutes – Shields Up: U.S. officials preparing for potential Russian cyberattacks

I’m a big Star Trek fan, so “Shields Up!” And it has really caught on as something– that’s all about preparation, not panic.

Audit finds cybersecurity concerns at Montana State University, University of Montana

Auditors recommend Board of Regents more directly manage security policy

Big Sky Business Insight Summit May 18 – 20, 2022 in the ALI Auditorium at University of Montana.

This year’s Summit will address specific challenges to cultivating and sustaining a healthy workforce: housing and childcare.

A Big Bet to Kill the Password for Good

After a decade of work, the FIDO Alliance says it’s found the missing piece in the bridge to a password-free future.

The Workaday Life of the World’s Most Dangerous Ransomware Gang

A Ukrainian researcher leaked 60,000 messages from inside Conti. Here’s what they reveal.

Five Truths About Privacy That Can Help Keep Your Company’s Data Safe

Everyone knows that data needs to be protected from hackers.

Boise State Offering Security as a Service to Rural Agencies

With the addition of Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform, Boise State’s Cyberdome program will offer enterprise-level cybersecurity services, led by students and mentors, to state and local agencies with limited resources.

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