Montana-based Eventgroove becomes the first event platform to offer carbon removal with Stripe Climate. Eventgroove is powered by 100% clean wind energy. 


Carbon removal combined with Eventgroove’s carbon-neutral shipping and 100% wind energy becomes another pillar of Eventgroove’s long-standing commitment to helping event organizers run climate-friendly events. 

April 21, 2022 –Eventgroove, whose fully integrated, all-in-one event, fundraising, and e-commerce platform helps customers execute wildly successful climate-friendly events and fundraisers, today announced its partnership with Stripe Climate.

In a first for Stripe Climate, Eventgroove will be the first event platform to offer event organizers the option to mitigate their event’s carbon footprint by requesting donations for carbon removal. In addition, Eventgroove will commit 0.5% of its revenue to Stripe Climate, which directs 100% of contributions to fund early-stage carbon capture technologies, helping them to scale on a global level. Both efforts dovetail with Eventgroove’s longtime focus on conservation and habitat protection.

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Eventgroove is powered by 100% clean wind energy.

We’ve donated over 42% of net profits to conservation organizations protecting habitats since 2007.


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