The state with the best education wins!


MoxyDox helps individuals and small businesses go paperless, one form at a time.

What if you could have a paperless solution with no change to your current workflow?

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to be first statewide agency to host artist-in-residence

Applications are now open for artists interested in the year-long position, which will be located within WSDOT.

Job growth, affordable housing lures people to Spokane area

"For those of us who are 50-plus, the region looks completely different, and it feels different because so many people are moving here," Forsyth said.

State of Washington Department of Commerce Director’s Update – November 2018

Commerce welcomes new industry sector leads for aerospace and life science/global health

Washington State Offers Session Focusing On New Tax Break – Opportunity Zones – 11/14-15 – Bell Harbor, WA

To help an army of accountants, attorneys, developers, and investment advisors get a better grasp of the unlikely new Federal tax tool that will allow the wealthy to make money while making a difference.

Seattle’s Hotel Boom Could Go Bust

"Everyone and their brother is wanting to build a hotel,"

As tensions rise in booming Seattle, tech industry steps up civic engagement

"We have an untapped resource of innovative thinkers who live and work here in our city and they want to better understand the civic challenges that Seattle’s facing," said Eileen Sullivan, a senior public policy...

Getting There: How do we fix our crumbling roadways?

Every year, Washington’s vehicles get hit with $656 in needless damage due to poor road conditions.

SIXSITE Gear – High-end camouflage apparel produced in Spokane by K-L Mfg. Co. for former Navy Seal

Going offshore is easier and less expensive — "that’s why most apparel companies do it. But from a quality perspective and from a heritage perspective, I did not want to manufacture overseas."

Spokane’s increasingly worst-kept secret: It’s a great place to live and work

"At first, I was just relieved I didn’t hate it," Messegee said. "Everyday I’m loving it more and more. It is up and coming into this unique flavor of a city."

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