Energy and Climate Change

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Hundreds of Amazon employees protest company PR policy and risk termination by speaking out about climate change

“Now is not the time to silence employees, especially when the climate crisis poses such an unprecedented threat to humanity.”

How Missoula grows: City leaders have their say

The building boom has been good to some but not as good for others, so city leaders will be on the hook to make sure Missoula grows in a way that benefits everyone on the socioeconomic ladder.

The Wyoming Governor’s pitch: Fight climate change with coal

The state has begun the process of understanding an economy where coal is no longer king.

Solar Roadways is making walking and driving surfaces safer in winter

Meanwhile, we are getting panels ready to install in Baltimore and continuing talks with next Customers in Florida and many other places.

Governor’s Climate Solutions Council – 1/27-28 – Missoula

The meeting and presentations are open to the public, and you can make public comment Monday at 4:15 p.m. or Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in University Center Rooms 330-332.

Arizona Utility APS Commits to Carbon-Free Power by 2050

“We don’t actually know how to get there right now,” CEO Jeff Guldner says of the commitment, which comes in a state without sweeping climate legislation.

How 4 Top US Utilities Are Grappling With the Energy Transition (or Not) Renewable energy is reshaping America’s electricity sector. Some utilities are doing it better than others.

Utilities will be front and center in America’s efforts to combat global warming, from drastically cutting their own carbon emissions to assisting other sectors, such as transportation, in cutting theirs.

In Paris, a Very Progressive Pollution, Congestion, Housing Access and Affordability Agenda Is Going Mainstream

Boosted by big sustainability wins, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is pitching bold plans to make the city center “100 percent bicycle” and turn office space into housing.

Plans for a hydrogen-powered city of the future

Residents and researchers will be able to test and develop technologies, such as autonomy, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence, in a real-world environment.

Sustainable Missoula: From air to ecosystems, let’s get climate ready

So how do we prepare?