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Hellgate Venture Network April Meet-up: 4/18 – Missoula

April Speaker Bio – Colin Hickey is a seasoned event professional with nearly two decades of experience in live events, community building, and the Creator Economy.

How to master the art of small talk

A guide to having actually interesting conversations with strangers.

Warren Buffett Says This Is the Single Greatest Skill to Boost Your Career and Improve Your Worth By 50%

It’s an ‘asset that will last you 50 or 60 years,’ according to Buffett.

Hellgate Venture Network – March Speaker Highlight – 3/21 – Missoula

Samantha Alario is a mother of two, a heart-led entrepreneur and the Founder/Creative Director of Gemini Mountain Swimwear, a sustainable swimwear brand with a mission to make mountain women feel more comfortable, confident and like a one of a kind. Samantha embarked on her professional journey after a traumatic brain injury left her unable to continue her previous line of work. 

Fear: Self-limiting your potential – By Will Price Will Price Partner at Next Frontier Capital

Often the limitations we face in life are not externally imposed. Too often, we self-sabotage with firmly held beliefs that we are not good at x, not worthy of being considered by y, and the potential to achieve is still born.

Hellgate Venture Network – 2/15 – Missoula

Kristen Che presents “invi”

“Networking for the Missoula area start-up and small business community offering peer support for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

What would it take for generosity to go viral?

“Be brave. Give what you can, and then be absolutely amazed at what happens next,”

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

Hellgate Venture Network – Your Participation and Support are Appreciated

If you’ve enjoyed Hellgate Venture Network over the years please consider making a small donation to assist in the marketing, planning and coordination efforts of HVN 2023. All donations are tax-deductible. I love our HVN community and hope you’ll join me in support of HVN this holiday season.

Restoring a Sense of Belonging: The Unsung Importance of Casual Relationships for Older Adults

“Feeling connected to other people, not just the people who are closest to you, turns out to be incredibly important,”