Energy and Climate Change

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Will Autonomous Cars Live Up to Their Potential? How Cities Can Plan For the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles

A new report details the promise and perils of the growing autonomous vehicle industry.

Solar Power Prices Fall As Installations Rise

Solar power is expected to increase dramatically thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, but there will be hurdles along the way.

A Global Push for More ‘15-Minute Cities’

To combat climate change, the nonprofit group C40 Cities is partnering with a Danish firm to pilot walkable neighborhoods in five global cities.

California Governor Newsom signs ‘landmark’ law eliminating parking mandates near transit

AB 2097, by Assembly Member Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, will prohibit cities and counties from imposing minimum parking requirements on certain residential, commercial and other developments located within one-half mile of public transit.

How to prevent deadly wildfires? Stop fighting fires. – Mann Gulch, Montana. — We walked with ghosts.

We walked with ghosts.

The afternoon was 73 years ago, something like the Bible’s allotted span of three score and ten. On a hot August day in 1949, lightning struck a Mann Gulch hillside. By suppertime the next day, 11 firefighters were dead and two were dying of their burns. A lifetime, to them, was as brief as 19 years, and no more than 28.

California will ban the sale of natural-gas heaters by 2030. This technology could replace them

The unanimous decision by the California Air Resources Board is part of a larger state plan to reduce ozone emissions from a variety of industries, including transportation and consumer products in addition to commercial and residential building.

‘We Couldn’t Take A Roundabout Out if We Wanted To’: An Interview with Jim Brainerd, Mayor of Carmel, Ind.

Since first taking office in 1996, Brainerd has made retrofitting the city’s road network the centerpiece of his platform, ripping out hundreds of traffic lights and replacing them with roughly 140 innovative circular traffic treatments that have helped slash rates of car crash deaths and serious injuries to some of the lowest levels in the nation.

MONTANA DEQ invites school districts to apply for clean bus grants

“We expect this to be a competitive grant process and look forward to helping districts purchase cleaner buses that reduce children’s exposure to harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.”

There’s a solution for building Level 3 fast charging stations in remote areas – The FreeWire charger

The ability to charge two automobiles at once from a single source, in addition to the reduced electrical power input required, makes use of battery-integrated storage technology a time-saver for consumers.

Killing the economic polar bear

According to two economists from BlackRock, there should be a louder debate about the tradeoffs between fighting inflation and well, killing, economic growth. As the United States Federal Reserve continues to hike interest rates, what will be the ultimate decision?