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Energy and Climate Change

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Climate Warming Hits Montana’s Hi-Line – Hard

The Hi-Line is heating up twice as fast as the national average.

Algae-derived paper filters pathogens out of water

In lab tests, sheets of the paper were shown to be over 99.999-percent efficient at removing all pathogens in water

Alt-Meat Trounces Animal Meat’s Massive Inefficiencies

The conversion of inputs to outputs is vastly more streamlined than cycling calories through an animal.

New Wyoming wind projects could generate thousands of jobs, billions in revenue

About $8 billion could flow into ongoing wind energy projects in Wyoming, providing one possible solution to the state’s precarious revenue outlook.

Colorado OKs electric car requirement to fight air pollution

Colorado tightened its air quality regulations on Friday, requiring that at least 5 percent of the vehicles sold in the state by 2023 emit zero pollution.

Mountain Towns 2030 launches at the Net Zero Summit – 10/2-4 – Park City, Utah

Mountain towns have unique power to make a global impact on climate change.

Montana State University applauds progress in making campus greener

“My fear is all the progress we’ve made in energy conservation will be eaten up by commuter vehicles as the campus grows,”

How Melbourne revolutionized how cities can switch to renewable power

The city’s manager of urban sustainability explains how your city can do it, too.

How Wyoming Plans to Turn Coal Country Into Coding Country

“Our job is not to contain our kids in Wyoming,” said Craig Dougherty, the Sheridan superintendent. “They need to compete globally.”

Wyoming wind farm making same power with 80% fewer turbines

Wyoming’s first commercial wind farm produces the same amount of power with far fewer turbines, an example of the growing feasibility of renewable energy in the top U.S. coal-mining state.


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