Energy and Climate Change

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Electrify Everything in Your Home

We’ve been telling you why to do it. Now we’ve put together the best advice on how to do it. Electrify Everything in Your Home is a guide to replacing all of your fossil-fueled appliances with modern electric ones.

Detroit becomes first city to install wireless-charging roadway in the US

The basic idea behind the technology is, rather than drivers of electric vehicles having to factor in stops to top up batteries, inductive coils embedded under roads could wirelessly send power over a short air gap to receivers mounted under EVs and juice up the cells when vehicles are parked up or moving along.

(This is incredible – Video) – Behold The Hyundai Uni Wheel. Transportation May Never Be The Same

The Hyundai Uni Wheel is fiendishly clever. It is also fiendishly difficult to describe accurately. What it does is move the drive reduction gear and flexible driveshaft components known as constant velocity joints inside the wheel. So it’s not an in-wheel motor, as such, but functions very much like one without adding the weight of the motor to the wheel.

Arizona State, Idaho National Laboratory team to boost clean energy research

One joint project works to improve and decarbonize methods to extract critical minerals needed for renewable energy generation, energy storage and high-tech electronics. Another effort will develop solutions to electrify process heating, a major pathway to decarbonizing heavy manufacturing.

Consumer Reports pummels EV reliability, says hybrids have significantly fewer problems

That’s the bottom line from Consumer Reports’ eagerly anticipated annual reliability survey, which sounds like an ‘80s tribute act: the top tier, brands credited with excellent or very good reliability, is dominated by Japanese automakers, with a smattering of Europeans and a South Korean.

How to Daylight Your City’s Intersections (and Why It Matters) to Save Lives

Daylighting is the technical term for a common-sense solution to traffic safety: By removing visual obstructions in approaching intersections, users can better see and more safely cross each other’s paths.

As the nation’s largest landlord shifts its priorities, outrage ensues in Wyoming

Climate change is already posing difficult threats to the agency’s mission, its director, Tracy Stone-Manning, said in an email. The bureau must respond to it with urgency, and “all of these efforts are aimed” at preserving clean water, landscapes and healthy wildlife populations for future generations.

State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Act Town Hall Set for December 5 Online in Montana

This town hall, hosted by the Montana Department of Commerce (Commerce) and Montana League of Cities and Towns, is an opportunity for representatives from cities and towns to learn about Commerce’s administration of the grant opportunity authorized by the 2023 passage of House Bill 355, the State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Act of 2023 (SLIPA). 

Registration Now Open: 2024 NADO & DDAA Washington Conference – 3/11-13 – Washington, D.C.

Join the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and the Development District Association of Appalachia (DDAA) for sessions focused on regional development, the federal landscape, and the programs and policies that matter most to Regional Development Organizations and their stakeholders. 

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods from the Ground Up

For years, a conservation-focused legal foundation and a nonprofit housing financier have partnered with local governments, investors, researchers and developers to lay the foundation for healthy neighborhoods.