Privacy, Hacking and Virus Alerts

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Battling Bad Actors with Biometrics – Zoot Enterprises

A recent BAI report shows that “43% of consumers [are] doing all of their banking digitally”. But with the benefits of digital engagement come potential downsides, both for consumers and financial institutions (FIs).

The company that broke the internet is based in S.F. How did it cause so much trouble?

What does Fastly do?

How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware

It’s a growing threat for individual users and businesses alike—but there are ways to protect yourself.

School Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Responsibility

When it comes to cybersecurity, “hope” is not an effective prevention strategy.

U.S. to give ransomware hacks similar priority as terrorism, official says

“We really want to make sure prosecutors and criminal investigators report and are tracking … cryptocurrency exchanges, illicit online forums or marketplaces where people are selling hacking tools, network access credentials – going after the botnets that serve multiple purposes,”

Morphing computer chip repels hundreds of professional DARPA hackers

Known as Morpheus, the puzzling processor has now aced its first major tests, repelling hundreds of professional hackers in a DARPA security challenge.

How to Avoid Another Cybersecurity Disaster Like SolarWinds

During the 2021 RSA Conference, SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna, along with other experts, shared many lessons learned about the infamous hack that put U.S. governments and companies on notice.

Knopp Resigns as Wyoming CIO After Major Health Data Leak

As Wyoming continues to assess the damages involved in a high-profile health data leak, CIO Gordon Knopp has quit his position.

Cyber Defense two-year education program at the University of Montana

Students will gain skills in basic data analysis; programming; networking concepts; IT systems components; system administration; fundamental security design principles; cyber-threats and cyber-defense; cryptography; and policy, legal, ethics and compliance.

Apple’s Ransomware Mess Is the Future of Online Extortion

This week, hackers stole confidential schematics from a third-party supplier and demanded $50 million not to release them.