Energy and Climate Change

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Bullying, spying and harassment revealed in Montana Public Service Commission documents

Bullying at the Republican-controlled agency was grade-school level.

‘Game-Changer’ FERC Order Opens Up Wholesale Grid Markets to Distributed Energy Resources

A huge opportunity for solar, batteries, EVs and other DERs — and a huge challenge to integrate utility grid operations with bulk energy markets.

Charlo, Montana based MT Solar boosts production with game-changing robot

“We’ve got a shop full of people that will come up with ideas just based on their exposure to it and what we can use robots for.”

Sustainable Missoula: Continuing a tradition of creative reuse

In case you don’t know, Home ReSource is Missoula’s place for salvaging materials for reuse, offering everything from historic hardware to reclaimed lumber, doors, kitchen cabinets, sinks, windows, light fixtures, tile and more at affordable prices.

How climate change is fueling record-breaking California wildfires, heat and smog

“This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone,” said Michael Gerrard, director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University. “Maybe we underestimated the magnitude and speed” at which these events would occur, he said, but “we’ve seen this long freight train barreling down on us for decades, and now the locomotive is on top of us, with no caboose in sight.”

Novel Ultrafast Battery Based on Graphene Charges in 15 Seconds

The new power-source already made its way to a €1 billion contract with a prestigious automotive company.

Is Your Community Walkable? Check. Urban? Check. Rural? Also Check.

“Urbanism” to me means the following: There are 15-minute neighborhoods where you can meet your needs on foot.

“Melting choc chip” blocks could stack up as grid-scale energy storage

The team says they’re efficient, scalable, safe, inexpensive, and can be used in existing coal-fired power plants.

Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice Six Times Faster than Expected, Matching Climate Change Worst-Case Scenario

Ice sheets’ mass-loss rates in Greenland and Antarctica now match the Climate Change’s worst-case sea-level rise scenarios. Time to get serious about it?

New Montana climate plan calls for carbon neutrality by 2050

Montana Climate Solutions Council releases proposal for limiting carbon and adapting to a warming climate.