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Missoula College’s CyberMontana Trains Montana National Guard

Eight guardsmen participated in the daylong training session, which involved three cyber-attack scenarios tasking soldiers with identifying the extent of the cyber breaches, determining the source of the intrusion and remedying the effects of the attacks.

Devious ‘Tardigrade’ Malware Hits Biomanufacturing Facilities

The surprisingly sophisticated attack is “actively spreading” throughout the industry.

Dedicated State and Local Cyber Grants Are Finally Arriving

The newly approved federal infrastructure deal brings with it a great holiday present for state and local governments: dedicated cyber funding. Here’s the history, and the future, of cyber grants.

Free Cybersecurity Training Could Be Coming for Small Businesses

Congress wants entrepreneurs to have access to certified security experts at government-run support centers.

Michael Gregg Appointed as North Dakota Cybersecurity Chief

Michael Gregg has been appointed to the position of chief information security officer by CIO Shawn Riley. He had been serving in an interim capacity since the departure of former CISO Kevin Ford in September.

Task Force to Kansas: 45 Steps to Boost Government Cybersecurity

The Kansas Cybersecurity Task Force’s report (version 1.0) offers advice for filling cybersecurity posts, guiding the state through cyber emergencies and sharing ideas and resources across state, local and private partners.

The Real Value of Government Organizations Having A Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

Government organizations need a road map that sets the stage for the future, accounts for leadership changes, includes input from all players and gets a regular review and refresh.

Missoula, Montana cybersecurity company LMG Security gives advice on how to keep your information protected

As more people work from home, shop online and do things virtually, knowing how to keep your information safe is important now more than ever before.

Microsoft allies with community colleges to help U.S. train 250k new cybersecurity workers by 2025

According to data cited by Microsoft, there are 464,200 open jobs in the country that require cybersecurity skills, or 6% of all open jobs in the country, with average annual pay of $105,800.

Hackers Keep Targeting the US Water Supply

The alert notes that water treatment plants tend to invest in physical infrastructure rather than IT resources, and tend to use outdated versions of software, both of which leave them susceptible to attack.

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