Energy and Climate Change

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The world’s first ‘infinite’ plastic

Instead of a system where some plastics are rejected because they are the wrong colour or made of composites, chemical recycling could see all types of plastic fed into an “infinite” recycling system

New Magnet-Free Electric Motor Needs No Maintenance

The new design also requires no rare earth elements, making it better for the environment.

Libby, Missoula, CSKT awarded grants for cleanup projects

The sites include a former elementary school in Libby, abandoned sawmills on the Flathead Reservation and multiple industrial sites in Missoula, all of which are slated for redevelopment.

Air pollution from US meat production causes 16,000 deaths annually

“We spend a lot of time thinking about how the food we consume impacts our health, but the food we eat impacts other people’s as well,” said Nina Domingo, lead author of the new study.

Libby, Montana schools take first look at wood-fueled heating system

“Wood is highly cost competitive,” he said. “Obviously, it’s local. It’s renewable. You’re boosting your economies if you’re sourcing from within the community or a nearby forest-based community.”

New Method Could Make Charging EV’s While Driving a Reality

Researchers may have paved the way for autonomous vehicles that drive around the clock.

Cities Aren’t Making Climate Investments Where They Matter Most

Buildings, transport, energy and waste have the most potential to reduce emissions, according to a CDP report

Inside Berlin’s Free Cargo-Bikeshare Program

Another huge asset to the program, Michael said, is that it’s completely free to use.

NorthWestern Energy to upgrade all the state’s electric meters over next three years

It could take three years to upgrade the state’s 590,000 electric meters.

Bacteria converts toxic copper ions into usable forms – Hello Butte

A team of researchers at the University of Houston have discovered bacteria that naturally converts toxic copper ions into metallic copper