Energy and Climate Change

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This is how we can use AI to empower rural America

The founder of Fusemachines believes that AI can directly impact the productivity of every industry integrated within the rural economy.

Want $50,000 To Improve Your Community? Apply For A Hometown Grant!

T-Mobile is helping support small towns across America by funding community projects like upgraded tech, outdoor spaces and more.

Welcome to the War on Cars, Scientific American – The End of Carcatecture.

Each city has its own unique considerations and challenges. And such an ambitious project will require rethinking many of our assumptions about American car culture. But the benefits could make everyone healthier and safer.

Here’s a Parking Policy That Works for the People – Goldilocks

Charging the right prices for curb parking can remove the incentive to cruise for it.

U.S. DOE Releases 1st-Ever Roadmap to Accelerate Connecting More Clean Energy Projects to the Nation’s Electric Grid

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a new roadmap outlining solutions to speed up the interconnection of clean energy onto the nation’s transmission grid and clear the existing backlog of solar, wind, and battery projects seeking to be built.

New software helps urban planners digitally test different transport options for carbon reduction

The company is building Digital, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DMRV) software to track urban transport decarbonisation efforts. The platform will measure and certify carbon credits for organisations working to clean up, strengthen, and improve urban public transport options. 

Fighting Every Wildfire Makes Big Fires More Extreme – “In Montana, we do not, and will not, have a ‘let it burn’ policy” Gov. Greg Gianforte

It also may harm forests’ ability to adapt to climate change and effect the way plants and animals interact with fire.

The Great Falls Development Alliance releases updated housing assessment showing increased demand

Adam Seidman of the Concord Group, GFDA’s consultant, said that they project there’s demand for about 650 new housing units per year over the next decade.

This new Google Maps feature is game changer for EV drivers

Google Maps and Search is rolling out new features tailored just for electric vehicles, including specific information on the location of EV chargers and hotels with on-site chargers. Maps will also help drivers plan charging stops on their travels in real time.

Re-roofing homes with stylish, high-power solar tiles

The invisible tiles integrate easily for a seamless and customisable look