Energy and Climate Change

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Cars are rewiring our brains to ignore all the bad stuff about driving

“We wanted to demonstrate that when you talk about driving, people are not applying their normal values,”

What The Least Populated Part of the United States (parts of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas) Can Teach Us About Climate Change

Today’s information society should make the areas suitable for more population, right? There’s another problem with this arid area that has kept most people out until fairly recently: wild temperature fluctuations. Arctic air and hot air can both spread pretty easily in the region, making it just not a very pleasant place for people to settle.

Great Falls Montana Economic Development Index 4th Quarter 2022

Number of impressions Great Falls Tourism’s paid media placements generated in 2022: 27 million

AI is predicting the world is likely to hit a key warming threshold in 10-12 years

The world will likely breach the internationally agreed-upon climate change threshold in about a decade, and keep heating to break through a next warming limit around mid-century even with big pollution cuts, artificial intelligence predicts in a new study that’s more pessimistic than previous modeling.

Newsweek lists NorthWestern Energy among America’s Most Responsible Companies

“This recognition honors NorthWestern Energy’s century-long commitment to provide customers with reliable and affordable electric and natural gas service while also being good stewards of the environment,” said NorthWestern Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Bird. “We have long been committed to excellent corporate governance, deep community engagement and robust environmental programs. Our business practices reflect a respect for, and a commitment to, ESG policies and practices.”

Bakken Energy’s plans for North Dakota hydrogen hub fizzle

Plans to convert a synthetic gas facility in Beulah, North Dakota, into one of the nation’s largest hydrogen-production facilities and to make it a significant piece in a regional hub of hydrogen production have fallen through.

This Robot Electric Cargo Plane Could Be The Start Of A Wave That Transforms Shipping

The company says the electric plane’s low operating costs — expected to be $15 a flight hour due to lower energy and maintenance costs — and its ability to take off and land in just 500 feet on rough dirt or grass airstrips will enable it to serve remote communities that currently depend on boats or ground transportation for necessities.

A new platform is helping to democratise investing by making it easy for retail investors to support impact projects – New software tools support ESG investment

Enter fintech startup GoParity, and its platform that brings together social and environmental impact projects looking for funding with people who want to invest in sustainability. 

Mercedes-Benz is the first to bring Level 3 automated driving to the US

Unlike Level 2 systems, in which drivers are required to keep their eyes on the road, Mercedes’ Level 3 system has a little more allowances.

Climate Connections: Climate momentum is building in Montana

This is the future of climate action in Montana: A massive and diverse coalition response to a worsening crisis that threatens our families, livelihoods, and life ways. A grassroots effort that promotes collaboration toward a clean energy future, and a thriving future for all people and other beings in our state.