Energy and Climate Change

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This California city banned the construction of any new gas stations

It decided it has enough gas stations to last until we transition to electric vehicles.

Environmentalists Make Long-Shot Attempt to Ban New Factory Farms

Iowa and other states look into ways to curb the unchecked growth of the livestock industry. Growers oppose new regulations, but the experts agree the amount of animal waste threatens water quality and is unsustainable in the long run.

Current emissions goals not enough to avoid ‘global catastrophe,’ UN data says

So the U.N.’s climate chief is telling nations to go back and try harder.

California’s electricity prices are so high that researchers worry people won’t ditch fossil fuel

The state’s electric rates are now two to three times what it costs to provide power

Wyoming’s fight against clean energy drives young people away

Wyoming is still stubborn about trying new things, and it refuses to invest in its own future. 

A Big Vision for Big Sky Country – Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Podcast

Strohmaier emphasized a point that we often make: passenger rail restoration is not a zero-sum game, pitting one project against another. Our aim should be to focus on creating networks, east-west and north-south connections. He sees future potential in passenger rail restoration on other lines that, like the Housatonic Line and North Tier Line in Massachusetts, used to have passenger trains and now have only freight.

Polar vortex highlights the need for grid innovation amid climate change

The grid failures were largely due to significant losses of thermal energy delivery, not renewables.

Hitting net zero by 2050 could add $1 trillion to the U.S. economy

The upfront investments in a clean economy will reap enormous economic rewards in the future.

Stunning video shows just how quiet Joby’s eVTOL air taxi will be

Joby Aviation has been in semi-stealth mode for so long that this pair of videos released today comes as a real shock.

“Water Wars:” The Fight For Earth’s Most Precious Resource

Population growth and global warming are increasingly causing fights over water between U.S. states and among the countries of the world.