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"For small to medium to national organizations, for events and fundraisers of any size, in any format – live, virtual or hybrid – the platform is built for scale."

February 2024 Tell Us Something Newsletter – Missoula Magic Awaits: Free Tickets, Board Openings & More!

This month in the Tell Us Something newsletter: Final call for storytellers, Stewardship ticket info, meet the poster artist, and the soundtrack to Tell Us Something. and more. Read time: about 4 minutes.

“Eventgroove: Montana’s one-stop integrated events and fundraising platform. Free for event organizers and nonprofits.”

Eventgroove:  Montana’s one-stop integrated events and fundraising platform. Born and raised in Montana, we have helped over 35,000 Montana event organizers and fundraisers manage events, sell tickets and merchandise, and raise over $100M in Montana since 2007. Eventgroove is conservation-driven: 100% wind energy, carbon neutral, and since 2007 Eventgroove has donated over 42% of net profits to habitat organizations. 

Join Us as a Storyteller or Board Member! + Free Tickets Inside!

Share your story! Pitch your “Close to the Edge” story by calling 406-203-4683 If you’d like to share your story on the Tell Us Something stage, the next opportunity to do so is March 26th, 2024. The theme is “Close to the Edge”.

Recap of the Missoula Pride Event Call for Storytellers, and a Free Show!

We were so excited to partner with Missoula Pride for our recent event on the theme of “Neighbors.” Eight storytellers shared their true personal stories without notes, and it was a powerful and moving evening. Check out the photos!

How Offering Choices Helps Boost Charitable Donations

Nonprofits and charitable organizations can increase contributions simply by offering multiple-choice options that signal to potential donors what is appropriate to give. Wharton’s Alice Moon shares the results of her latest study.

Try to Please All and You Will Please None: How Segmenting Your List Can Increase Online Engagement and Charitable Giving

Have you ever used these communication strategies with your nonprofit community members?

On Earning & Keeping Trust, Nonprofits’ Greatest Asset

Regular readers of Nonprofit Advocacy Updates are well aware that public policy challenges can undermine the work of charitable organizations. That’s one reason, out of many, nonprofits need to be transparent and operate ethically. Any action that breaches the public’s trust can hurt all 501(c)(3) if lawmakers push bills that burden charitable operations, impose unrealistic expectations, or apply discriminatory treatment.

Eventgroove’s New “Raffle for Success” eBook Reveals Data-backed Insights and Strategies for Nonprofits Running In-Person and Virtual Fundraisers

Eventgroove analyzed platform data and drew on its over twenty years of business to identify the factors that make successful raffles for nonprofits.

Montana-based Eventgroove becomes the first event platform to offer carbon removal with Stripe Climate. Eventgroove is powered by 100% clean wind energy. 

Carbon removal combined with Eventgroove’s carbon-neutral shipping and 100% wind energy becomes another pillar of Eventgroove’s long-standing commitment to helping event organizers run climate-friendly events. 

How to Ask Companies For a Raffle Prize + A Sample Prize Request Letter

With a bit of preparation and a strong raffle prize request letter!