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Join us for HVN Jan 19th in Missoula to discuss C2M and more! NEW Venue – First Interstate Bank – 6th Floor Boardroom (101 E. Front Street)

we would love to have you join us January 19th at HVN (Hellgate Venture Network- a local networking group in Missoula) to talk about C2M Beta over the years, chat with a past cohort graduate, to share some memories and make some more! See you there!

Hellgate Venture Network – Your Participation and Support are Appreciated

If you’ve enjoyed Hellgate Venture Network over the years please consider making a small donation to assist in the marketing, planning and coordination efforts of HVN 2023. All donations are tax-deductible. I love our HVN community and hope you’ll join me in support of HVN this holiday season.

Our Missoula Community Kickoff of the 2.5 Year Planning Process – 12/13 – Missoula County Fairgrounds Commercial Building

This will be your online source for information during the 2.5 year planning process. We are early in the process, and more information will be posted online throughout the project. And, you will have a chance to interact with the project online, so check back for updates and sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to stay informed.

Hellgate Venture Network – 11/3 – The Sidecar – Missoula

We are excited to host Jason O’Neil, Co-Founder of The Sidecar a tightly-knit community of entrepreneurs, creators, doers, and innovators with locations in Missoula, Helena and Bozeman.

Restoring a Sense of Belonging: The Unsung Importance of Casual Relationships for Older Adults

“Feeling connected to other people, not just the people who are closest to you, turns out to be incredibly important,”

Ronald Reagan – The Importance of Stories

Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

Tell Us Something December 2020 newsletter – What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

A big part of the pandemic has been the feeling of isolation that many of us feel as we are staying home to stay safe. Sharing our stories can help with feelings of depression and anxiety. And it can help connect us with each other and ourselves. Sharing stories is essential to human nature.

Paul Gladen

Can Do: Paul Gladen On Creating Opportunities For Montana’s Rural Entrepreneurs

Today on Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, Paul discusses all things start-up. He’ll tell us what it takes to successfully launch a new business endeavor, particularly if you plan to work in a rural environment.

Missoula’s Hellgate Venture Network celebrates 10 years of successful start-ups

The organization connects Montana businesses to resources or other local companies that can help with background logistics like finance, hiring and site selection.

Tell us your Hellgate Venture Network Story!

We plan to present these “HVN Stories” at our 10th Anniversary Meeting, April 18th at Goodworks Place! Help us make this a memorable event and share your story today!