Energy and Climate Change

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NorthWestern threatens to shut off power, due to weather

“This is the earliest stage of the plan. If extreme weather conditions threaten our ability to safely operate the electrical grid, we will turn off power to help protect public safety,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Parking Mandate Reform Brings a Little Bit of Good for Everyone

Anchorage ended its parking mandates citywide in November 2022, one of at least 79 American cities to have done so, at current count.

Bladeless turbines revolutionise wind power

Unlike traditional wind turbines, the Vortex Bladeless design looks like a simple, cylindrical mast.

Heat pumps, EV chargers and more: U.S. unveils $4.3 billion in local climate funds

The latest grant money comes as the Biden administration races to distribute investments authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Wireless EV Charging Is Waiting In The Wings As Public Fast Charging Network Accelerates

Depending on who’s counting, the number of public EV fast-charging stations in the US is set to rocket past the number of gas stations in just a few years. That’s the good news. Even better news would be new technology that enables drivers to enjoy the convenience of EV charging simply by pulling into a parking spot, and that is also coming into view.

$33 Million in Funding Available to Advance Smart Manufacturing Technologies to Help Accelerate a Clean Energy Economy

Smart manufacturing is the use of advanced technologies and processes—including digitalization and artificial intelligence—to improve the technical performance, productivity, quality assurance, and security of the manufacturing sector.

U.S. Department of Energy Vision for the Beneficial Integration of Electric Vehicles into the Electricity Grid

The document serves as guidepost, offering direction for stakeholders as they develop products, identify opportunities for standardization, and design new policies, rates, and services, among other activities.

More Evidence That Safer Streets Don’t Hurt Local Business

…more insight into why people simply don’t believe it.

California Continues Its War On Solar To Please Investor-Owned Utilities

Either investor-owned utilities in California are deliberately trying to slow down community and rooftop solar or state regulators simply are adopting restrictions that put limits on community and rooftop solar that just happen to work out that way.

We can’t tackle the climate crisis without startups

WEF’s head of Innovator Communities says the relentless drive and ingenuity of startups will help us navigate the complexities of our polycrisis, transforming our world for the better.