Energy and Climate Change

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New Office, Leadership Will Drive Future Mobility in Michigan – The Office of Future Mobility and Electrification

The Office of Future Mobility and Electrification is set to become a catalyst of transportation innovation in the state. Trevor Pawl, a former executive at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, will lead that charge.

Huge Flywheel Project could stabilize the UK energy grid’s electrical frequency by removing the need for a carbon-emitting power station’s spinning turbines.

The new flywheel project will simulate the enormous spinning turbines of a power station in order to allow ESO to use renewable energy more.

Company Begins Pay-as-You-Go Program to Replace Water Meters

The units contain visual, rotational and vibrational sensors that connect to Olea’s back-end software, which in turn uses AI and machine learning algorithms — the “edge computing” component — to identify how a meter is inaccurate, and how it might be fixed.

Northwestern Energy 2020 Community Report

In 2019, we gave more than $2.1 million in charitable donations and sponsorships, economic development opportunities, scholarships and professional association dues across our territory.In addition to our charitable giving, the work we do creates a wide ring of ripples throughout our local economies.

Electric Vehicles Roadmap Initiative Launch – 7/14 – 2-3PM MST

The signature policy effort of Gov. Brown as WGA Chair will pursue opportunities to improve the planning, siting and coordination of electric vehicles infrastructure in western states.

Vermont just banned food waste in trash. Here’s how it works

Vermont officials won’t be digging through trash cans looking for lawbreakers—but they believe residents care enough about composting to make it a success.

Covid-19 Is Accelerating Human Transformation—Let’s Not Waste It

From gene editing to brain computer interfaces, our ability to engineer biological systems will redefine our species and its relation to all other species and the planet.

Portland General Electric Jumps Into Virtual Power Plant Business

Oregon’s largest electric utility wants a better understanding of the value of home batteries in grid operation and planning.

The Pro-Bike Van Moof Ad That’s Too Hot for French TV

It’s the bike ad the French government doesn’t want you to see.

‘One Million Jobs’ – a fascinating input from a think tank

‘Australia drank the free-trade juice and decided that off-shoring was OK. Well, that era is gone’